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Comment 04 Jan 2018

Probably like most here..I only paid attention during the WSU bowl game. Announcers claimed he was one of the 'up and coming' DC's. I'm not sure how one knows that. They did say he's had to adjust the D quite a bit as their D is undersized. Uses some unconventional scheme at times. Probably doesn't have to do that at OSU but it won't hurt to have that in the tool box.

Comment 04 Sep 2017

What was nice to see was guys were open quite a bit. There are a number situations where JT had multipe guys open. During the game many were complaining about WR not getting open but I seen several open wr's. JT just has to have the confidence to go to them Heck Indy rarely had guys wide open but they throw it anyway

Comment 03 Apr 2017

I know this is about M's D but hard not to be frustrated with our recievers and route trees. Sometimes have nobody short...everyone is going deep. And when routes are finished guys just stand there.If QB starts to scramble you need to help him..either block if he's past the LOS or find an opening

Comment 20 Jan 2017

Maybe not totally related..but I'd like to see them change the scheduling so the bye week team

travels for the next game. It's ridiculous for us to get home from Wisky (after they had a bye week) and then

travel the next week to a team that also had a bye. Listening to one of the sports betting talk shows

they give a sizeable disadvantage to the teams that have to do that.

Comment 11 Aug 2016

We'll see how it translates on the field..but hard not to notice how much stronger Paris looks  now.

The guy is much bigger in the upper body area. I think he was known as a speed guy early on. I

think he showed a hint of that in the spring game as he brushed off a tackle that I think brings him down

last year. The coaches obviously see something in him and they know a lot more than we do..so we'll see.

Comment 01 Aug 2016

Honestly I think this was part of CJ's problems last year...he was always looking for the long ball..big play.

Other teams knew this and would play deep. You could see CJ waiting for the deep ball to get open meanwhile

the underneath guys were uncovered.