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Comment 06 Aug 2013

Coach Tressel will always be one of those incindiary figures to those outside of our program. I have a similar story to this though of far less importance. I'm not the guy who emails sports figures to get their attention or just hopes for a response. During the height of Tatgate, 2 days before Tress eventually stepped down I sent him an email. I let him know that despite all of his struggles I always thought of him as a person I'd want my son to play for. A man of integrity who has made a mistake. I let him know that I'd definitely keep him in my prayers and that no matter what he'd always be part of the Buckeye family to me.

The DAY before he stepped down he responded back to me.


I'd like to take the time to thank you for your kind words of encouragement. I appreciate you taking the time to send them.*additional religious content removed in fear of the banhammer*

Yours truly,


The day before the man got forced out he took the time to respond to some random fan. Sad to see a few emails taint that.


P.s. Riley Cooper is a dbag, using that term may not implicitly make you a racist but it DEFINITELY makes you a dbag.

Comment 07 Nov 2011

A chorus of boos is well earned, agreed. I just can't see a situation where JoePa comes out of this at the end of the season with a job. Even if they keep him on and "support him" through this scandal( and if ANYTHING in sports truly deserved this massively overused word it's this.) His supporters can't be seen as all that supportive anymore. I'm not going to paint his whole life with this broad brush. As OSU fans we should be extremely sensitive to that at this point, but I do see him in a different light now. I sure wish I didn't have to.

Comment 07 Nov 2011

As a dad it angers me too. As does the thought that somewhere today an 18 or 19 year old is having a horrific time tyring to deal with with all the crap that I am sure he has been struggling with for the past 9 years being paraded all over the news again. One would think that he hadn't told his parents so odds are he hasn't been able to seek help in dealing with this. I tell you this if some Jackass fan next to me started that chant and I were there this weekend as a Dad I'd be doing all I could to get them removed from the game. There are no jokes here. Nothing is funny. Everything is tragic. It's not a "Hey let's see what kind of comparisons we can make between schools infractions"  issue(looking at you Mr Ryan) It's not a college football issue. It is as serious as life gets. As fans we need to rise above this and not even reference it in a game type situation.

Comment 07 Nov 2011

The one thing I hope in all of this scandal is that the respective fanbases of the teams that Penn State has left on the till leave this out of their smack talk and signage for games. As a dad, hell as a human being this just makes me ill. If the kid that got raped in the shower were my son I'd be going all law abiding citizen on the House of Nittany at this point if people weren't brought to justice over this.

Comment 12 Jul 2011

This just in from ESPN. Ohio State offers Illegal benefits to John Legend in Corrupt recruiting scheme. Possible attempt to sell his soul to the devil in the exchange unknown at this point but highly suspected.

Comment 08 Jun 2011

Correct as each scholarship you lose is for the full 4 years. you don't get to replace the ones lost the next year.

Comment 08 Jun 2011

This is what Made Tressel Retire. Not the SI article. Not RaffleGate or TatGate or anything else. It's Terelle Pryor. I'm not going to dump hate on him. He was just a stupid kid. We've all made dumb mistakes. His just happened to torch the football program of one of the biggest sports names in College football.

I was wondering where the transgressions were going to fall with regards to the NCAA. Now I know. Tressel is going to get Show Cause. the University is going to get failure to monitor and Lack of Institutional control, and we're going to lose 10+ Scholarships for 4 years with a 2 year bowl ban. I would think Mr Miller may be taking his services elsewhere as he is too good to be surrounded by only 45 Scholarship athletes his senior season. (i may be off on numbers there as Math is hard before coffee.) I've had hope right up until this point. Now My only hope is we're not the getting the Death Penalty, so that maybe by the time I have Grandkids we can be relevant again.

Comment 25 Mar 2011

so to sum up, it's not a personal attack but you're either calling her childish or naive...

Also Santa is real and you are a dirty dirty liar. Who else gets all the presents around the world in one night? Parents?

Comment 25 Mar 2011

All valid points BT, and I am REALLY really trying not to go overly cynical on all this, but WHY in Gods name of all people to contact, would he send information to this guy? If he was confused with what to do with it then why not just say, You know what, I bet compliance has some ideas on how to handle this. it all boils down to I am wrong on one of two things for certain here, Because what Tressel did was either monumentally stupid, or Dirty. Either one of those two tarnishes the image I have of him. That. Sucks. 

To the latter point, Yes, They achieved all those things. The feelings from those Moments endure. But the ties to those moments from here on out, will be tainted by the words cheated, ineligible and revoked. Ask the Fab Five how many celebrations they get to have of their on court success with the Huns? Will Sanzenbacher, et al, ever be called back to celebrate a great season? Will there be reunions of this class 20-30 years down the road on the field, like there should be? More than likely not. This senior class is one of the winningest(if not the winningest) teams of all time in Buckeye land and desereved to be memorialized for it. Now they will go down as being part of a scandal they had nothing to do with. That.  Sucks. Too.

Comment 25 Mar 2011

Every little bit that gets leaked is eroding my confidence in Tressel. I can't help but hear death bell tolls every time something new comes out. I feel really horribly for the seniors like Sanzenbacher and Boren who did nothing wrong but now will likely have games ripped away from them and championships lost.

The irrational fan in me gets upset and says " All this is from kids selling their own things. Why is that even an offense?" But then I sit back and realize it doesn't matter why, it just mattered that it happened. Now every potentially shady little thing that happens at OSU we have to take it. Like the incoming recruit and his questionable actions with regards to ROTC candidates. Either we take the OJ Simpson route and say "Hey he was never convicted." or we realize that Pam is right. We all drank the Kool Aid, and Tressel is just another, albeit very well disguised, Nick Saban.