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Comment 08 Aug 2018

I agree with you, BB.

However, I don't think they technically needed to fire Zach. His contract came up for renewal once or twice, I believe. UM and GS could have decided not to renew his contract in order to upgrade the position. He was clearly the lowest paid position coach on the staff and never once sniffed a promotion (and I don't believe a significant raise) when all of the coaches around him were constantly promoted with both title and compensation. He was a hell of a recruiter, but I think it's been obvious that his ability to develop that talent was sorely lacking.

Comment 02 Jun 2018
I'm not sure why TTUN is getting all of the national love. They have to be better than last year, sure. They have a handful of good players. However, they don't have the o-line, running backs, or the depth of talent required to endure the B1G East gauntlet. I think 8-4 for them is more likely than 10-2.
Comment 12 May 2018
The problem isn't tOSU. The problem is OHSAA. UFM has spoken about this before. Kids from Ohio take longer to develop because there's no spring football. I live in Tampa and went to one of 3 spring scrimmages for the local high school last night. There's no coincidence that FL, GA, TX, etc are churning out more D1 football players. That extra work means something.