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Comment 18 Feb 2014

...except that I also see it used all the time in hockey to describe white athletes, so that's not the whole story.

I think it's more a statement of "this guy is easier to get along with than I expected". It's the implied expectations that make it potentially borderline racist, not necessarily the statement itself.

Comment 18 Feb 2014

The problem is that there's way, way too many people out there who just don't do nuance. And thanks to the lowest-common-denominator approach to marketing that rules the world (because surely that gets everybody, right?) that means that those sorts of people become the target audience for, well, everybody.

What's that, you say? You want data with which to form more sophisticated opinions and take an interest in details that aren't typical water cooler soap opera gossip? Sorry, can't hear you; too busy trying to force a misinterpretable money quote out of this guy so we can sell a few copies and I can get noticed by my editor.

Comment 05 Dec 2013

I think the theory behind said pseudo-balanced offense is that if you don't actually use those capabilities, then that means you can take folks by surprise when you actually start throwing the ball more. The question of whether or not the surprise affects the opposing defense more than it does your offense is evidently a different debate. :)

Comment 05 Dec 2013

Didn't you hear? Everybody's expected to "tell it like it is" nowadays. And not the old silly dictionary definition of actually doing the research and describing the results of same regardless of preconception; I mean, c'mon, anybody can do that (and whether or not anybody ever does is of course irrelevant). No, we're talking about having the insecurity brass balls to stand up and belligerently reaffirm those same preconceptions, and defy and dismiss all counterargument. After all, when you're so obviously proud of your words and sure of what you have to say, that makes it better and more accurate, because... um... reasons. Yeah!

(Cynical? Me? What gave you that idea?)