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Comment 30 May 2011

Didn't the Lantern post a tape of what Small said and it turned out he said every bit of it? And then he tried to back out of it? I hate Mark May as much as anyone. He always sounds like an idiot. But geez, the three most prominent players of the Tressel era -- Clarett, Troy Smith, Pryor -- all implicated as getting money, cars, whatever. I'm willing to see what the NCAA concludes before condemning Tressel, but this may be just the first dark day. If the NCAA finds cheating has been going on for years -- and they can go back up to seven years -- this could be beyond bad. Stripped titles, forfeited games, complete disgrace. Look what happened to USC, and that was after the NCAA proved its case against only one player, Reggie Bush, who got money, cars and a house for his family. I am sickened by this and I'm just not willing to blame the media because it hurts to hear it. We don't need to cheat to win, we don't need to cheat to recruit, and we don't need people the character of Terrelle Pryor at all. They are never worth it.

Comment 30 May 2011

This long ago moved past JT covering for the kids who sold gear. Even though the NCAA statute of limitations has expired on the Clarett era, the NCAA is free to consider it as it looks at lack of institutional control. Look at all the allegations Clarett made -- they don't seem so crazy now. The stuff being alleged now dates back to Tressel's arrival in Columbus, with players all along receiving extra benefits, the same stuff that happened at Youngstown State. The fact is, Clarett, despite being a criminal, was probably telling the truth about all the stuff he got. And Santonio Holmes really was on an agent's payroll. And Troy Smith really was taking money. Now, it's Pryor. We are in deep trouble. This is as bad as Michigan's Fab Five nuclear-level scandal and if the NCAA keeps looking and finding, the penalties are going to be severe. What if this has been going on the entire Tressel era? It is sickening, and we can't keep calling it one mistake. That's just not the reality of what has been going on, for who knows how many years. Our coach resigning is just one step, but it's not going to satisfy the NCAA if a pattern of benefits and special deals is found. We can keep ranting all we want about how unfair it is, but the facts may make us eat those words. We should win the right way. I'm not going to defend a coach who was willing to turn his head to this stuff. Tressel sold us out. The NCAA is investigating more than 50 car deals. 50! Right now, we look a lot like USC.