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Comment 27 Aug 2018

Haha I’m with you. Truth be told, I wanted Burrow to win the competition... The limited tape we have on either, it seemed to me that he just had better touch on the flat and intermediate routes. I just wish him well and only want him to lose one game at the end of the season ;)

Comment 08 Aug 2018

Rule 1 we learned in college: always be early. 


Why does the media get so frustrated? If you want dramatic quotes that make for juicy stories on a regular basis, I heard 1600 Pennsylvania Ave in D.C. is a hot bed for them! 

Comment 08 Aug 2018

They are sexy. The kid is more developed than the average fan can see. I don’t care about his weight, his technique is what matters in PP. run blocking is more of a concern when gaining leverage at 280lbs... his footwork speaks for itself. I don’t think he redshirts, and will win the starting job outright by the heart of the big ten portion of the schedule. 

Comment 30 Jul 2018

I was the biggest critic of Isaiah in 2016. He’s made me a believer and then some. His pass protection technique has improved dramatically. I’m gladly eating crow and anxious to see the strides he’s made from last year to this year.

 Too many fans don’t realize how difficult it is to develop proper technique at the college level. It’s a discipline that takes years to perfect. I predict a large stride in run blocking this season, some first team all big ten honors and a surprisingly high draft position in 2019. Studs is definitely earning his paycheck, I hope he sticks around and continues to develop these guys! 

Comment 02 Jul 2018

I must be watching different film than most... He has potential, but I’m not buying the hype. He’s indecisive, and throws up jump balls. Extends plays and misses his windows where receivers are wide open. Anyone remember the kid from Massillon that got the OSU tattoo just to get pushed out of the class and end up at UK? I have to keep in mind that it was sophomore film, but I think it’s worth keeping an eye on before we get too excited. Just my humble opinion.