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Comment 06 Jul 2019

Live in Florida and have been an annual pass holder at most of parks in state but nothing compares to CP. if you haven’t been in a few years and you like coasters there is not a better ride than Steel Vengeance right now. 

Comment 17 Jun 2019

Let’s not forget it is also on the National Registry of Historic Places. So it isn’t just a tear down and rebuild issue. If they can keep making repairs and prevent the structural integrity there is no reason it can’t last a long time. As for me I’m 50 and hope that I never see the Buckeyes play a home game anywhere else in the 25 to 40 years I have left.

Comment 01 May 2019

Not an alum but there are many reasons I am grateful for being raised in Toledo as a Buckeye. 

Having lived more of my life outside of Ohio now than the 21 I lived in state I can still run into an Ohioan and talk about the area they grew up in, the new ride at Cedar Point and the Buckeyes.

I recently went to the Garth Brooks concert in Gainesville at the swamp and I was struck by the sense of being in some kids high school bedroom the only things missing were the stolen road signs . And I had no idea there was that much Orange paint in the world. I still had at least three OH’s shouted at me . It made me think of all the college stadiums I have ever seen and none have the feeling of The Horseshoe. In Columbus it feels like you are in a living museum dedicated to the best football has to offer the other places just seem to be larger high school football fields.

TBDBITL no more needs to be said.

The absolute consistency of the Buckeyes no team I know of can boast the winning percentage that they have built over the last century no matter who the coach or players are they just get it done.

Comment 23 Jan 2019

Can anyone explain why Lou Whittaker is not in? I never really understood the way voting is done for the hof if writers don’t like you or you aren’t a good interview then you won’t make it. Lou was possibly one of the best lead off hitters in my lifetime and was part of the best double play combination in history . I know being a Tiger he isn’t the popular guy here but he was great.

Comment 05 Jan 2019

Hoping there is a really cheesy hallmark movie on so I’m not tempted to tune into the sa an and Dabo love fest on Espin. I could care less who wins either way I’ll have to deal with guys at work that will be insufferable.