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Comment 07 Dec 2016

Man, idk what it is with these guys getting bad tattoos. I'm all for the Block O, believe me, I'm Buckeye thru and thru, but this is just a bad tattoo. Not even close to symmetrical and that scarlet is not nearly saturated enough, it will be gone within a year. Don't even get me started on the line work. Ohh well, at least he's dedicated, OH...

Comment 08 Apr 2015

Coming from someone who lives in Cincinnati, this is pretty typical. My wife went to UC, so we have season tickets for UC football, mainly because its dirt cheap, and a game to go to that isn't far from home. If half the people that got upset when OSU had their spring game at Paul Brown, or are upset about tonight would actually go to the UC games, they would actually sell some out, but they don't. Cincinnati has tremendous pride in their hometown, and sees anyone else as outsiders. It is a lot like Pittsburgh and Louisville in those ways. I personally don't get the hate for OSU. Its fine if they're not your favorite team, but you should understand that they're Ohio's favorite team, and there is no reason to hate. This is just another example of Cincinnati small mindedness. You can always tell someone is from Cincinnati from the first thing they ask you after the introduction, "Where did you go to highschool?" Who cares? #CincyProblems

Comment 02 Apr 2015

As a Cincinnatian, its tough down here. The ESPN Radio affiliate caters to UK, and Louisville, and pays no mind to the Bucks or even UC. Also, people down here are delusional (for the most part) about UC and the potential of the program. I'm all for having pride in your school, but there is no reason to dislike the Bucks. Meyer is well on his way of having a Cincinnati pipeline. He just has to convince Moeller, Elder, and X to stop sending their boys to ND...

Comment 22 Aug 2014

does he want everyone in columbus to hate him? if so, this is a really good way to go about it. tell everyone the national title winning quarterback, and everyone's favorite radio personality (who takes really long pauses), should be put behind bars. good job buddy...

Comment 29 May 2014

His competition week in, week out in the TVC is WEAK to say the least, however his physical abilities speak for themselves. Should do very well in Urban's system.


Comment 28 Aug 2013

No pizza near campus, or in Columbus comes close to Hounddogs on High and Dodgridge. Be sure to get it Smokin' Joe's style (garlic butter brushed crust). Hangover Easy is also a pretty money breakfast spot.