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Comment 01 Dec 2013

Im sorry but with number 5 and 34 on our side ...."hell theres no question who will when" 

honestly i feel extremely confident with Braxton and Hyde they literally said NO today and put the team on their back. This team will be so focused this week yall dont understand think about it last year there was no light at the end of the tunnel ....now they can see that light and its fucking shining right now MSU is just another team in the way 

Comment 30 Sep 2013

Right if anything it will make Roby better humbled him a bit.

Comment 30 Sep 2013

If you go to some sites they are still calling for Braxton good lord what does the kid gotta do save Syria.

Comment 16 Sep 2013

Wilson gets to top speed so fast its scary also what makes Wilson great also is that he doesn't dance around its one cut not losing speed....how many times did we see him make one cut then put his head down ...hes tough too. He also has the edge to him too...see how Cals players was in his face and he didn't back down not once ...as freshman that is pretty cool.

over/under 1000 yards total offense for Dontre this year ?