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Comment 22 Sep 2019
  • Harbaugh will be gone if he gets embarrassed like this Vs. Sparty and/or Buckeyes 
  • If this doesn’t get turned around, he should definitely be shit-canned as he hasn’t been able to find a QB in five years. 
  • Ran his defensive staff out of town resulting in surrendering 77 pts in 3 games.
  • To make matters worse we picked up some of those guys and our defense is better for it.
  • The offense is completely ruined, and that’s on him as well. He should have kept control and at least lose his job that way as opposed to the inability of others to get the job done.
Comment 15 Sep 2019
  • Thief ... as in you stole my thread concept which I've been doing for four years. 
  • Boatraced ... as in what OSU did to Indiana
  • Maybe next week I can get up at 6am to make sure my thread idea isn't stolen again.
Comment 08 Sep 2019
  • Did anybody else catch Saban's answer to a question about measurable takeaways in team evaluation when you play 'cupcakes' (my word not the reporters)? 
  • Basically, this guy said, with a straight face - Bama tries to schedule the best teams possible but they can't find any to play them. That's laughable.
  • Bama has been playing this schedule game for at least a decade - rarely back to back road games, hardly ever back to back road conference games, always a bye before LSU, always a D-1aa week before Auburn, two or three conference games then a cupcake, if there is a big game it's at a neutral site, list goes on and on.
  • Fact is, Bama is really good, but if anybody is ducking anybody it's Bama. 
  • SEC only plays 8 conference games, meaning they can schedule 4 cupcakes, and Bama usually does, unless Louisville and VaTech are considered powerhouses.
  • They also skip Florida and Georgia from the SEC East most years, it's a real joke.
  • Saban looked really silly answering that question, sort of sad in many ways. Maybe someday the voters will actually look at S.O.S. and not just crown teams because of talking points.
Comment 08 Sep 2019
  •  Nobody has played anybody yet to warrant a rational set of rankings. 
Comment 31 Aug 2019
  • I sense a disturbance in The Force
  • Day doesn't have to prove a thing to me, I'm only a fan/alumni but you can put me firmly in Camp Missouri at the moment with this program.
  • Next week should be a real test with the in-state school coming off a big win at home. 
  • I want to see the squad able to play 4 full quarters at a high caliber and coaches making adjustments. 
  • The D looked really good until FAU figured out some weaknesses and clearly took advantage.
  • Let's hope this is just looking at the glass half full