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    Dorsey getting dropped by Cie Grant.
    OSU comeback against Tennessee in the NCAA tourney in 2006.
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Comment 02 Jul 2017

That's a crazy amount of weight for a guy his size, and damn impressive, but he might want to take the weight down a bit, his knees were all over the place each time he was coming up (after the first rep), injury waiting to happen. 

Comment 23 Jan 2017

Yea the chances of him successfully getting weed on a plane are pretty low.

Actually this is pretty easy to do, the TSA's not exactly the best at catching small amounts of narcotics smuggled in a carry-on. Either way it was a stupid decision by Robinson. Dude couldn't lay off of weed for a weekend? 

Comment 10 Jan 2017

Kevin Wilson essentially invented the power spread offense used by Meyer while he was at Northwestern. It's well noted that Meyer sent assistants to study Wilson's running schemes when he was at Bowling Green, while also studying Joe Tiller's passing schemes at Purdue. If a team wants to run a power spread, there is no one in CFB better at calling it than the guy that pretty much invented it, and that's Kevin Wilson. 

Comment 09 Jan 2017

McElhinney is still a pretty subpar goalie, even for an NHL back up (his career numbers are pretty bad). He certainly wasn't helped in the NYR game Saturday, but at least 2 of the goals he let in were softies. Throughout the guy's career he's been nothing more than replacement level. I'm sure he's a great guy and all, but bringing Forsberg up, to give him exposure to the NHL, while also giving Korpisalo more playing time in the AHL, is the best move. Dansk is also over in Sweden, and Merzlikins has been lighting up Switzerland, so the timing is right as well for waiving McElhinney and moving on to younger goalies. 

Comment 17 Dec 2016

You've never heard of pond hockey, have you? The problem with the lack of informal hockey games isn't due to equipment required (other than skates and a stick, both of which can be purchased cheaply at most 2nd-hand sports stores), is that geography/climate limit the reach of the game. It's easy enough to get kids to go out and play pick up games of hockey in Minnesota, Massachusetts, Michigan, North Dakota, New York, or even Ohio, but it's essentially impossible to do so anywhere in the South, outside of western NC/VA. Pick up hockey does exist, and is in fact amazing (I spent every winter playing pond hockey while I attended OSU), it's just that the sport is limited by its climactic requirements, making it a niche sport for those living outside of regions where it gets cold enough to reliably freeze bodies of water. 

Comment 05 Dec 2016

As a fellow Arsenal fan, Zelalem's development has pretty much stalled and it's pretty disappointing. As for young American stars, Christian Pulisic at Dortmund is the U.S.'s best bet going forward, but I don't really have any confidence with Bruce Arena leading the national program, guy is an anti-analytics caveman. 

Comment 05 Oct 2016

If you haven't read it, I highly recommend Gamorrah by Roberto Saviano. The show is based on the book, which I had to read for an organized crime class at OSU, great read. 

Comment 08 Aug 2015

The teams of the late aughts were never going to win a title, because while they possessed incredible attacking talent as you point out, the defense was wretched outside of Sagna/Clichy, and the team didn't have a functional goalkeeper after Lehman left, at least until Szczesny arrived. 

Comment 08 Aug 2015

Arsenal's teams, especially since the move to the Emirates, and the departure of Henry have not been as nearly as talented as they have in the past two years, it's not even close. Also, I don't know how one can say this: "Ramsey and Cazorla do not possess the mixture of playmaking defensive/offensive ability as Yaya" when both of them have flourished as box-to-box midfielders. Arsenal's system doesn't  require a hulking defensive midfielder, even though one would still be a welcome addition, and the triumvirate of Ozil/Ramsey/Cazorla is better than any other three midfielders in the EPL. 

As for Costa, for all of the talk of his hamstring, even up to two hours before today's match, he did in fact, seem fine. 

Comment 08 Aug 2015

This is the same lineup, minus Cech, on a team that has finished third or fourth in the table for 10 consecutive years...Those are two playmakers and clutch goal scorers United and Arsenal still lack.

Uhh, what? Ozil, Ramsey and Cazorla. There isn't a more talented trio in midfield in the EPL. Combined with Sanchez, Giroud and Walcott/Ox up top is as good as any attacking group in the EPL, and that's without the possible addition of Benzema. Arsenal literally got better this year, after winning the FA Cup two years in a row, Chelsea has lost their best goal scorer to a lingering hamstring issue, and Man City possesses literally no depth. Arsenal have been injury prone in the past, but no team in the EPL boasts the depth that they do. Giroud cannot be ridden like a horse like he has the past two years, which is why I said if Benzema is acquired, which seems ever more likely. 

Comment 08 Aug 2015

Arsenal and Chelsea are the clear favorites this year. Both teams are far deeper than any other in the EPL. Chelsea merely had to stand pat and make sure that no one suffered a freak injury during the offseason (other than Costa, their best goal scorer, eat shit Mourinho), and Arsenal, with the addition of Cech and the now probable arrival of Benzema look to be completely loaded.

I'm a big fan of Arsenal, but I'll try to be objective as possible, you aren't stopping a team that has a starting eleven of: Cech, Monreal, Mertesacker, Koscielny, Bellerin, Cazorla, Ramsey, Ozil, Sanchez, Benzema (possibly), and Oxlade-Chamberlain with Gibbs, Debuchy, Chambers, Coquelin, Giroud, Walcott, Wilshere, Welbeck and Arteta coming off the bench. I mean the subs alone would finish as a top 10 team in the league. That and Arsene Wenger isn't an assclown like Mourinho, or an overrated hack like van Gaal.

Comment 31 Jul 2015

Those fucksticks tried to nail me with a $200 ticket for having an unregistered vehicle a few months ago. Even though it was registered and the dumbass meter-maid even put on the ticket that I had an Ohio plate, when it was a North Carolina plate. I've never written a more scathing, trenchant email to anyone than what I wrote to CampusParc, after which they dropped my ticket after they comprehended their own stupidity. 

Comment 29 Jul 2015

Kilian Jornet, arguably the best ultrarunner in the world, thinks he can successfully ascend and descend Everest in under 72 hours. The feats that these guys/chicks are completing are insane, but Jornet is going to learn very quickly that the human body has limits above 8,000 meters, and if he really thinks he can make it up and down Everest in under 72 hours, he's going to die from HACE or HAPE. So while these records are cool and everything, they are not going to end well for the people that keep trying to do something more difficult and grand. 


Comment 17 Jul 2015

This. So much this. I don't care that there are a multitude of shows/movies that have quite graphic violence, but I find it hilarious that it's perfectly acceptable for shows like The Walking Dead to be aired on cable television, but heaven-forbid someone sees some tits or a penis. They're just body parts, and like I said above, showing a little skin never hurt anyone, and it's not like it has an adverse effect on me. 

"So if Ohio State came out to play Virginia Tech in helmet, shoulder pads and jock straps, it'd be appropriate because it's 2015 and we have the Internet?" 

Excellent straw man there. The teams have a set uniform, I'd imagine there was no set uniform/dress code for walking the red carpet at the Teen Choice Awards, or whatever it was. So even in the most simplest terms, your argument doesn't make any sense. Also, it's 2015, do people actually still use jock straps instead of compression shorts with a sleeve?