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Comment 08 Oct 2016

Honestly, I've been thinking JT has looked a little off all year. Today was an especially poor game, granted, but he hasn't looked like 2014 JT in any game so far. I think he is trying to incorporate some more advanced QB skills into his game in terms of reading defenses, etc., and for the time being it has caused a bit of a regression. Whenever things start clicking for him again, I think he will be better than ever. In the meantime hopefully our Silver Bullets and rushing attack can carry us.

Having said all that, the Wisconsin game will probably be closer than most people will like. I still think we eek it out though. 

Comment 23 Sep 2016

Ours somehow turned out the worst of the bunch, I hate all 3 of them. Probably gonna get some down votes for this, but I really liked the  1st Alabama and TTUN jerseys. All 3 Penn State concepts looked good too. 

Comment 18 Sep 2016

I have heard those same things being thrown around, but those guys are idiotic if they actually think that. I'm sure that's what certain team officials are saying, but that's not actually what the plan is. We are doing the smart thing for once and taking a multi-year approach, winning too early is a bad thing if you want to win championships, instead of simply being a wild card type team every year. You can't come out and say that though if you'r the Browns, so you try to plant seeds of optimism so people still buy tickets. If we have another couple offseasons like this last one, we will be a legit title contender in no time. 

Comment 18 Sep 2016

Was it a terrible call? Yes. Did it cost the Browns the game? It very well might have. The thing is though, the Browns want to lose every game so they get the #1 pick in the draft. They are not winning a championship this year, so its better to continue sucking until the rebuild is complete. We actually have a front office that knows wtf they are doing. As long as they can continue to control our owner's stupid impulses over the next few years we will be in great shape. In the meantime, the more losses the better, whether they be legitimate or not. 

Comment 29 Mar 2016

There are 2 logical explanations for this situation. 

1. Thad is evolving as a coach, changing the way he does things, and challenged the players to meet the new demands of the program during the off-season, and they left because they did not want to put in the work now required of them.

2. Something big is happening behind close doors, and its not a positive either. 

Its too early to tell at this point, but I'm hoping for the former. Not going to go into panic mode yet in any case. 

Comment 23 Mar 2016

Honestly, I think all of the fuss is one year too early. The Amir Williams/Shannon Scott class was a complete dud, which is why the program hasn't been as good as it was a few years ago. Players matter more in basketball than in football, you can miss on a few recruits in football and be elite, if you miss on a big class in basketball, than you are screwed for the next 4 years, like we have been. I like where the program is headed and do not believe Thad has lost his touch at all. If we have a bad year next year, than all of the #FireThad talk will hold more merit. For now though, I'm not the least bit worried about the state of the program.

Comment 15 Mar 2016

I have been a Thad supporter for a long time now, but this omission from Russel indicates a  lack of cultural identity around the basketball program, which is the sole responsibility of the head coach to create. The problem is you need to instill and empower leaders on your team that have been around the program for a while, but the NBA draft rules make that type of culture very difficult to create. Izzo is the master at this, but I don't see anyone that we could get that would be able to navigate this issue any better than Thad, honestly. Maybe a change in recruiting strategy is necessary, go after more of the 3 and 4 year guys, less of the 1 and done types. Then once you have a solid foundation built, you can go after 1 or 2 NBA players every recruiting cycle. Maybe that's happening as we speak with the all of the freshman/sophmores. 

Comment 12 Mar 2016

Wow, the salt and ignorance in this thread is unbelievable. For starters, MSU is going to win the title this year, they are by far the best team in the country right now. (Pro tip for the 11w tourney challenge). They have not just been destroying us these past few weeks, they have been destroying everyone they have played. They are a complete,veteran team with a NPOY finalist and legendary coach. 

Secondly, OSU is the fifth youngest basketball team in the entire country. The coaching and "fundamentals" you speak of have certainly been taught, and taught well, but young teams are not going to be fundamentally sound every game. There are going to be glaring holes some games, and there are going to be games where we look pretty good. I feel like some of you only watch a few games a year, then make judgements of the team based on one or two games. 

Thirdly, it is very common for young teams to play worse as a game they feel they cant win goes on, pretty much every young team does it, its a hallmark of young teams in fact, suggesting otherwise is simply ignorant. 

Fourth, our identity has always been defense, and we have gotten better as the season went on, since February 1 we are one of the top 4-5 Big Ten teams based on conference record, a far cry from the beginning of the season. This team has a lot to learn, and you teach it one thing at a time, you cant overload them with everything at once and expect it to work.

Fifth, OSU is not a blue blood in basketball, we are going to have some down years, and we are going to have some up years. No coach better than Thad Matta, a guy who has won 20 games a season every, single, year, is going to come to this school and magically turn us into Kentucky, and thinking that this will happen is simply ridiculous. Thad Matta is possibly the best coach the program has ever had, with Fred Taylor back in the 60s the only other contender for the crown. 

Lastly, if you honestly think this team will not at the very least make a strong sweet 16 bid next year, than you're not paying attention, or you are just simply ignorant of how the college basketball game works.

Comment 13 Jan 2016

Hiring Depodesta, hiring Jackson, moving on from Manziel, the Browns are having a great off-season so far. If they actually draft well I'm gonna start getting seriously excited about the future of this team for once!

Comment 05 Jan 2016

This is the first time in my entire life I have been this excited to be a Browns fan. Those of you mocking this move are extremely shortsighted. This move is either a stroke of pure genius, or a ticking time bomb waiting to explode all over the organisation's face. This is the exact type of move the Browns should be making, simply from a pure game-theory standpoint. They are the team with literally nothing to lose and everything to gain, therefore they should be making risky moves that have huge upside potential. Even if this does fail spectacularly, its still the right move, but I am optimistic that it will work, a phrase I never use when describing my feelings towards a Brown's offseason move. 

Analytics is the future of sports, and this guy is the original architect. Everyone is now using it in baseball thanks to this guy. The Warriors are eviscerating everyone in Basketball by utilising an analytic model, and even in football, The Patriots have been using some form of it for a while now. This guy had the Mets rolling before he left, their farm system is stocked and they went to the World Series this year, do you really think he would leave that situation if he didn't believe that it could be done in the NFL?

I really don't see what the issue with this move is, at  least they are finally trying to win for once in my life. 

Comment 01 Jan 2016

Ummmm...... You don't always have total control over whether you get into those championship games. It always depends on the timing of the loss that usually comes once a season or so, as well as the national perception of your team. National championship coaches are rare, I don't know how you can argue any differently. I was disappointed that we didn't get there this year like everyone else, but 50-4 with a championship in 4 years is an amazing accomplishment, who cares if it doesn't come with its own special trophy???