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Comment 20 Apr 2019

JT Barrett was very average and was the biggest reason his teams fell flat against elite teams.  You cannot be a nationally elite team if you have a QB that cannot throw.  He was a terrible passer and everyone knew it.  

Comment 19 Apr 2019

Because we lost our back-up QBwhowould take zero meanfun snaps barring injury?  Chug could very well be as capable a backup as Baldwin. 

This post is nonsense.

Comment 15 Apr 2019

Ryan Day needs to recruit at an elite level and that is by far the biggest part of sustaining the success we have had and is also a complete unknown in terms of Day’s ability.  I am not going to bemoan or debate any particular recruit or even the strategy, but if Day is not landing top 5-10 classes every year then I would worry about our future. We’ll see.  

Comment 05 Apr 2019

Gill is probably the most dynamic runner with the ball of any player on the roster.  He has a bit of a slight build, I’m sure he has added some bulk since arriving.  But he is very fast and his acceleration is incredible.  

Hope to see him utilized.  Reminds me of Michael Wiley. 

Gill is what people want McCall to be.  

Comment 25 Mar 2019

Better RB than Weber? Based on what?  Mccall is a tweener who is too small to play RB and is not a good enough WR to play that position.  He is Dontre Wilson.  All hype.  Have to create a special role for him, and frankly, even in that role I am not sure how special he is.  He is not better than the other guys on the roster at anything.  Versatile is one way to describe him.  Another is jack of all trades, master of none.  I wouldn’t hold my breath waiting for him to become a breakout star.  Much more excited for Wilson, Gill, Olave, and Teague.  

Comment 16 Mar 2019

Borland was way too slow (and small) before the injury.  Watch the 2017 Michigan game where he is repeatedly outrun and run over by the RBs.  He was a liability before the Achilles slowed him down even more. 

He would not be on the roster at Bama or Clemson.  Which is why we are neither of those programs right now.  

Comment 16 Mar 2019

Bucks would need to lose 1 or 0 games for the over to be a winner.  2 is a push.  

I don’t love the over for OSU.  It’s a pretty tough schedule with a new QB and coach and staff and a D that was terrible last year.  2 losses is very possible.  

Would not touch Bama or Clemson at 11 as unbeaten is very tough but 2 losses for either is not all that likely.  

Comment 13 Mar 2019

He cannot be worse than Borland.  Tuf is just not a good enough athlete to play here, and should be playing at a lower division.  

Comment 10 Mar 2019

While he has some natural gifts (height and length), I think we have maybe overvalued his natural talent a bit.  He is a long strider who lacks agility to get consistent separation and has never been able to bulk up and get stronger.  He also does not use his height all that well, often mistiming jumps.  His lack of strength also makes him vulnerable to last second pass break-ups with minimal contact from the defender. 

I think he can be a good rotational player this year, but he is just too inconsistent to be any type of go-to guy.  He is just a guy.  Much more excited for Olave and Wilson.  

Comment 09 Mar 2019

Only gripe I have is that the 5-year increments you seem to take each team’s best 5 and then not count those years for another increment.  

EG: alabama’s 14-18 is #1, but I bet their 13-17 would also be #1.  But once the years were used it seems those years were not considered again for another 5-year increment.  So that list is not exactly accurate.  

Comment 02 Mar 2019

Not one of them doing anything well in college so far, with multiple guys already leaving their initial school of enrollment.  

I remember getting crap for saying Kareem Walker was overrated before he committed/decommitted as it was clear he was slow and overrated from his film.  Not sure why people were so high on him.  Doubt he’ll do much at miss st, either.  

Comment 28 Feb 2019

So school and coaches would have to relinquish power over their own schedule for the NCAA or some other body to simply appoint the schedule, which could be good or bad for the school and could be home or away?  Never going to happen.

I do not get all the push for change and trying to make schedules and conferences exactly equal.  First, they ar snot, and you are never going to Ave the parity in college football like you do in the NFL. And second, I really do not see the problem with the current system.  Can tweaks be made, sure.  But all of these radical ideas are silly to me.  Teams and conferences can schedule who they want and will be evaluated based on that schedule at the end.  Conferences will never be equal in strength, so it will never be an equal comparison in terms of schedule strength and season results.  

Comment 28 Feb 2019

Don’t let your pride get in the way of doing the correct thing.  You might just have to let it go and move on.  

Comment 24 Feb 2019

If the money came from legitimate sources then there is no problem at all. Maybe not your tatse or jot what you would do, but who cares? 

If it did not, then this is very dumb. 

Many will speculate about the source, but we don’t know.  

Comment 24 Feb 2019

I believe a similar photo of Alabama players went public a couple years ago, the response to which on this board was to accuse Alabama of cheating/improper benefits, etc.  

Not saying this is evidence of any impropriety, but this is no different than similar photos of players from other schools that were quickly attack by some OSU fans.  I assume UM/PSU, etc fans will use this as evidence of OSU’s cheating/crookedness. 

Comment 17 Feb 2019

77-58, MSU.

We do not have the firepower to beat a team like this, particularly on the road.  Same issues will be a problem today-guards who turn the ball over and cannot shoot or score, no depth inside and Wesson getting in foul trouble, no consistent scoring threat anywhere.  

I like the optimism and the fight that this team shows, its a lot easier to root for and watch than the last couple Matta teams that just clearly did not care.  But this team just is not very good, lacks talent, depth, experience at all positions.  Future looks bright, but the closing stretch looks like it will be loaded with losses, including today.  

Comment 11 Feb 2019

I am right there with you.  He is too small to be a RB other than to run the occasional wheel route.  He is not a WR and will never be.  Top end speed overrated.  I see a Dontre clone, to be honest.  

Much more excited for Gill than I am for Demario.  

We’ll see.