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Comment 10 Nov 2019

I agree completely. It's the only way to be truly objective. Saying Bama just looks better and therefore should be ranked ahead of Minnesota and Baylor is a horseshit argument. You're adding subjectivity to the rankings and that's something that should always be avoided as much as possible. Bama needs to be punished for losing. Why even play games if we're just gonna rank teams based on recruiting rankings. 

Comment 08 Nov 2019

I'm guessing OSU's compliance department is a lot more conservative. They report seemingly everything. I'm sure most SEC schools don't report half of the shit that goes on.

Comment 07 Nov 2019

The flip side of that is those college basketball games are basically meaningless. Yeah, they're entertaining but they have virtually no effect on the season. All of those teams will be in the tourney. Losing doesn't matter. That's why I still think the CFB model is better overall. It's definitely not perfect, but I'd rather sacrifice quantity over quality.

Comment 06 Nov 2019

I'd be in favor of an 8 team playoff if we got rid of the conference championship games. To me having an 8 team playoff makes winning your conference not nearly as big of a deal cause you're letting some at large teams in too. I don't think winning your conference and then getting a better seed or hosting a quarterfinal is good enough of a reward. Either keep it to 4 and restrict to conference champs or go to 8 and scrap the title games.

Comment 30 Oct 2019

Yeah I'm not a fan of the two byes either. It's unnecessary. This is probably the worst November slate of games I can ever remember. Hoping there's at least one upset.

Comment 17 Oct 2019

I always heard that grass is actually safer to play on. No brush burns and I suspect it might be softer to land on. The main reason so many schools have artificial turf these days is its easier/cheaper to maintain.

Comment 09 Oct 2019

Keep sacking guys and then score a defensive TD against TTUN and strike the pose right in front of their own fans. Seriously, this would be amazing / hilarious.

Comment 30 Sep 2019

It might be billions of dollars overall, but considering how many people are involved in college athletics, I highly doubt anyone is getting seriously screwed out of money. Maybe a few grand? It's not like these kids are getting screwed out of millions. Furthermore, they get free education (not anyone's fault but their own if they don't take advantage of that) and are treated like royalty for the duration of their time at the university. So yeah, I'm not that sympathetic to this situation. To be quite honest, if I was a CFB player, I'd be thrilled to be put in a video game. That'd be cool as hell. I wouldn't give a shit if someone was making money off it. It just comes across as whiney, like everything's gotta be turned into a money making situation. I don't care if players are paid a flat amount across the board, but I don't want this to turn into some NFL contract negotiation crap. That would be a death knell for the sport. That was really my point.

Comment 25 Sep 2019

I don't think the power 5 conferences are that different (certainly not as different as the media may have us believe). So win-loss record is a very good start. Unfortunately, you eventually get to a point where subjectivity has to be used, but I think it should at least be minimized. In general, I think an undefeated power 5 team should always be ahead of a one loss team, barring some extreme circumstance. This forces you to rank teams in a certain manner, without letting opinion influence it. The committee prolly doesn't do this though.

Comment 25 Sep 2019

I'm pretty sure the original playoff mandate mentioned something about conference championships being one of the most important criteria. Best four teams is subjective. We should be trying to eliminate as much subjectivity as possible in this process. I don't want the playoff the be someone's opinion. It should be based on other things that can be objectively valued like championships and win-loss record. So yeah, I still think this one's very easy and this is likely how it would go down.

Comment 24 Sep 2019

I think this one is very easy. It's gotta be all the conference champs. We hear all the time that conference titles are supposed to be very important. So the committee would have to be practice what they preach. No matter how matter how great those other teams' resumes are, they shouldn't get put ahead of a conference champ.

Comment 08 Sep 2019

Clemson's basically playing a group of 5 schedule this year, but no one in the media says a peep about it. They just played possibly the only ranked team they'll play in the regular season. What a joke. If they get upset at some point, they have no business making the playoff even if they run the table the rest of the way.

Comment 28 Aug 2019

The SP+ rankings are never that useful. I'm not even sure why people waste time putting them together. It's not unusual for 3 and 4 loss teams to be ahead of 1 loss teams by season's end. I think it's largely based on stats rather than reality. Losses don't hurt teams as long as their stats stay decent.