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Comment 09 Feb 2012

Exactly. It's a cultural thing, predominantly  a young, black male, urban, hip-hop culture. But you said "black people" in your original post, and not a particular demographic. You explained what you really meant and it's obvious you didn't mean to offend, so, no offense taken.

Comment 09 Feb 2012

I agree it was stupid of the author to focus on that, but to imply that he would have done differently had he "hung out with black people" is equally ignorant. What if he hung out with Mayor Coleman, Gene Smith, the President, Cameron Heyward, Mike Doss, etc. etc.? All black people don't use that word.

Comment 28 Jul 2011

Great article. I agree 100%. When Pryor committed these "crimes" he was 19 or 20. What he did--selling his own stuff-- wasn't even morally wrong; it was only wrong because a backwards, hypocritical institution (NCAA) said so. Fans are so quick to hate TP for breaking a stupid rule when, ego aside, he was a model student-athlete in nearly every regard. He was Academic All Big Ten, he was never in Coach Tressel's "dog house", he never got in trouble off the field (no DUIs, assualts, skipped classes weren't an issue, etc.), and his on-the-field achievements speak for themselves. Fans are directing their anger at the victims of a broken system instead of the system itself.