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  • SPORTS MOMENT: Other than curb stomping ttun 2002
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Hmmmm. Eddie George
  • NFL TEAM: Meh
  • NHL TEAM: Bruins
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Comment 14 Mar 2020
What an odd pic I count 8 browns and 5 Steelers plus safety Are the other 5 steelers in pass defense vs 3 browns? Who on cleveland warrants that.mich attention?
Comment 22 Feb 2020
Minuscule does not mean these guys are not allowed due process. We dont skip over stages because of minuscule I have seen this from.both sides. Sister assaulted at a young age on a bus Friend convicted, spent 3 years in jail until new evidence later proved she lied. I personally think something not good happened in this situation but my opinion isnt important and stats be damned, I want these guys to have their day in court as is their right.
Comment 12 Feb 2020

I think Coach day is not only setting an example today, but parents of future recruits, who are turning their sons over to him for 3 or more years, can say "this man will not take any shit, and my kid will be around good human beings"

I have read this several times now, that parents think Coach Day is an amazing human being.    That isn't a description I hear given out a lot to recruiters and head coaches.    

Comment 12 Feb 2020

I still cant figure out how the Duke case and this one are connected other than everyone is throwing these 2 under the bus like the Duke boys also.

Difference is, I think these 2 did it, and Duke players didn't (even though at the time, I may have thought otherwise, I cant recall)

I have 3 younger sisters, and one of them was assaulted on the school bus when she was about 13 or 14.   My 3 sisters have 2 older brothers (I am one) and we were more street scraps than I could ever count.    My sister didn't tell anyone out of shame, and we heard it 2nd hand from other people.

Because this happened long before social media was around, so there was never anything in the news about it.

If I had not been there to pull my brother off the day he found those boys who did it, my brother would have been n jail for murder 100% sure  

The entire experience of it was miserable, and I don't ever try to visit that memory again, but shit like this makes it rear its ugly asss head

There is honestly some disgusting human beings in the world

Comment 12 Feb 2020

I am so happy we can just talk about the team again.    Im still shaking my head in disgust about the last 24 hours, but now its over (thank you Coach Day for destroying the drama so quickly) and its back to the reason we all come here

Comment 12 Feb 2020

Thank you Coach day    I come here to listen read and talk about BUckeye Football, not this drama    Thank you for putting a stake in the heart of this nasty mess in less than 24 hours, so we can get back to doing the only thing I come here to do, and immerse myself in some football

Reading about 2 guys raping some girl all day is bad enough in regular news, but its highly depressing for it to be here, and 2 young men that I have know from a distance for 4 years or more.

Even if innocent, they did not behave as we expect them to behave, and Coach Day busted them chops like a good human being should

Comment 12 Feb 2020

is there not a code of conduct contract these players have to sign to play here?   If they broke that, then punt them off    Take   a hard stand on it now, or this crap will just keep happening.

Them going to jail is what the legal system is for, OSU kicking them off the team and the legal system are not tied together as 1 result.   I don't want a POS representing my school, period     90% of the people who graduate/support this program probably lead lives that pale in comparison to these guys    If they cant understand the fantastic situation they are in, and how it could set them up for life even without the NFL, and act accordingly, then they don't deserve the scholarship they were GIFTED   

My degree was earned thru almost 6 years of military service, and being forced into combat (nobody goes willingly), and I was incredibly grateful for that.    Iwould have been tickled pink to get the chance these guys had, but I didn't.    

Conduct yourself as one of 85 people on the campus who are part of a very special program.   

If they cant do that, piss on em