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Comment 11 Apr 2019

I was a fan of the Bengals since childhood, however after the last few years I’m growing away from them (Due to many reasons). I love my Buckeyes and really don’t know how I feel about Haskins possibly landing in Cinci. I fear the incompetence of the organization may ruin what bright future he has. 

Comment 17 Nov 2018

I was at a game this year, and there were two older folks behind me that kept yelling at people “sit down”. Then kept saying to each other “I see this is going to be one of those crowds that stand the whole game...etc.”. So finally after hearing them keep repeating to people “sit down”, I turned around and said “people pay good money for these tickets, we can stay at home and sit but I’m near to cheer on the team”. It’s actually more annoying to me having people sit on their hands the whole game. 

Comment 16 Sep 2018

I think it could be a solid move, and I’m not trying to knock Arnette but he isn’t but exactly a lock down at the corner position. Most teams seem to pick on him often..I think he could be quite a good safety though!

Comment 16 Sep 2018

I honestly wouldn’t mind seeing Arnette going to safety, and letting Wade play CB. I think that would be a good move for the defense.