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Comment 20 Jun 2015

Everybody knows Jim Harbaugh is a fantastic coach. That's why people are taking shots at him while they still can. It's hilarious.  Also, "Greg Roman has always been the brains behind the operation" Hahahahahah!! This is called looking Reality straight in the eye and denying it.  Too funny.

Comment 22 Nov 2014

This is the same defense of the past 3 years; gives up the big play, misses tackles and is generally badly coached. We have loads of talent but playing in an inferior conference has allowed this team to have the success it has had the past 3 years.  If we make the playoffs we will once again be exposed like we were against Clemson.

I'm not happy about it but I think we need to look at things realistically.  Alabama and FSU have too good of athletes and are too well coached to conceal our defensive short-comings against.

Comment 17 May 2014

And yet the Bucks are no where to be found.  Wisconsin is playing LSU, Sparty-Oregon.  Where we at?  Michigan played Alabama two seasons ago.  We on the other hand play peanuts.  We need to sac up. I want the SEC and nothing less.  Let's go down to Knoxvile, let's invite the Bulldogs up here.  I want Alabama!  

Comment 05 May 2014

No. I'm not done complaining. Neither Rutgers or Maryland are from the Midwest, they both suck and we have to play both of them every year. That sucks and so does Jim Delaney.

Comment 05 May 2014

I agree with Bucksfan92.  This conference is becoming unrecognizable.  Why are we playing Rutgers and Maryland every year instead of Wisconsin or Iowa?  A championship game in DC?  What about Chicago or Detroit or Cleveland? So what if there are a lot of B1G fans all over the country.  I bet you there's more in the Midwest. All the arguments people use for B1G expansion could just as well be used for Buckeye sucession.  This money grab is destroying our traditions and cultures and The Big Ten still sucks.  Where's my tricorne at?     

Comment 07 Feb 2014

The B1G needs to change its recruiting rules and allow over-signing.  It sucks but clearly it can't compete without playing by the same rules as everybody else.  Or the NCAA needs to streamline the recruiting rules for all conferences


Comment 16 Mar 2013

2013 = one of Thads best coaching jobs ever.  No question B1G coach of the year.  Watch out for these Bucks in the tourny.  Mattas got them primed!!!!!!!!!!!!


Comment 26 Feb 2013

"No S**t Sherlock" - Every black dude in America.


Comment 07 Jan 2013

Yeah what is the point of this post?  Are you blaming the rape of women and the cover up after wards on small town America?  This isnt a small town problem.  This is a world problem (Read the latest from India).  And to try to marginalize the group that posted the video that finally drew attention to this crime by calling them the "flavor of the month" is pathetic.

Comment 26 Aug 2012

I still don't understand why it's accepted to hate on Pryor and still the standard to apologize for Jim Tressel. All the kid did was play his heart out for us.

Comment 30 Jul 2012

Thanks for the update Jason.  That is more clear.  I am not trying to make exuses.  My main problem is the negative reaction that comes with a young adult getting in trouble with the law and concern, not for the young man, but for the affect it will have on our football program and the image of our head coach.  Marijauna is a harmless substance especially when compared to legal substances such as alcohol and tobacco.  We should place more importance on what Bri'ontes transgressions were than we do over the simple fact that they occured.