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Comment 22 Aug 2019

Think about what you are hinting at here, Fields > Lawrence.  So are you saying GA doesn't know how to evaluate talent or are you saying GA willingly didn't want to make a Natty run with a guy who is better than the guy who won a Natty?  I just think we need to see the kid play first before we say he is a star.  Apparently he wasn't star enough in the GA staff eyes to start him.  I haven't been following like I should be but has anyone on the team gushed about Fields in their interviews?  From my point of view everything is based on his ratings in H.S.  In the end I hope he is better than everyone hypes him to be but I've seen the hype train before. 

Comment 16 Jun 2019

This seems like change for the sake of change or someone doesn’t know how to coach them up.  I do think playing a little zone will help the run defense because at least guys can see when the LB shoots the wrong gap or misses a tackle. So those 50 yarders turn into 15 yarders. But I have to see how we implement this to say I like it better or not.  I just hope we have the coaching ability to go back to what we’ve been doing if this change isn’t better.

Comment 15 Jun 2019

Ha ha It took me some time to understand why other 513 numbers were long distance.  The 937 cleared that right up................ until I realized it was still less than 15 mins away and still considered long distance.  Crazy times.

Comment 28 Jan 2019

Obviously I would prefer to play on a winning team but I’m trying to figure out why he wants to transfer if he is already starting and Honorable mention All B1G.  I would think it’s better to stay and get on the field and get on film instead of coming to a new place where you may not start and hope to get in the rotation.  Unless Someone has given him some “wink wink” assurances.  Please correct me if I am wrong with my thinking. 

Comment 18 Jan 2019

At this Orlando Pace we will have to sign a huge class next year.

Comment 10 Jan 2019

I think all the talk contradicts he just wants to play.  He wants to talk as well.  Had he not talk all that talk most of the comments wouldn't be typed.  Yes some people still would have said unkind words but that would be more of the minority.  Just get your diploma and play football here or somewhere else.  That's what should have happened.