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Comment 24 Mar 2020

Appreciate the breakdown. In watching his film after he announced OSU as his choice the first thing I noticed was his balance and vision. Not the jump cut of JK but 'slippery'. Pretty good hips. Very patient..some Okie fans labeled him as tentative but I think he just waits for a hole. Some runs don't look as physical as a back his size but he does finish well when puts his mind to it. Great addition if he's healthy.

Comment 02 Mar 2020

Good stuff as always. I think we all wanted to see it simplified a bit. But easier to do when  you have an elite passrusher and NFL corners. Can we still play that with we what we have? As mentioned the weaknesses became a bit more apparent late..especially when teams had plenty of time to plan

Comment 26 Oct 2018

I don't buy the argument that Urban coming back caused our issues. First of all our D is our main concern and he delegates that out. The run game is our main probable on offense and that was an issue from day one...it didn't start when he came back. I do think Haskins has looked a bit different but I think teams have started to figure out how to play him.

Comment 26 Feb 2018

I'm probably in the minority but his reliance on so much man/man makes me nervous. I've seen us play that with little time remaining in the half and receivers are very close to making the play. We seen PSU do that for the past couple of years with tall wr's who make plays. It just puts a tremendous amount of stress on the D. What's saved us is the pressure from the front. There is a reason nobody us runs it as much as we do.

Comment 22 Jan 2018

No it's not Schiano's...one can do a search and find the variables that go into the decision as to whether a DB turns. I wish they would put a sticky note somewhere so we don't get this response so often. Actually Speilman had a pretty explanation of it and said almost everyone uses that technique..even in the NFL. It's frustrating to have people blame the players

Comment 04 Jan 2018

Probably like most here..I only paid attention during the WSU bowl game. Announcers claimed he was one of the 'up and coming' DC's. I'm not sure how one knows that. They did say he's had to adjust the D quite a bit as their D is undersized. Uses some unconventional scheme at times. Probably doesn't have to do that at OSU but it won't hurt to have that in the tool box.

Comment 04 Sep 2017

What was nice to see was guys were open quite a bit. There are a number situations where JT had multipe guys open. During the game many were complaining about WR not getting open but I seen several open wr's. JT just has to have the confidence to go to them Heck Indy rarely had guys wide open but they throw it anyway

Comment 03 Apr 2017

I know this is about M's D but hard not to be frustrated with our recievers and route trees. Sometimes have nobody short...everyone is going deep. And when routes are finished guys just stand there.If QB starts to scramble you need to help him..either block if he's past the LOS or find an opening

Comment 20 Jan 2017

Maybe not totally related..but I'd like to see them change the scheduling so the bye week team

travels for the next game. It's ridiculous for us to get home from Wisky (after they had a bye week) and then

travel the next week to a team that also had a bye. Listening to one of the sports betting talk shows

they give a sizeable disadvantage to the teams that have to do that.