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Comment 27 Jan 2017
This is too funny if true.. bama and ole miss def calling to help.
Comment 27 Jan 2017
What's the guy to do pitching himself to youth of America, he has to start getting Texas kids back going to Texas..Big job so why not ride the superior teams kids you helped coach. This can be used by Urban to fire us up next time vs Texas..And this does give us free publicity. Kids know where these two came from. helps both sides.
Comment 23 Jan 2017
To compare Woodys era and the current era of College football is just silly....Especially of points scored...Now I'm from Warren/Youngstown area, so much respect for Tressel , and bc his coaching is more this era of scoring and recruiting it's fair to compare the two...Tressel more of a player's coach, but if tatgate never happens and they actually put Maurice with SMART people around him and he stays and missed the Ill be like LeBron , then go fully off the rails robbing people ( I'm from warren, shout out Maurice and Warren G Harding) , Tressel damn well would have won another...The issue is his recruiting reach is nilch compared to Urban, so we would of heavily reliable to instate or Midwest talent..Urban by far is the better coach, his winnings are not bloated, preparing College kids when your the guy to be knocked off Isn't easy and he damn well deserving of his stats. Trees is still a legend, and Woody is the O.G. Woody is what the era needed him to be. He gave Ohio State the passion and take no shit back into this program...He put the THE, before Ohio. These 3 were all instrumental to bring this program along and I give a standing o to each. As for J.t, let's not blame him so much for our offensive switch , the play calling and line play led to our slide...I have full confidence Urban isn't handing anyone positions of they aren't too dog
Comment 22 Jan 2017
At this level he is for sure number 2 most important figure in these young men's lives. And with us being the youngest team in the country number 3 isn't too shabby seeing our line problems being so prolific, and total credit to the staff for getting them that far...but to say that Clemson game didn't hurt would be a total lie. March is around the corner and I still feel psu will be a great opponent, but we should swipe Big 10 champ, and look again at a playoff run.
Comment 22 Jan 2017
Lol at Djs ,Johnny Man..i just can't say it, wanting. It's okay your batting .400 with that gaff. Great story. I wouldn't be too worried, Noah didn't ball out like expected even with his crazy athletics I do think he will eventually be strong at the position if he goes to a good WR coach, if he can stay healthy. We are getting great CBs and our d line looks like it's going to be up to par. If our offensive line falls into place I frankly don't even see us having problems. That's the main thing Buckeye fans must pray to Woody, Grant is a O line that will be healthy and strong. JT should progress instead of "last" year (yes it does seem like it's flying by already). We should expect talent to leave at a high percent as Urban gets more and more deep throughout the country, each year it feels like his southern reach gets bigger each year.
Comment 18 Jan 2017
Great article and in fact touchy isn't the word for it... This is debated a lot amongst my family, but before we blame anything, being the youngest team and ending 3rd is a nice season even for Urban Standards. But would I of been able to predict the oline and misfiring of jt...Negative, Noah and actually every wide receiver not getting any seperation...Never.. With jt coming back, we hope that's a good thing, we can acknowledge our recruitment especially at talented Wrs... But development has been stagnant, but no one is getting the ball besides jt if we don't fix upfront... Ie Last year Michigan State game....*shudders