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Comment 02 Aug 2017


here is the link to the newspaper article.

Comment 05 Jul 2017

Ok so she is on the off week between her 11th and twelfth (and final) treatment starting around treatment 5 or so she put themes to each one. She started with Rosie the riveter and dressed up as such. There was also chemo de mayo and last week was baseball themed as she was in the seventh inning stretch I guess. Her final treatment she is dressing as Wonder Woman. The cancer center is doing a story on her to put on the news. Can not say how much I appreciate the people at MD Anderson here in Jacksonville they have been great. Will post story if I can and will update after her pet scan in a few weeks. Thanks again for the prayers.

Comment 22 Apr 2017

Just an update Jenna has now been through 7 treatments it wipes her out and she has lost some hair. Dr is saying it will get worse in next 5 treatments. Last pet scan shows no more lymphoma and a tumor in her chest is almost completely gone. She is doing well considering and positively determined to do everything she can to do things for herself even on chemo weekends.

Comment 18 Apr 2017

I thought some of the throws by Burrow looked a little off. At least one Td the receiver basically had to stop and come back for the ball. It was a floater. Haskins seemed to have a little more zip on the ball consistently. Now I don't know how they pair up in the running portion because they didn't highlight that part at all.

Comment 06 Mar 2017

Clemson put in a slide. I think it is getting a little out of hand.

Comment 26 Feb 2017

Everyday! I wear a ball cap constantly and rotate between six or seven t shirts when not at work. And of course my game day jersey. Also have Ohio state frame and light up trailer hitch on back of truck and a plate with the shoe on the front.