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Comment 9 hours ago

They were tagged you just cant tell from the embed. I just thought head coaches weren't allowed to retweet graphics and things of that nature of kids they haven't signed yet. Everybody relax.

Comment 24 Jun 2019

I have a feeling Franklin got a lot of these kids to buy into the idea Julian was coming there, and once they found out they were sold a false bill of goods hit that decommit button real quick.

Comment 22 Jun 2019

My brother plays with Jayden. Such an athlete, major deep threat, reminds me of the last Massillon receiver we brought in...a guy named Devin Smith. 

Comment 22 Jun 2019

Jayden is a teammate of my younger brother. Been watching them play since 8th grade. He is such a special athlete, really glides. Lots of potential, just needs to develop a little more physically and mentally but the kid hasn’t even begun his junior season. Reminds me of the last Massillon WR at OSU...Devin Smith

Comment 19 Jun 2019

I’m from the Akron/Canton area and I really think this Trayanun situation may have to do with Hoban still having a bad taste in their mouth about OSU with the Todd Sibley and Danny Clark recruitments. They’ve sent guys all over the Big Ten the last few years, none to OSU though.

Comment 18 Jun 2019

Totally agree, even before I heard that statement from someone who's dealt with both of them. Birm always has the scoop and shows a lot of integrity in waiting til he gets the go ahead from the recruit to give anything definitive. He's also the first one to admit he doesn't know or was wrong about a kid. I look at BK as our version of Tom Loy, minus the crystal balling anyone with a pulse to his school.

Comment 16 Jun 2019

OT-ish question here but it seems like every recruit takes pics in those white and grey/vice versa unis. Anyone think Day is gonna have us wear those more often?