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Comment 20 Aug 2013

One of the problems with recruiting big men to OSU now... yes, Matta has produced a lot of college stars... buy they're not panning out as pros.  Oden would have been a top 10 center had he stayed healthy, but Sully isn't an impact player in the NBA, nor is Mullens, Koufos et al.  They haven't shown the ability to develop really high level pros -- now that the sample size is larger this might be impacting the recruiting a bit.

Comment 19 Aug 2013

Are you kidding? Just how much in denial are you? Trey is a Columbus kid who should have been at OSU. It was a huge blunder. He'll be starting in the NBA before Scott starts a college game... And before sullinger starts an NBA game. We screwed up on this one. It happens. Matta is still an amazing coach but let's not live in a fantasy land. When we were shooting 16% against Wichita state it would have been nice to have him. 

Comment 19 Aug 2013

The comments keep saying that "everyone missed on Burke."  not true.  Michigan didn't. Can't believe how biased our own fan base is when it comes to missing Burke.  Craft is great but he isn't half the player Burke was.  We have Burke the last two national titles belong to us.  We all have to man up and admit that.

Comment 16 Aug 2013

Not surprising.  Thomas was a great college player, but there is no role for him in the NBA really without a lot of improvement.  The pace of the game will be problematic, he can't do anything off the dribble, and will have to develop three point range.  Matta has done a great job of stockpiling solid players at OSU, but Conley aside (who plays a premium position and is an elite athlete) he doesn't recruit NBA players.