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Comment 07 Apr 2020

I am not shaming any of the kids, I am questioning why so many players are leaving our program.  Give me one other example of where this has happened.  Seems more likely to me that there is some issue rather than just a sign of the times.  Maybe just be that Holtmann is a disciplinarian type who does not mesh well with some guys. I do not know.  But it is not normal, now or anytime, to have multiple regular contributors just up and leave the program without something being amiss. 

We just went through this with Matta.  At first signs of problems most were defensive and jumped on those raising questions.  We are here discussing the program.  Disagree if you like, that makes good debate.  But asking the question is not out of bounds or the sign of a bad fan. 

Comment 07 Apr 2020

Whether we are lucky to have a Holtmann is not yet established in my eyes. We’ll see, he needs to recruit and maintain a high level.  His best class is now gutted.  

Yes, there are more transfers now, but it is not usual to have 3 guys transfer in a single season, 2 of whom were starting or getting major minutes (top 6-7 players in the rotation with even bigger roles all but assured going forward).  Show me where that happened at another major school without other issue going on in the program.    I cannot think of any other examples.  

Comment 06 Apr 2020

It’s the British Open to me.

The US Open is The open championship in golf in my eyes. 

Comment 05 Apr 2020

A quarter of the roster decided to leave the program with eligibility remaining, not including Wesson, including two guys who already had a huge role/started.  Yes, there are more transfers these days, but not this much from decent to good teams from guys who are playing major roles or starting.  

I do not know what is going on, but the number of guys leaving is concerning for the long term prospects of the program.  

Comment 04 Apr 2020

Taking advantage of a couple of elite transfers that can help your (or any) team is not being reliant on the transfer portal.  We are not relying on it in any way, just used it to get a couple of elite players who were available to going to transfer somewhere.  We are not changing our recruiting strategy or anything else based on who might become available in the portal.  

Also, what is  wrong with using the transfer portal?  It is the way things are now, more players transfer, including good players with no character or grade or other issues, just guys looking for a better fit/opportunity. Nothing wrong with it at all.  Just vet the potential transfers like you would any recruit.  

Comment 03 Apr 2020

Harbaugh has never won even a piece of a power 5 conference championship in 9 years of coaching.  

Comment 01 Apr 2020

Meh.  With an unproven OL and lack of elite RB, they seem like a finesse team that will have trouble against good, physical defenses.  Great QB and WRs don’t do much good when you lose up front and cannot run the ball.  Not to say they will not have an effective offense overall or be a decent team, but they are not ready to challenge the elite.  

Defense is not great, either.  

Comment 31 Mar 2020


He is a cfb commentator and analyst, who gave an opinion that the season would be cancelled.  So what? 

Comment 27 Mar 2020

More good players come from the east coast and all of the traditional college lacrosse powers are out there. Most of the good players go to the good lacrosse schools in the east.  Many of those power programs are also at very good to elite academic institutions which could also be a draw.  Why would an east coast kid come to Ohio State to play when he could go to Princeton, Georgetown, or UVA (or any number of other elite programs with elite academics in the east)? 

Comment 26 Mar 2020

WRs should be better.  We will have 2 stars who will have the opportunity to shine after lesser talented upperclassmen (mostly Victor and Mack) move on.  Hill was a nice outlet, but he is not a difference maker.  We can find a slot WR, and having two stars on the outside will help.  Especially as Fields continues to progress and improve his passing down field.  

Comment 25 Mar 2020

We need Harrison to step-up and live up to the hype.  

I thought Smith would step-up last year opposite Chase but that did not happen.  

if you have a committee approach that is typically because you do not have elite guys that separate themselves and are stars.  We need a couple of guys to step-up and be more than just part of the serviceable rotation.  

Comment 25 Mar 2020

Gamble’s pick six was the loudest the Shoe has ever been.  

Watch the play on YouTube.  The place is rocking before the snap, goes wild when he picks it off, then erupts as he cuts end zone.  

Not to argue, but the 02 Michigan game was actually pretty subdued.  I have attended several that were clearly louder (06 UM, 05 Texas, 09USC, 08 PSU, among others). The 09 USC game was probably the second loudest game I have been to.  

Comment 24 Mar 2020

Glad targeting was not a thing back then.  

Specifically remembering when he killed the Illinois QB.  

backbone of the 2002 defense and team.  All time great.  

Comment 22 Mar 2020

Pretty fair ranking in my estimation.  Olave has had a couple of big games but is not a consistent star player like mot of those guys ahead of him.  Might not even be the best WR on our team next year.  He had 849 yards in 14 games last year and was 3rd team all Big 10.  Definitely good, but pretty easy to see how and why some of those guys are rated higher.  

And both Bama and LSU had much better WR groups than we did last year, maybe closer this year after they lost some elite guys and our real talent was in our younger classes (not sure our true frosh should put us at the top, most of them likely will not play much).  

Comment 22 Mar 2020

I disagree with most of this, although we may not be talking apples to apples, either.  

Message board “insiders” telling people about “silent commits” are not worth much in my experience. As in, they are wrong as often as they are right.  Then they can always just say, “well, he just changed his mind” and broke his word to the staff.  Built in excuse.  And when a kid who obviously has interest in OSU (among announced favorites, repeated visits, etc), the “insiders” can label him a “silent commit” and then claim to be correct when he does commit/sign.  It’s a can’t lose.   More salesmanship.  

Hope we ultimately land this (not so) “silent commit” Henderson.  Will not be shocked if we don’t. 

go bucks

Comment 22 Mar 2020

Not saying that no guys who “silently commit” do not end up at that school.  Just that the “silent commit” is even less solid than a publicly made verbal commit, which itself can always be changed prior to signing the LOI.  

If silent commits meant anything we would have 2 elite RBs in the 2020 class. Its mostly fodder to sell subscriptions, created and floated by those selling the subscriptions.  And if the info was truly from the horse’s mouth, and the desire was to be “silent,” would the coaches allow it to get to these “insiders”? 

In other words, the “silent” commit is also much less trustworthy as to the actual truth of what has been said/promised/committed.  It is a largely an educated guess by people with no first hand knowledge of what has been said.   Put out as a “rumor” to sell subscriptions.  

Comment 22 Mar 2020

A “silent” commit is someone who is not even sure enough to make his intentions known publicly, and frankly is typically made known by second hand (at best)  info from “insiders” who make a living by people paying for for this type of “info.”  

And kids probably feel pressured by coaches on visits and in conversations and probably have a tendency to indicate an intention to come to a certain school when speaking to that coach when there is not really a decision made. 

a public commitment telling everyone a recruit intends to go to a school, often accompanied with shutting down formal recruiting (no more visits), is much stronger than a “silent commit” and much, much more so than an “insider” floating a “rumor” of a “silent commit” to sell subscriptions.