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Comment 31 Oct 2019

Fields has started 8 games...But how many games has he really played? Did Jones ever get pulled in the third or fourth quarters of his first three games? JT certainly played all four quarters of his first 8 starts (nobody was worried about getting Jones meaningful minutes or pulling JT after we had an big lead).  Can somebody figure out how many snaps the other quarterbacks had through 8 games.  The statisticians among us can certainly delve deeper into this. 

Comment 06 May 2019

Because blocking is legal in auto racing and going well outside your line is not legal in horse racing.  Can somebody be declared out in baseball by running outside the baseline? Horse's need to hold their line.

Comment 29 Jan 2019
Unless skin isn't exposed. If it's all covered and blocked from the wind then wind-chill dies not apply. But you do need to be properly covered/dressed to be out in those temps. I will say that while in school at tOSU 2002-2006 I did not have the proper winter attire for temps below zero. I have no problem going for a run at -15 (actual temp) when dressed appropriately.
Comment 29 Jan 2019
The temp will NOT be -40. Wind-chill and temperature are related but not the same. Driving down the the highway at 65 does not magically turn 10 degrees into -20 degrees. If there is a 20mph north wind and one car is going north and another south, the temp is the same for both. Yes, -5 is cold, so wear a good winter jacket, snow pants, something to cover your face, a warm hat and some good mittens or gloves and deal with it. Sure you may move a bit slower, but if you are moving you will generate heat and if dressed properly you can be warm. If there is no exposed skin, wind chill doesn't matter.
Comment 26 Dec 2018
One of the kids in my son's 3rd grade class lost his mother to complications from type1 diabetes. She just turned 37. Life is too short. I can't imagine what her two children and husband are going through. Just make sure you hug your family whenever you get the chance.
Comment 25 Oct 2018
But you need a good coach (not just a great recruiter) to make that happen. Shouldn't a coaches most important job be to coach and help develop the skills and talents of their players? No they can't be a bum on the recruiting trail, but they should be able to coach their position group and develop players. These problems start at the top.
Comment 07 Sep 2018
Had to drive to Philadelphia earlier this summer. Got gas along the garden state parkway. My wife and daughter got out, went to the bathroom and came back to the car before gas was pumped. They got out when there was one car in front of us. It was a 16 pump gas station. There were only three or four attendants and nearly half of the pumps were blocked off because there was nobody there to pump the gas. I could have pulled up, pumped my gas and been gone in about three minutes. Not only that but trying to explain to somebody who does not speak very much English that I wanted 93 octane and to fill it all the way to full all the while leaning towards the passenger side of the car because my gas tank fill is over there. I am so done with Jersey.
Comment 28 Aug 2018
I know that "respect women" is a core values. I know that punching/hitting a woman is not respecting a woman, but come on is that the only way to disrespect a woman? I fail to see how ZS was not disrespecting CS, though she wasn't so respectful herself. If it is a core value it should apply to athletes and coaches. How ZS still had a job at tOSU 3 months ago is beyond conceivable if they really followed their core values.
Comment 23 Aug 2018
It is like concurrency in military procurement. Let's build an aircraft carrier with new untested technology. We can fix it all once it is built. Let's build a new multi-role fighter/attack stealth aircraft. We can build them and maybe after 500 are built we will get the software and hardware setup so that they can actually fire missiles, drop all of the bombs in inventory and accurately shoot their gun. I can't see how things can go wrong with that. (Sarcasm)
Comment 12 Jan 2018
For simple math's sake...If the stadium holds 100k and half of the people drink alcohol purchased at the game then only four dollars were made per person drinking per game. It could be down to 2 dollars for some of the non-primetime games. What is the actual cost for a beer? $3 to $5 maybe... tOSU is definitely leaving money on the table by not charging enough for alcohol. I'd expect to see an upward revision of alcohol prices in the near future.