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Comment 11 Sep 2014
From the article. "Sure, Jim Tressel probably wouldn't have lost at home to Virginia Tech (talk about an emphasis on special teams), but that doesn't mean Jim Tressel is an upgrade over Urban Meyer in the year 2014. " While I'm keenly aware of the now common JT vs. UM click bait so popular, here and elsewhere, after losses in this new era, this particular statement above perplexed me? Author states essentially a former coach probably wouldn't have lost that game, but the current coach is better. I get the gist of the spirit of the notion. ...but at what point do results matter in evaluating success?
Comment 10 Sep 2014

Interesting.......an OSU blogosphere criticism of the marketing and hype machine ....that's a first....or at least a rarity,

Comment 09 Sep 2014

I've refrained from message boards and forums this week.....lots of silliness to go around.  But this take by Duane is embarrassingly grovelling, even in this current "positive press, for access" environment the Ath. Dept, IMG, and the SID are so fond of.

  3 recruiting classes later, one of the highest recruiting budgets in college football, THE highest paid staff in college football, and in 2014 folks are blaming Jim Bollman? Just when I thought the "just wait" crowd couldn't be any more myopic and self-fulfilling....wow.

Comment 23 Aug 2014
"Michigan State coach Mark Dantonio announced April 15 that Kings had been suspended for the duration of spring practices. He was reinstated before the start of fall practice. Dantonio indicated last Thursday that Kings had met the requirements to put himself back into good standing with the team." So, hypothetical. .....do we know for certain he will play in first game? Sure, hes practicing. ....and not officially "suspended"....but how do we know for certain he will play in opener?
Comment 04 Aug 2014
The bravado is cool and all...but the reaction to the question is telling. Clown shows of the past seemed to have mattered in previous camps....
Comment 02 Aug 2014
"The entire Big Ten hates Ohio State because the Buckeyes challenge their complacency." While we can all get the gist of this piece, I sometimes wonder if the pomposity of our fanbase skews reality. Ohio State hasn't won a B1G championship in 5 years. Perhaps that "hate" is a reaction to the false sense of accomplishment.
Comment 29 Jul 2014

Said it before, will say it again.....Hazell will be successful at Purdue.  Those who know anything about what he did @ historically bad and football culture challenged Kent State (took 2 years, btw), and what kind of coach and leader he is, would likely concur.

Comment 05 Jul 2014
I acknowledged the private powerhouses in my post. I stand by my assertion that overall quality of athletes and football is played in NE Ohio. Its not a knock on Cincinnati or SW Ohio. But it I will echo North campus' thoughts on the spin in the piece that paints the previous staff of being unable to make recruiting inroads there. Urban didn't reinvent ohio state....as much as that story is spun.....
Comment 04 Jul 2014
In addition to the misuse of "northwest" instead of "northeast", when state geography is the piece's premise, I am having a hard time understanding how a couple of commits makes for turning Cincinnati a "hotbed" for Ohio State recruiting. And as for Cincinnati area area having the best HS fb in the state.....well...2 or 3 private powerhouses doesn't make that statement true, particularly when you consider the entirety of NE Ohio (Cleveland, Akron, Canton, Youngstown)
Comment 27 Jun 2014

Your comparison is hyperbolic and not based in fact.  The ineptitude of the defense in 2013 in no way compares to the JT era offense, but spin it as you'd like.  If we want to talk comparisons, maybe SOS between the 2 eras would be a better starting point, and would likely better explain the "surprsing" end to the 2013 season..

Comment 20 Jun 2014

You nailed it.... Unfortunately, the way cfb is being marketed by both media interests and the large revenue producing schools (like OSU and the SEC), this ever increasingly myopic, dumbed down fan base becomes their gold standard consumer.  

And those interests can't get enough of this fan base's $... 

Comment 12 Jun 2014
The "in defense of" tone of this piece, combined with the public shaming of a dissenting site commenter, could lead one to believe 11w enjoys the coziness of the access allowed to the fawning media with this staff ....I know.....its an asshole's opinion.
Comment 08 May 2014
Dantonio's actual quote, from Rowland's article doesn't reflect the tweet: “When we [arrived in East Lansing] in 2006, we dreamed big,” Dantonio said at a charity event in Toledo. “What we’ve been able to accomplish this past year was a result of that – seven years of sacrifice, commitment, laying our plan out and going through our goals. “We’re now at the top, and that’s where Ohio State has been. A lot of that is thanks to Coach Tressel and the things he did. That’s where they’re at right now. The opportunity to compete at that level at this point in time in just a mindset. But we’re very fortunate to be there.”
Comment 06 May 2014

Personally, I could give a sh!t about current commitments, but how it's covered in the blogosphere (not only here), is borderline comedic.

Last year, Urban lights up the recruiting trail, scores a number of early commits, he's a "rockstar", "unprecedented" "amazing".  This year, things aren't looking so rosy, and Urban's a "psychologist" "pushing his staff", a "master motivator".