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Comment 15 Jan 2018

1st (that I can remeber): Get Up Kids at the Agora
Most Recent:  Sara Bareilles at Nautica 
Best: Elliott Smith at the Southgate House 

Honorable Mention: They Might Be Giants at the Newport

Comment 08 Jan 2018

I got a $50 one for xmas and I love it.  Use it for all my meats currently.  Rare to Medium Rare throughout with a nice sear from my cast iron pan.  I highly recommend this. 

Comment 11 Dec 2017

Maybe I missed it.  Who in this thread has said JT sucks as you are implying?  Would you say Darnold had good games against those two teams?  

Comment 18 Nov 2017

'Ganders think Jimmy's OK
He'll get them a trophy someday
But I hate to break it
You're not going to make it
4th place not so bad anyway

Went with a limerick.  Not sorry. ;)

Comment 04 Oct 2017

I think the main source of dissonance here is that the play isn't really a good indicator of deep passing ability in either direction.  Not hitting the receiver in stride isn't a knock in this situation, but having it as the only video evidence in an article attempting to highlight success/improvement of downfield passing doesn't make for a very convincing argument.