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Comment 12 Jan 2018
For simple math's sake...If the stadium holds 100k and half of the people drink alcohol purchased at the game then only four dollars were made per person drinking per game. It could be down to 2 dollars for some of the non-primetime games. What is the actual cost for a beer? $3 to $5 maybe... tOSU is definitely leaving money on the table by not charging enough for alcohol. I'd expect to see an upward revision of alcohol prices in the near future.
Comment 26 Nov 2017
If they are both in the playoffs I would make sure they play in round 1 so that there could be no repeat for the national championship, but who wants to see the repeat of a game played a month ago. I don't have a problem with a rematch from September or October (OU vs tOSU), but a late November rematch is something nobody wants to see.
Comment 19 Oct 2017

I have not added to my collection for maybe 10 years. I got a kit a year after a graduated, but I have not tried to get any since. If they are available I will write a check. 

Comment 19 Oct 2017

My favorite crit course was at Marion in Indianapolis. I remember eating Easter candy sent by my parents between the C crit and B crit. I crashed on the last lap of the c race and upgraded to score a few more points in the b race. It was regionals in 2003. 

The coldest I have been on my bike was a rainy February Saturday. It was 38 degrees sprinkling with a 20mph northwest wind. The crit course was around the some of the empty parking lots off Fred Taylor between Ackerman and Jesse Owens stadium. Our race was cut short from 30 min plus 3 laps to 15 plus three. Nobody protested. Somebody had to take the gloves off my hands after because I could not do it myself. Blasted the heat in the car for a long while after that. 

I was only able to race for a couple years (pharmacy school and work took too much time to travel on weekends). Good times... Go Bucks!!

Comment 10 Oct 2017
Maybe Ward should announce that they apologized to him. Then they can either confirm, remain silent (defacto confirmation) or they can say that Ward was lying and that they never apologized thereby making them even bigger a-holes for not apologizing when they screwed up. I just don't see the downside of not publicly and humbly accepting the apology from the Big Ten.
Comment 10 Sep 2017

We watch football for fun. 2013 with a withers defense was not fun to watch. 2015 through current is not fun to watch on offense.  This defense with a JT Barret offense is very not fun to watch. Please JT at QB (read inept offense against a defense with a pulse) will hurt the OSU brand. It will stand for ineptitude. Thank goodness I live in VT, where most people don't realize that football is played on Saturdays. I will only have to answer questions about the game from a couple people. 

Comment 01 Apr 2017

Meyer has not had The One when it comes to punt/kick off returns.  You can not take away Ted Ginn's returns because they did happen, but seriously, he made other really fast players look slow.  He had track speed and he had football speed.  I don't know if it is coaching or something else, but could you imaging what Meyer would do if TG the freshman suited up for his team.  If you took away TG's stats then Meyer may look a bit stronger than JT in the special teams stat department (field goal percentage removed). 

Comment 05 Jan 2017

Oversigning? Not really, but is this the coaching corollary to oversigning? Where will our coaching attrition come from? The NCAA better be giving us another coaching scholarship in April.