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Comment 12 May 2020

Also the three games I have been to with my father were all in The Shoe so when I do make it back it reminds me of how special it was when it was my turn to go to a game and make the trip from Toledo to Columbus. The feeling of walking from the skull session and seeing the stadium for the first time. And how much I enjoyed returning the favor when I could take him to a game. Losing the shoe would mean not being able to go and have those memories come rushing back. He’s still with us thank god but at 80 He’s a step or two slower each year. He made sure we went to Cedar Point as a family at least once a year and made sure all 8 of his kids got to experience a game in the Shoe even though we were not what I would call well off. ( Thanks to our landlord whom was a season ticket holder we were able to get good deals) I may not have always agreed with him but for those two things alone he is the best Dad I could imagine having 

Comment 12 May 2020

I have been to other college stadiums and just wonder what in the world the architect was thinking. Florida’s stadium is a dump that looks like a nice stadium from the outside but when you get inside reminds me of a fifth graders idea of a man cave. MSU is bleak and has no character. Give me the tradition and history of the shoe any day. I remember sitting in the south stands wanting to stay and watch the end of the USC lightning game. I remember Byers running towards us against Perdue. I remember watching Clarret and thinking how is it possible for a kid that young to be so good. Does the stadium provide the memory? No but it most certainly adds to the experience when even a non alumnus can tear up as they sing Carmen Ohio to the band at the end of the game. It isn’t about comfort or modern amenities it’s about a kinship with the people around you and an appreciation for everything Ohio State which includes and always should The Shoe. So what should be done? Why not keep the rotunda and the aesthetics of the old stadium and tear down and rebuild the parts that are used by the fans? After all would it be an Ohio State home game if you didn’t have the Storm Troopers on the towers ?

Comment 12 Feb 2020

I have a family member that is attending school in Columbus at this time. I couldn’t imagine her in this situation and to be honest with you it makes me sick just thinking it may be possible. 

This is disgusting if true and they are both entitled to due process. However if I am on the administrative staff I would ensure that they would be prohibited from having any access to the campus as a whole until they are found to be innocent. There is absolutely no way you can be seen as allowing them an opportunity to continue on without repercussions for the actions they are accused of. 

As a father and uncle I was initially fuming that they could do this to a woman but after thinking on it and allowing my cooler head to prevail I know that the justice system must make the determination of guilt or innocence. The school does not have the luxury of allowing that to play out they must be seen as taking a hard stance against this ensuring that nobody else that relies on them to ensure their safety could possibly be exposed to similar actions. 
I can’t say I like the fact that this seems like a CYA solution but in today’s society there is no other sensible solution.

Comment 07 Dec 2019

lets score again just to prove we can. I think Wisconsin is better than Ga even though the talking heads would never admit it.