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  • SPORTS MOMENT: OSU beating Miami for the 2002 title.
    Zeke housing it on Bama.

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Comment 27 Jun 2019

Such a tough call between 2002 & 2014. I'd say 2014 was the funner team to watch just cause they became unstoppable by season's end whereas 2002 was heart attack inducing almost every week.

Comment 24 Jun 2019

Not only does chickenshit saturday result in a guaranteed win, but it also gives these SEC teams an extra week to get healthy. It's one less game compared to what the rest of the country has to play. It's one less game where a starter could get hurt. OSU is playing PSU / scUM back to back to finish the year, while these guys are playing high schools. It's BS.

Comment 18 Jun 2019

Northwestern is the biggest trap game to me. It's the traditional sandwich game between two bigger games. Also NW is a pretty solid squad and it's on the road. Perfect formula for an upset. I hear you on Nebraska, but I feel like a lot people are circling that one. So I'm not as worried about it. I also think Indiana could be an under the radar upset pick. For the most part, I feel like they always play the Bucks tough.

Comment 08 May 2019

They need to stop making immediate eligibility so easy to get. Like it or not, there needs to be a penalty for transferring, barring some extreme circumstance. I don't care if guys transfer, but there needs to be a penalty for doing it in most cases. Otherwise you have chaos.

Comment 03 May 2019

Ejections should only ever happen for fighting, throwing punches, etc. No one should ever be ejected for a hit. I'd rather someone stay in the game after a dirty hit (which I feel rarely ever happens; people act like dirty hits happen constantly but they don't), than someone get ejected on BS call. Making the targeting rule better is simple. Just get rid of the damn ejection component. 

Comment 30 Apr 2019

I think since the 2015 game was fresh off of the inexplicable Sparty loss, it may have slightly hindered some people's enjoyment. We knew the 2015 team was better than they played most of the season. So it made it frustrating to some extent cause it was like, where the hell was this all season? 

Comment 19 Apr 2019

It's a kinda bitch move for sure. I get the whole doing what's best for me thing, but there should come a point when someone helped you out that you return the favor. You shouldn't just immediately bolt as soon as you get unhappy. It's irritating to me when people just make decisions and don't give any consideration as to the impact of their decisions on others. 

Comment 02 Apr 2019

I don't know why people keep trying to create these other leagues. The NFL and CFB is enough. I think most people don't watch these leagues because they've had enough football by February and aren't interested in following another league for the next 4 months. It's oversaturation. This is why these leagues continue to fail. We don't need an alternative.  

Comment 16 Feb 2019

The committee doesn't care about SOS. They proved that when they picked Bama in 2017. Bama's best nonconference game that year was Fresno St. That was a perfect opportunity to show SOS matters. OSU's schedule was way better but the committee took the easy way out. So yeah until those morons stop using the made up "eye test" to include teams, SOS will continue to be irrelevant.

Comment 09 Feb 2019

Clemson is now on the ESPN payroll. So that's why it's not a big deal. ESPN controls what's a big deal and what's not.