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Comment 27 Feb 2019

I am pretty sure Holtman wanted his technical.  I was watching the game with my son and I told him before they went to break that he was looking for one to make his point about Wesson.  Sure enough, he gets it before the timeout is over.  Holtman has a purpose in his actions.  I like the guy.

Comment 16 Feb 2019
Yes he is embracing other sports. It is clear he is a tOSU fan, just like those of us on here. I don't get to Columbus much, but I have went to womens basketball games, wrestling matches, baseball, spring games, and more, not just football games. My wife laughs at me when she catches me watching gymnastics or hockey on tv. Anything OSU i will watch and support. I think Meyer is that same way. So it does not surprise me he is all in. I truly expect him to be our next AD when Gene retires.
Comment 04 Feb 2019
On the professional level, I follow the Lions. I am just amazed at the ongoing dialogue with this Saints/Rams no-call. The Lions had an equal, if not worse, situation in the playoffs a few years ago. Lions were ahead late in game with the ball. On a critical 3rd down pass, the ref called PI. They even went as far as placing the ball and moving the chains. But another ref ran in before the next play and changed it all back. 4th down and punt. And Dallas came back to score at the end and win. Where was the outrage then? Where were the calls to change rules? Talk about being salty. Must have to be on the right team for it to stick. I feel for Thomas, but it's nothing new.
Comment 06 Jan 2019

Watching BTN before the game.  They had a graphic listing 7 or 8 guys in early contention for Big10 player of the year.  None were Buckeyes.  That said 2 things to me.  1) Holtman has them playing as a team and 2) they are not at that level yet, just like he said after the game.

Super stoked for this team though.  If they had a little more shooting, that would help a lot too.  I think they were only 3-11 from 3-point range in the first half and still had a big lead.  Woods continued his streaky play, on the bad side this time.

Anyone know what's up with Jackson not playing much  in the 2nd half?

Comment 26 Dec 2018

Loved the Murphy article too.  You can tell he is a great writer.

But all I could think about while I read it was "Geez, doesn't SI pay their writers much"?   His wife is an attorney, he has 33 years in on the job, and he has written 6 books.  Do you have no credit history?  Have you had a tragedy that sopped out your funds?  What kind of lender are they dealing with that $17 bucks an hour makes the difference between loan approval and there-is-the-door?

Comment 20 Dec 2018

This is a pretty good comparison, because it has never been proven that Alabama pays recruits, so you have to consider the playing field level at this point.

Comment 20 Dec 2018

I agree.  If I had to lay money, I would say the odds are that he has to sit out a year.  But the NCAA has done goofier things.  Race is such a divisive issue that the NCAA might be scared not to grant it.

Comment 20 Dec 2018

Interesting view.  It could very well be that if Fields comes, he goes hardship after 2020 (maybe even after 2019 if he has a Heisman type season).

I would change your 2021 prediction to "Fields, Baldwin, or Miller"

Comment 20 Dec 2018

If Fields comes in, it will say a lot about Martell as far as his reaction and next move.  I seem to recall when he first got to tOSU, he struggled with being so far down on the depth chart.  He was able to deal with that, kept a positive attitude, and has been a positive influence.  How he managed to do that is the question.  If he did it by telling himself "be patient, your turn will come" then this might not end well.

On another note, I am pretty sure that the starting QB in the movie The Replacements was named Martell, and he lost his job at halftime to a new guy from tOSU.  Foreshadowing?

Comment 18 Dec 2018

Off topic a bit, but guaranteed Tate gets a TD pass in the Rose Bowl.  I think UFM was setting things up when he had Tate in at the goal line against ttun and ran the ball every play.  If they are in that situation in Pasadena, I can see a play action run with either a jump pass or a TE leaking out.

Just bringing this up, because some solid play by Tate in the Rose Bowl may change some of the narrative.

Comment 18 Dec 2018

LOL.  I get my reports from the media, so I always take things with a grain of salt.  In my experience, it is never as good and never as bad as what is reported.  I try not to assume.  There may have been shouting, pointing, holding a noose, and physical threats, but it might also have been a couple of 18 year old kids drinking too much and being dumb.  I just don't know.

Comment 18 Dec 2018

I can buy that.  Although does Fromm really have 2 more years?  My guess is that he is gone after next year, but again that would all be speculation.  Fields has to know that crazy things happen in football.  Things that lead to a 3rd teamer starting CFP playoff games (tOSU) and walk-ons playing with no experience (Nebraska this year).

I totally get the business end of it.  I just have concerns as to how he will fit into a team.  Fit in with players who wanted to play at tOSU their entire lives.  Players that were recruited by other teams, yet committed to the Buckeyes because of more than football.  Did Fields even consider tOSU when he was being initially recruited?  Yes, apparent great talent, potential for a great career.  I just don't think we have all the facts.  I am sure the coaches do though, so they will make the call.

Comment 18 Dec 2018

I cannot get past the question of "Why?"  Why does this guy want to transfer?  Yes, I read all that stuff about someone referring to him in a non-PC manner, but is that truly the reason?  Or does he feel like he cannot compete on that roster?  Something is up here and just doesn't seem right.  This is not a Joe Burrow situation, where you are a grad student and want to go somewhere to play one last year.  This is a guy who just joined a team and now feels like it was a mistake?

IDK, that make me a little skeptical about him becoming leader of this team.