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Comment 07 Oct 2019
Maybe, just maybe, McCall does not have what it takes. That's could always be the case that so many choose to overlook
Comment 11 Sep 2019
I'm a husky guy and I'm know I'm cramped up. It's something you must except. I hate when larger individuals bitch about enough room...not everyone else's fault. If my fat but can accept it, then all large people can
Comment 02 Sep 2019
The DJ really only played for warm ups and pregame. That was about it. Alot of the music that people hear, bot from the band, came from.upstairs. like it has for some times. I'd say during the game the DJ was actually a very small part. There is no reason to not have an issue with it. The DJ pumped music from many different genres. Personally, I get it. We have TBDBITL but maybe, just maybe this new generation doesn't get as hyped by the band as the past and they want what they consider fresh music.
Comment 01 Sep 2019
DJ and played worked off each other well. Those opposed are just stuck in the past. DJ did not take away from the band. Wifi was not bad. When the building is full its was alittle off, but definitely and upgrade
Comment 02 Aug 2019
I dont think JB out classes him, I think JB was smart and didnt put anything on video and tried to act like the good guy, or it was edited in favor of JB. JB was talking mad shit too
Comment 15 Mar 2019
1) Urban covered up Hernandez's crimes while at UF 2)McCall is OVERRATED 3) I believe that Herman was pushed to Houston because of his behaviors. Smith caught a break, not because of Earl Bruce, but because he threatened to expose Meyer's Florida mishandlings 4)Kerry Combs was a good recruiter, okay coach. Talent bailed him out. 5)Jim Tressel cared more about the Rivalry. Meyer was more verbal about it. 6) Day does not have resume to be a head coach at this time for a program larger than mid-B1G level 7) Day hire will bite OSU in the ass 8)bigger isnt better,see Ohio Stadium 9) the next coach to win a NC at OSU will not be Day. 10) Berry should have not been a wing/TE or starter 11)Zeke's an asshole and should have been suspended multiple games from stories I've heard from a former lady friend