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Comment 07 Feb 2018

Mgoblog is not even really melting down it’s just acceptance of mediocrity. 

Comment 02 Jan 2018

ACC fans here in fl are getting almost as bad as SEC fans . I have never understood it. I can’t cheer for tsun just because we are in the same conference as a matter of fact if it isn’t TOSU I really don’t care who wins most games, as long as the SEC team loses.

Comment 01 Jan 2018

This is like watching paint dry. Neither one of these offenses look like they are worthy of this game. Is it possible that defenses have finally caught up to the modern offensive scheme? What is the next trend?

Comment 01 Jan 2018

The team that curb stomped Bama and finished top of the sec West is getting owned by a group of 5 team. Yeah that conference deserved two teams in the cfp