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Comment 29 Jul 2019

What if...He got word that Milton was circling back to us? Incredibly farfetched, I know...but the last 24 hours has been nothing but farfetched...

Comment 10 Jan 2019

Thanks for the info! and kudos to little 3M's--that's awesome

Comment 10 Jan 2019

I believe immediate eligibility applies to Grad transfers (Meaning you're in a Graduate "post 4 year degree" Program) Seems rather unlikely Tate could have obtained a 4 year degree within the 2 years he has been there, no?

Comment 10 Jan 2019

I guess I take a slightly different and possibly simpler approach to this one. Don't overcomplicate it:

Urban loves a project. He thrives at "building" more so than "sustaining".  It's a different approach and I totally understand it. If his health permits...and there is a challenging project to be undertaken...Do your thing dude; Thanks for your service here!

Comment 20 Dec 2018

My take: you have an open spot in the QB take the best QB available that fits your system...that part is easy

I understand the conversation about the optics...that conversation has merit, for sure. Tate has 2.5 years in that system, has the locker room, etc. Thats real. I think the argument is less like dumping your GF for a hotter GF and more like leaving your wife for a younger, hotter woman. That brings trust and all that good stuff into question, which will ultimately be used as negative recruiting. You can’t control that. 

The situation feels ironically familiar to the Danny Clark situation to me...and if that’s the barometer...I think everything will be just fine 

Comment 14 Dec 2018

From down on the river here (Portsmouth). We have a nice little brewery (Portsmouth Brewing Co.) I have seen a few brews in the area, but it seems seldom. They have a variety of great brews; definitely worth a taste

Idea....Not sure if anyone has suggested this yet (sorry if so)...My wife does this thing with her friends around this time of year where they basically get in a group of like 30 people....the first person sends a book and a name...The person that receives that, then sends a gift to the person whos name they received, so forth and so on. Could we do something like this with beer?