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Comment 20 Dec 2019
This was an excellent comment from the video that I wanted to add here by Ricky Geiger.
The most interesting part of this game is both rushing offenses and their performance against good teams and I think it's something that has slipped through the model a bit to to clemsons wide range of outcomes in the rushing game this year. JK Dobbins this year has a ypc of 6.3 against the 6 best teams (really 5 bc wisconsin twice) that he has played from a run defense perspective and he is basically the same against lesser teams, mainly bc they didnt run a lot of zone read against bad teams and they would let bad team key in on dobbins and didnt really care bc they were going to kill them regardless and wanted to keep fields clean. I dont think that there is significant reason to believe that Clemson's rush defense is a step up from teams like penn state and wisconsin personally. Maybe others would disagree, but Clemson's defensive profile from an athlete/talent standpoint is isaiah simmons and a bunch of Wisconsin-Penn state level players IMO. Skalski was a 3 star(600s nationally), smith was a lower end 4 star (230) at linebacker. Muse = 3 star (700s). Wallace = 3 star (outside of top 1000). Pickney = low end 4 star (327). Davis = 4 star freshman dt. While recruiting rankings arent everything, they arent nothing and it's not like Clemson's run defense has this higher ceiling than the teams on Ohio State's schedule already IMO. What I mean is that sometimes a really talented front 7 can allow the same ypc throughout a season as someone like michigan state or wisconsin, who has notably lesser athlete, but when wisconsin plays ohio state, they get to a threshold where they cannot hold up. I dont know what about Clemson's defense from a raw talent perspective scares ohio state. Like if ohio state was playing a healthy alabama and let's say they had the same ypc allowed as this Clemson team didn't I'd have more concerns because it's possible that Alabama's raw talent scales significantly better than other teams because of the talent and athleticism. I dont think there is really any concern that Clemson's run defense has this effect because they simply do not have elite athletes and talents all over the field on the defensive side of the ball, which is not how they have operated for years.  

For clemson though, I see some real concerns because they have clearly taken advantage of bad rush defenses to bump their average expectancy in a model like yours and it ms not really anything you can solve for besides just identifying it as a red flag. Against the best 5 run defenses that Clemson played from 32nd to 63rd in the country in YPA, (FSU, TAMU, USC, UNC, & NCST), etienne averaged just 5.3 ypc. Those opponents on average allow~4.08 ypc. Against the bad teams (saying those run defenses are "good" is being generous in the first place), etienne has averaged 10.2 ypc, which is over double opponents averages. I think that this would heavily effect the model positively for Clemson as a run offense than it probably should and I think there are 100 reasons to believe that Ohio State is the best run defense that Clemson has faced athletically and schematically really and even if Clemson were equally as dominant against all teams, I'd have general concerns that their run game could not scale against a clearly better opponent. We have pretty clear evidence that it doesnt scale even once you just take them vs. Top 50 percentile rush defenses on a ypa basis.

Comment 15 Oct 2019

Buck68 has always been like that, I used to play an online strategy game that I'm pretty sure he played as well, under a different alias. You always have to think about his posts for  a minute, but they all make sense in the end. If you spend the time to decipher his meaning, its usually worth it as well, very thoughtful poster. 

Comment 19 Oct 2018

If you are a terrible team embarking on a multi-year rebuild, then the best choice is to take Nick Bosa. 

1. He is the better player, just look at what his brother his doing in San Diego.

2. You will still suck next year and get to draft a QB (probably Tua) then

You want your team to be ready to help your rookie QB not get destroyed, drafting the QB first is a dumb move in situations like this one. 

Comment 16 Oct 2018

Ever since its inception the downvote has been misused. I don't think the downvote will ever be used appropriately either lol. Its unfortunate as it makes discussions with differing viewpoints more difficult to have. 

Comment 30 Sep 2018

The Browns definitely had some bad calls not go their way this game. The defensive back 7 needs to start tackling better so future games are not that close. 

Comment 16 Sep 2018

Great win! If your a coach, that's the exact type of game you wanted when you scheduled TCU. A tough game that we pull through, with tons of coachable material to choose from. A blessing we played TCU 2 weeks before Penn St. Lets come out focused vs Tulane and try to improve even more next week!

Comment 14 Sep 2018

A lot of people point to the McMurphy story as proof that ESPN hates OSU, but what if the truth is the exact opposite? McMurphy gets fired from ESPN, then concots a "revenge" story centered around Urban Meyer/OSU. He gets all of the SJW around the nation riled up, which forces ESPN to hop aboard the national narrative. As the truth slowly surfaces, it seems more and more like Urban Meyer did not cover up domestic violence, but the narrative is so far off the rails by that point there is no going back. Now ESPN is forced to further alienate one of the top brands in the country to save face while McMurphy laughs his ass off at his new gig. 

Comment 12 Sep 2018

These guys say the same thing I have believed to be true for a while now, namely that spread-to-run systems that rely on getting (and winning) 1v1 matchups in space to win on offense do not work against teams of equal or greater talent. The system is fantastic vs teams you outclass, however, which is probably why it's still popular. I just hope moving forward that the head coach of tOSU football, from Urban Meyer and beyond, will use offensive systems that actually work on a schematic level against teams of equal or greater talent. Tressel was guilty of this as well, and I feel this fact has cost OSU a few national championships over the course of this young century. Let's hope the Haskins era is the start of a new strategic paradigm for our buckeyes. 

Comment 07 Sep 2018

I like anime. I think the fact that it all starts out in japanese limits the audience though, since the english versions are usually much worse. I'm guessing less than 1% of the commentariat on this site are interested in anime, which is why no discussions are sparked. If you want to spark a discussion, you would probably have to educate people/get them interested in it first. 

Comment 05 Sep 2018

Michigan has the most wins of any college football program in existence. They were beyond dominate in the youngest days of the sport and even as recently as the 90s dominated the best rivalry in sports. This most recent period, from the early 00s to the present day, is possibly the darkest stretch their program has ever endured, while our Buckeyes are in the midst of a golden age. As our rival's recent fate and this past month of August as shown us, this golden age won't last forever. Even giants fall. Make sure to see things as they are and enjoy the good times while they last. Go Bucks. 

Comment 08 Feb 2018

Not only AI, but don't sleep on VR when it comes to education either. Why attend online lectures governed by AI, when you could build a more hands on, experiential curriculum in digital space?

Comment 29 Jan 2018

Many people think the people who do the best on tests like these study flash cards/take good notes/work on weakness/etc/. 

Studies show that people who actually do the best are the ones who practice taking the tests the most. Same thing for regular classes as well.

Studying should therefore look like: Take a practice test, grade yourself, figure out the right answer to all the questions you missed and a strategy for getting them right the next time, Repeat the cycle as many times as you can. 

Comment 29 Jan 2018

1. IQ is overrated

2. Its much smarter to overpay your surgeons than underpay them.

Comment 29 Jan 2018

From my understanding, the numbers are calculated as if relative income = IQ. Therefore, the level of distortion that appears in the rankings is supposed to correlate to how overpaid/underpaid a particular class of jobs are. 

In other words, Surgeons obviously do not have an average IQ that high, how far off the mark that number is to reality is supposed to signify how overpaid they are on the whole.

Comment 29 Jan 2018

Im not a big wrestling buff, so maybe I am missing something, but why are the Yargvin titles not included in that list? Is it not "the toughest international wrestling tournament"? When talking about notches in your belt as a wrestler, does that not at least put it on par with the World Championships and Olympics? Wouldn't that mean that Snyder has 5 world level titles as well as B&B, being the only one to win the toughest tournament of all twice?