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Comment 03 Oct 2018

How is it "BS" to express appreciation for alumni?!  Are you insane?!  The alumni are the reason he is earning that bloated paycheck that he doesn't deserve!  He sure as hell had better be thankful for them.

He had a chance to express his gratitude for the alumni and the fanbase as a whole, and he decided to be an idiot instead.

Comment 30 Sep 2018

Don't think we can blame Urban for the offensive play calling. That's on Day and Wilson

Comment 30 Sep 2018

We need to give some praise to our punter. Nine punts averaging 48 yards! He had a long of 58!

They had more total yards, but Chrisman made sure they had a lot of ground to cover.

Comment 19 Sep 2018

Thanks, Jason

I'm fine with everything you said. It does not dispute my point, so I must not be making it very clearly.

Did your writers retract and apologize? Yes. But in those early days relational damage between 11W staff and readers had already been done - significant damage, I would add, since it's not everyday your head coach gets falsely raked over the coals to the delight of ESPiN and the American public. Not only did we (fans) endure days of attack from the outside, but also from 11W articles that repeatedly joined the "Urban lied" parade. You guys had the decency to apologize unequivocally, and we are surely grateful.

But trust needs to be rebuilt, whether with the site or with the Dubcast. That's a significant reason there's been uproar with your publishing the Gainesville pics.

Comment 18 Sep 2018

I appreciate the explanation, Jason, and I think you did the right thing. The reason that many of us interpreted this as an attack on Meyer is because of the way you guys DID attack Meyer at the start of this whole fiasco. Your articles straight-up called him a liar before any information came out - no benefit of the doubt or patience. The Dubcast called him a liar repeatedly. 11W joined the media frenzy. Thus, the reality is that there's been a breach of trust between 11W and many of its readers.

Comment 17 Sep 2018

His image and reputation can either help or hurt recruiting. He wants high character kids. But you can bet that neither they nor their parents will want to play for Urban if they have character concerns with him. This is largely about recruiting, imo.

Comment 13 Sep 2018

Agreed - definitely early to call this a success.  I'm still expecting a train-wreck - not because he's a bad person or a bad coach.  I just cannot fathom how this experiment is going to work.  If I'm proven wrong at the end of the season, so be it.

Comment 13 Sep 2018

In fairness, the poll asks if we're "open" to him being the coach-in-waiting.  Key word.  Very different than "should be appointed"

Comment 24 Aug 2018

why do you believe this?

Johnny - I'm pretty sure this was the explanation that Kyle Lamb gave on his podcast.

either one of them could've initiated the convo about that

As RedhawkCIA points out (Thank you!), the language is ambiguous.  I'm wrong to have assumed that Voltolini instigated the erasure of text messages.  But Ramzy is also wrong to make Meyer out to be the instigator, as if he was going all around the practice field asking anyone who'd listen how he could erase his phone.  Common sense would suggest that the younger of the two (Voltolini, I assume?), who initiated the conversation about the "bad news," would have been prepared to suggest the deletion of old text messages.  I have a hard time imagining that Urban would even be aware of such settings.

Thanks for your follow up, gents