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Comment 12 Dec 2013

One big man to go with the incoming group (Bell's a project) and our natl title drought will end - just dont see us as strong enough inside this year, but obv. I hope I'm wrong.

here's to Thad's good health and about 15 more years

Comment 28 Feb 2013

Admittedly, watching these guys can get frustrating, but if this is a down year, I'll take it — gotta remind myself of that. These games at the B10's only h.s. gym always go to the end. DT will get going here

Comment 28 Feb 2013

anyone who doesn't see the value of Lenzelle needs to gp back to Basketball 101 ... as far as the game, well, it just hurts to watch NWN. Buckeyes going thru the motions and still up 7 at the break.