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Comment 24 Oct 2018

This is my opinion and mean no ill will, just my opinion. 

Since that meeting after UM took the fall for, well fill in the blank. He sat in that meeting and looked like a beaten down man who took the blame because he was told to. Since then, it just might be me, but I just don't see the fire in his eye. He sleepwalks through interviews, refuses to make coaching or personnel changes even though we are just going through the motions week after week. Don't know if anyone else heard this, but Dan Patrick insisted he talked to a high level coach, whom he refused to name, that many prospective players expected to enter the draft are dogging it just to get through the season. According to this source moral is very low and players have very little confidence in the staff to give them game plans that give them a chance to win.

August buulshit set all this up.

i love Um, but he looks lost, uninterested and to be honest just can't wait for season to end so he can move on.

As more than a few have stated, he's a genius at getting things rolling, sustaining success is not a proven with him. Think about head coaches who can sustain high level success long term, Saben, Belicheck, Hayes,  um not many.? The vast majority who are successful coaches can't sustain over 5-7 years. I get it, it's so demanding, mentally, physically and most of all dealing with constant pressure to win. In football, the list of long term elite coaches is very short, especially in the modern era 

After how the Smith thing played out, it's my opinion he's done, just my opinion.

i love my Buckeyes probably more than most, I to have a block O tattoo on my arm.

Not looking to make anyone mad, force my opinion on anyone or try to change the way anyone thinks, simply how I feel now, which isn't very good. 

Comment 10 Oct 2018

My 2 cents

Our oline is defiinatly behind 2014, they look confused and mostly out of position, sometimes even slow out of their stance. DW has been a pistol and if not for all the drops I'm convinced he would be ahead of Tua by most measures. Yes Tua has been playing inferior competition and DW has not played in several second halves. Receivers are playing at an elit level, but Third and short has been predictable. Tight end elite blocking and hands will help this, drops and missed blocks are hurting us. I like the short bubble flat calls and mid level under coverage calls. Still have not seen much play action weak side.


dline has also looked lost, Chase is often out of position and not keying his lane. I expected much more after NB went down. I also suspect LB play has been some of the worst we have seen in many years because of dline not maintaining lanes. After that an inexperienced secondary is left to clean up the mess. Interference penalties are killing us when they don't look back for the ball. I suspect our loss on the coaching end has something to do with this.

I love my bucks, but for some reason don't feel things coming together as an overall improvement week after week.

Comment 07 Oct 2018

In short we will not win against upper tier teams unless we get this second level defense fixed. I suspect our LB support is not helping. Interference penalties is not the answer, I also see somehow our dline is not maintaining their lanes, which probably contributes. Even Chase was way out of his lanes of responsibility. When you have great LB play you can cover a multitude of sins. We have to clean up missed assignments, being out of position and bad angles of attack.

come on guys you can overcome this!

Comment 07 Oct 2018

Overall a grade b-. O line to be elite needs to start that way. Not much to complain about other than penalties. Haskins is elite and suspect he won't be here next year, he blows my mind with his touch. 

Defense, no pressure, not minding running lanes, defensive backs continue to fail. Bad angles, not looking back to ball resulting in costly interference penalties, as a former d1 player, you will lose battle every time if you don't know where the ball is. Am I missing something? Seems dbacks are playing blind? We had so much elite talent last four years in secondary and really cannot come up with a reason for the fall off in production? I suspect it might have to do with LB play.

Overall pleased, but if we want to play with the big boys, we need a lot of improvement!

Go bucks

Comment 16 Sep 2018

I have thought about this ALOT, since the two cowards in charge of the athletic department failed to find their sack during the aftermath of the Smith fiasco.

I found this repulsive and it's my humble opinion, Urbs walks after this season!

He, again in my opinion, has enough money and hardware to say FO at the end of the season. I know I would after how he got hung by our supposed leaders of this great institution. Way to go in showing our students and alumni , not to mention the athletes and coaching staff, how things will go if things get tough in the trenches. Sarcasm media. Yes you Mcfugly!

How do we tell future staff, if your right and do the right thing we have your back with a straight face?

That being said, I love The Urb and his commitment to tOSU!

Dont mean anything bad directed to anyone except the two great leaders mentioned above.

Great game guys!

I just hope we haven't damaged our brand beyond short term repair as far as coaching goes.

We have several Head Coaches in waiting on staff already and just hope and pray we can manage to keep more than a few next season.

Coach Day, you did an awesome job, THANKYOU from Buckeye Nation!

Comment 29 Jul 2018

Huge Buckeye homer, but the exaggerations of size and weight makes almost any reports unreliable. I met Johnny Dixon at a local feeding hole in Lake Park. Love the guy, but 5"11 no way. Just saying reports of weight and height are usually not that accurate. I'm 6"2 but somehow I was listed as 6"4 in HS.  I think Dwayne will open up things downfield, memories of 2014! So looking forward to a wide open unpredictable O!