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Comment 16 May 2020
My daughter graduated Udub in 2019. She was accepted to UCLA, Wisconsin, Ohio State, Virginia, among many others. OSU was her second choice. But, They were literally tied in the rankings in 2016. I'd say if you're academic goals are more business oriented, OSU is the better option. That being said, both great schools. Campus and general experience goes to Udub. Football opportunities? No brainer.
Comment 17 Oct 2018

My twin nephews (technically 2nd cousins) went to Brentwood. Graduated last year so I drove down for a game. I had no idea they played against Herbie's son's team.

Comment 08 Jun 2018

"Penn State was widely considered the favorite to land Kelly’s commitment, but things took a dramatic turn in the last few days leading up to his announcement. The Hokies essentially came out of nowhere to secure his pledge on Thursday, as they weren’t even listed among his top schools two months ago."

If there were ever two sentences that screamed for investigatory follow-up ...