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Originally from Cleveland, Ohio so I was appropriately brainwashed to cheer for the Scarlet and Gray, only to have my life shatter at the age of Three by being forced to move to the state up north. I never swayed from my Ohio State fandom, even after suffering their defeats to Michigan in person at the big house in 95' and 97'. My redemption came with the arrival of Jim Tressel and was graciously awarded the sweet satisfaction of witnessing his first of many wins against Michigan in 01'.

Andy Katzenmoyer will always be my hero.

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Comment 01 Dec 2015

I have to disagree with this season being considered a success and no one should be surprised by that.

The only way to have this season be considered a success would be to repeat the national title, perhaps doing it undefeated.

Yes, an 11-1 record and an utter domination of a great Michigan team is always going to make fans happy, but all I can think of us is the wasted oppurtunity that was lost in the horrible showing against Michigan State. On top of that, we lost to them at home without their Heisman candidate QB playing. To me that loss is the brown shit stain on a perfect Versaci suit. 

The season wasn't supposed to start until the Michigan State game and then the next 5 weeks would be the make or break section for the buckeyes. They failed and failed miserably on the first contest of that 5 game season and to me makes this entire season a waste.

I don't give a fuck about what we did to Michigan. It means nothing in the end.