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Comment 17 Oct 2018

My twin nephews (technically 2nd cousins) went to Brentwood. Graduated last year so I drove down for a game. I had no idea they played against Herbie's son's team.

Comment 08 Jun 2018

"Penn State was widely considered the favorite to land Kelly’s commitment, but things took a dramatic turn in the last few days leading up to his announcement. The Hokies essentially came out of nowhere to secure his pledge on Thursday, as they weren’t even listed among his top schools two months ago."

If there were ever two sentences that screamed for investigatory follow-up ... 

Comment 18 Mar 2018
Considering it's not even officially Spring, what exactly has been tough? The basketball team had a magical year that drove all of us to be fans again. The wrestling team is the #2 team on the country. The Lady Bucks are still alive. And I'm positive I'm forgetting other success stories. Just some friendly advice, enjoy the ride. The absolute most we can ask of our teams is to give us a reason to care. No further comment necessary.