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Comment 02 Jan 2015

The yankee thing...  I keep thinking back to that fat kid from Clemson last year,  who used the term yankee with an intense as if its intended to be slanderous.   Anyway,  I can appreciate smack talkin among friend,  but when its from someone you dont know...  thats not always easy to do.     But,  I can appreciate Hoss & Lawtide manning up...

But BamaReed?   CRY BABY... I cant go on... booooo hoooo...   *grin*   I love it.

Comment 06 Nov 2013

This has to be the coolest one-liner I've read.....

Michigan arrogance is a resistant bacteria that no amount of humiliation can exterminate.



Comment 06 Feb 2013

What a schmuck...

But, I'm pretty sure thats something buckeye fans did to Stefon Diggs,  when he spurned us...


Anyway,  BOOYAH!   Welcome Home, Zeke!

Comment 30 Nov 2012

Hmm,  as I read Drew's replies,  he certainly replies in a poised manner.  The content is intelligent & is already showing leadership capabilities.

Comment 10 May 2012

Florida...   Hmmm, I've got useful input on this topic.

1)  I used to live in Naples, FL.

2)  My nephews are Florida State alums.

3)  My brother is a Tennessee alum,  & still lives in Naples.

4)  I took my daughter to this years Gator Bowl.

So, as you might expect,  when I moved to Ohio & was indoctrinated by the Buckeye faithful,  my own family had some rather interesting things to say.   But, it was all good,  fun ribbing...

In Florida,  non-gator fans... hate gator fans.  Why,  because they're known for being mouthy & obnoxious... even to those in thier home state.

My brother took his family to Gainesville, to a Gator v Vol game probably.... 15 years ago.   In saying "his family",  that meant his wife & three children.  Post game,  they were greeted w/ urine-bombs & language not fit for this forum.  Soon as they got back home,  he wrote a letter to the Dean of UF berating thier fans, stating that he'd never step on that campus again. 

At this years Gator Bowl,  things were largely good spirited,  save one drunk obnoxious redneck girl,  who has no concept of personal space,  but by & large... Jacksonville was quite accomodating.

What does this mean?  I dunno, I'm just passing along my real-world personal experiences.

Gator fan = Raider fan.... IMHO

Comment 17 Apr 2012

What I find difficult to believe, is that [Ed - It's 2012. "Queen" is a gay slur. You've been warned.] would come to a BUCKEYE fan board,  & expect to see anything remotely positive about scUM.  Rabid fans are just that, regardless of where thier allegience lies.  Expounding on gallons of word vomit, will never change this fact.  Go Home.