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Comment 15 Sep 2019

The SEC is the best conference and has been for 20 years.

Just look at the NFL draft numbers and recruiting results.  They just have more elite players in the league, and have for a long time.  That doesn’t not mean any specific team is better than any other, but as a whole they have been the best, most talented conference, and the gap is as big as ever.  

Its ok for that to be a fact (it is a fact). 

Comment 15 Sep 2019

Yes, a single off-hand General comment about the Clemson football program in the middle of the nation wide basketball investigation.  

Comment 15 Sep 2019

All that I ever heard was a single off-hand comment by a Clemson basketball recruiter saying something to the effect that you could cheat at Clemson like the football team.  It was part of the nation-wide basketball recruiting investigation, no investigation at all specific to Clemson or about any football team.  That is all I heard.  Not sure I would expect any follow-up.  Also not sure anything goes on at Clemson that does not go on at most, if not all, big time programs.  

I knew a mediocre OSU basketball player who said he got small benefits all the time and offers of more when in college at OSU.  Call for investigations of major programs at your own risk.  

Comment 15 Sep 2019

I am rooting for Georgia.  I really do not buy into all the anti-SEC sentiment around here, it largely seems to me like sour grapes and little brother syndrome.  The SEC has some elite teams with elite talent, and Georgia is one of them.  But F ND.  

Georgia will roll, and people around here will just say ND was overrated.  

Georgia is very good and very talented.  They will beat ND soundly.  34-13 is my guess.  

Comment 15 Sep 2019

If you want to be a good team and a serious contender in the Big 10 east, you probably should not have to rely on your kicker to win a home against against a middling Pac 12 team whom you hold to 10 points.  

Dantonia is tressel only with average talent.  He fields the same team every season, fundamentally solid on D but absolutely terrible on offense due to an grossly outdated system, old guard coaches, and no creativity, failure to implement a modern offense or to make the necessary coaching changes is squarely on him, not his kicker (or any particular player). 

Dantonio came along at a perfect time when UM was down and PSU and OSU were both in transition/hit with sanctions (esp PSU).  They are little brother to the big 3 in the East, and he is not helping by refusing to adopt a modern offense.  He is like Harbaugh, only worse.  

Comment 15 Sep 2019

My gut reaction as well, and maybe Auburn, too.

But if they are out, who gets in?  I do not see any team ranked outside the top 10 that screams to me this is one of the 10 best teams in the nation.  

It is early and things will shake out.  With that said, is there much doubt at this point that the 6 best teams are the top 6?  I see no one outside the top 6 who is on that level.  

Notre Dame will be put in their place this week.  Georgia is very good.    

Comment 15 Sep 2019

If Ohio State goes unbeaten there is no scenario in which they are left out.  Lose a game and/or don’t win your conference and you are put into the beauty contest mix.  

Comment 15 Sep 2019

Notre Dame is not going to jump us this week, although they probably would if they win next week (Georgia). But they will not win next week.  In fact, I see them losing by 4 TDs, which will cement Georgia’s status as a top 4 team and set them up for inclusion even after they lose to Alabama in the SEC championship game again. 

It will come down to Oklahoma and Ohio State for the 4th spot with Clemson, Bama, and Georgia. 

Comment 08 Sep 2019

But who should be ranked there.  Whoever starts the season high gets that same advantage.  People are just jealous that is is 3/4 SEC teams.  

Do those who are complaining about the SEC teams think the coaches have a pro-SEC bias?  What team should be ranked ahead of Bama, Georgia, and LSU right now?  

Comment 08 Sep 2019

For all of those complaining, where would you rank LSU, Georgia, and Alabama right now?  

Take your team (OSU) and inherent bias out of the equation, and tell me what other teams you’ll take to beat any of those three on a neutral field right now.  I would take all three over any team other than Clemson (not considering OSU). 

It is entirely possible that Bama, Georgia, and LSU are in fact 3 of the 5 best teams.  

Comment 07 Sep 2019

OSU fans seem to forget this.  While the team was great on paper, they were underwhelming for much of that season, not just in the MSU game.  It was far from a dominant team.  Had we been as dominant as we should have been on paper, we may very well have still made the playoffs even with the loss to MSU.  But that team was uninspired all season until the final two games.  

We did not deserve to make the playoffs, and based on the on-field results (and not just looking at the roster),  I am not sure it was even a top 4 “best” team that season, either. 

Comment 28 Aug 2019

I think the line will be much improved over last year, particularly in run blocking.

We lacked the maulers on inside last year and failed to get consistent push in the run game.  That is what you get by playing 6’7 guys on the interior, which I will continue to consider a mistake.  

Davis and Myers have been around, and Jackson was all conference last year.  I see this as a significant upgrade in the middle.  We return our starting LT, who presumably will be even better, and get Bowen back and healthy at RT.  Bowen was excellent prior to his injury, in fact played better in early 2017 than Jordan did.