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Comment 31 Jul 2020

Garrett it is too early to tell but Miller is a 7x all pro, Super Bowl MVP, and Broncos all time sack leader and still has several good years in him IMO. He’s going to Canton.

Comment 30 Jun 2020

Interested in the fact that BG keeps throwing Terence Rankl from Massillon as a possible late flip target at OT for depth in the class. Know he is extremely close to Thayer so he knows first hand the development opportunities here.

Comment 16 Jun 2020

I know it’s because we’re chasing after the biggest fish out there and that’s exciting, but I think a lot of people are forgetting about Ben Christman. Already has legit size and athleticism and is right outside the top 100. Think he could be at least a 2 year starter here opposite PJJ.

Comment 11 May 2020

“Stole” the #10 RB from the team that already has the #1 and #5 RB committed...yeah they’re like Ocean’s Eleven down there 

Comment 24 Mar 2020

Somebody please apply to get 66 CB privileges so we can see how much better he can do it than Steve Wiltfong and end this feud once and for all 

Comment 27 Feb 2020

Interesting tidbit here, a head coach at a prominent NE Ohio program has TTUN on a "wall of shame" in their office and has told Harbaugh don't even call about their guys bc he processed one of their kids a few years back. I'm sure this isn't the only bridge Jim has burned on the trail but thought it was hilarious.

Comment 26 Feb 2020

Shocking move from Rizzo to challenge a MAN to a physical altercation for once.