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Comment 16 Aug 2017

The schedule was a killer in 2015. If they had one or two more good wins on the resume, they probably would have gotten the benefit of the doubt.

Comment 12 Jul 2017

If someone else has a gun in their hand, I'd call that a life or death situation. They have no idea what someone's thinking or going to do. So I can understand their extreme caution. Obviously AW wasn't up to anything here, but they had no idea at the time.

Comment 28 Jun 2017

Sparty '15 was the roughest of all the losses IMO. One of the strangest games I've ever seen.

Comment 23 Jun 2017

His final 4 is Bama, FSU, tOSU, and USC. Personally, I'm still not sold on USC. Since Pete Carroll left, they always seem to crap the bed when there's big expectations.

Comment 06 Jun 2017

My top 3:

1. NFL Draft - hyped for way too long. Shouldn't even be discussed until the week before the draft, but we get 9 months of non stop coverage.

2. Seven game series - unnecessary and excessive. Best of 3 is fine. If you can't win 2 out of 3, you're not that good. Seven game series exist solely to maximize revenue and it's a waste of time. The NBA/NHL playoffs take forever because of this.

3. Sports talk shows - They overanalyze everything. They'll spend an hour talking about a tweet. Who cares? These shouldn't even exist.

Comment 02 Jun 2017

Night> 3:30> Noon. They all have pros and cons but I'd say the night games are best, assuming of course that it's a big game. Lesser games probably should get the noon or 3:30 slot. I like that the Bucks have a variety throughout the season. I think most people love night games, but they wouldn't be as special if every game was a night game.

Comment 01 May 2017

They just need to cut back the number of bowls, like maybe 25 bowls instead of 40. I think people will always want to tune in to the better games around New Year's. I also think guys sitting out will be few and far between. There's not that many guys in a given year where they're a slam dunk pick. Guys that are mid round projections would still want to play to enhance their position. If I was in their position, I'd just take out an insurance policy and play in the bowl. Odds of getting hurt are so small.

Comment 26 Mar 2017

That's why college football is a better sport than basketball. You can't suck for part of the year and get hot at the right time and make it into the playoff. You have to be good all year. The regular season actually means something in college football.