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Comment 25 Mar 2015
I think it really feels like winning TWO national championships in the last 15 years makes a huge difference in that sense of self-respect. Even though we Buckeye faithful knew 2002 wasn't the lucky fluke the haters made it out to be (it wasn't right?), winning another somehow helps validate the first one.
Comment 26 Aug 2011

"The delta, she is wide."  That's what makes this season so much fun as we count down to Akron - the possibilities are endless.  And it would make a major success so much more enjoyable.

Comment 23 Aug 2011

Actually got PT in the first half and looked good

Comment 04 Aug 2011

At the risk of sounding like an apologist for Herbie, I believe the earlier quote was in the context of his disagreement re the type and style of offense that Tressel ran - not a condemnation of the man's principles or character.  He didn't say that he would want his kids playing for him, he was saying who would want to play in that sort of stifling, buttoned-up style of offense.

Comment 26 Mar 2011

Absolutely - the reason this loss hurts is because we cared so much.  The reason we cared was because this team was a joy to watch.  They lost the game - THEIR game, not ours.  THEIR loss, not ours.  Great season boys - disappointed for you because you played so well all year.  Proud of your accomplishments, and there were many.  Great post, Todd.

Comment 24 Mar 2011

Other than missing too many free throws, what do you not like about Lighty ?

Comment 15 Mar 2011

Just because I've felt slighted by him doesn't mean I want him gone.  And his role for ESPN is thankfully much larger and different from Mark the idiot May.  I really don't want to be the Herbie apologist - he's pissed me off plenty.  But we gotta have a thicker skin ourselves !  We aren't perfect and we deserve criticism sometimes.  Even if you think its wrong or unfair at least look to see why some reasonable people might disagree with you.  There's probably some truth to it even though you don't like it.

Comment 15 Mar 2011

I think Herbie still wants to see good things for Ohio State - I really do.  He may be wrong in not realizing the platform he is on makes voicing his opinions so much more potentially harmful but they are just his opinions.  I can disagree with someone and still not despise them for disagreeing with me.  I won't begin to justify all of his statements or poll votes (I can't ) but there are too many people all over this country that think everything is black and white.  "If you disagree then then hell with you," and then they never bother to think about WHY someone might disagree.  His attacks on Pryor have been over the top but I really think it's Pryor's personna that he dislikes, not the football player.  Herbie wants "Tressel-guys" to represent OSU and Pryor is hardly that.  We all cringe when he is interviewed in fear of the next crazy, nonsensical thing that will come out.  I think Herbie is embarrassed as a former player that Pryor is the current face of the program.  Pryor hardly comes off as a responsible, well-spoken, educated young man - even if he really is.  As to the comments about not sending his son to OSU, well, Tressel's offensive philosophy is not exactly known as the best place for OFFENSIVE players to really showcase their talents.  True ? It works very well to win games but if you were worried about making sure your son had the best chance to shine maybe you would want to see them go elsewhere - if you take the scarlet and gray glassess off.  A number of us might think that.  He just happened to say it in front of millions of viewers. 

Comment 08 Mar 2011

All I know is, regardless of the results of the press conference, I will be sitting in front of my TV on Saturday, September 3rd looking forward to watching the Bucks pummel Akron.  Life will go on... and change will always be a part of it.