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Comment 02 Feb 2020

I don’t know much of anything about Bruce, but I don’t think he marched up to TSUN and immediately poached two of their best coaches and recruiters. That tells me everything I need to know about Ryan Day

Comment 25 Jan 2020

I don't get all the hate toward Cincinnati.  I've lived in various places in the Western hemisphere, and this city is pretty great.

Comment 12 Jan 2020

While it may not be for shits and giggles, it puts some pressure on LSU, who is also in on Gibbs. And it could put some pressure on Gibbs to consider what he could be missing

Comment 29 Dec 2019

^^This guy gets it.  ESPN needs the SEC and ACC to remain at the top, in order to hold off Fox, which is aligned with the B1G.  In the short term, it would be good for ESPN to have OSU in the championship game.  But, in the long run, it's better if their conferences are viewed more highly.

Comment 29 Dec 2019

It was not worthy of a penalty.  There are far worse hits throughout a game.  Time and again, I saw WRs and RBs (on both teams) get hit with helmets to the head, far worse than Pantene Pro-V, who dropped his head at the oncoming blitzer and *created the helmet-to-helmet collision.

Comment 29 Dec 2019

Why in the hell do certain OSU fans decide that they need to be 'bigger' than saying "Yeah, the refs screwed us" ?!

In each and every game, there are game-changing calls.  Most of the time, they (largely) balance out.  In this game, they neither balanced out, nor was it a normal game (a playoff, with a supposedly-good officiating crew).  It's not like we're the only ones saying that the replays screwed us (what TTUN fans say every year) - people that are non-OSU fans are saying this, as well.  Could we have won if we played a perfect game (i.e., each red zone becomes a TD and no penalties)?  Of course.  But could we have won if the refs just stuck with "indisputable video evidence"?  Yep.  If they just stuck with that criteria just one time...

Comment 18 Dec 2019

Could you explain?  What's going on with Francois?  And why would that affect Phillips?  Thanks

Comment 12 Dec 2019

I dunno why the previous thread was closed. “Bad vibes” (?!)  Srsly?  You can’t talk ESPiN without bad vibes. All the OSU podcasts I listen to (and that’s a lot) are acknowledging SEC bias and connecting it with ESPiN. And we can’t discuss?! I get that we can get into a bad pattern of seeing ESPiN-SEC-bias where it doesn’t exist. But, c’mon! With the awards (Delpit?!), Fowler’s comments, the committee’s inexplicable boner over UGA, etc, we should be emitting bad vibes. This is a response to Fox/Urban’s ascension.

Comment 12 Dec 2019

I think this is all about attacking Fox, especially Big Noon Kickoff, and Urban Meyer.  ESPiN is salty that they're on the move.