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Comment 14 Apr 2019

True, there are asshats on here that think Fields should be handed the heisman after one meaningless spring practice.

Comment 31 Dec 2018

Don’t forget that Davis is the best friend of the HC so you can’t just put him a corner and work around him.  I think as a group we are coming to a collective understanding that Davis was someone that was stuck as an important people in the defense coaching system and does not know how to teach.  That made many others who played behind them look bad by trying to over compensate.  Perhaps Schiano was dealt a hand that was impossible to play successfully.  

Comment 24 Dec 2018

Is it possible to think for just a moment that it is possible that TTUN would be much worse off if their savior did not appear.  I seem to recall we were discussing a realistic 3 win season for them earlier this year.  My point is perhaps creepy Jim is not as bad as we make him out to be and that may be enough to keep him there for many years to come.

As an ace recruiter don’t forget he kicked a 4 star DE allegedly to make room for Harrison a month ago only to get trolled by his commitment to the good guys last week.