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Comment 28 Dec 2019

It might be worth your time to get away from the stadium and check out the T-Rex skeleton at the museum and grab a burger at In-N-Out

Comment 29 Jul 2019

I was at the game when he did it and I remember laughing when he planted (tried to) the flag. Several fans gave me shit and I even defended him, we were #2 at the time and he kicked our ass. He had almost 400 yards and 2 or 3 TD’s and he was just an excited kid doing kid shit, not to mention it later got tons of airplay and he even fake apologized. I may have some Browns bias and will probably get some DV’s for this but, I admire that Urbz is able to reflect and give props to a kid who likely contributed to his stress and headache issues. 

Comment 20 May 2019

I think when he drinks he’s a monster. I’m curious if he behaved this way while at OSU. Did they just do a fantastic job of managing the behavior of players or do they do a fantastic job of making sure things don’t go public?

Comment 04 Aug 2018

I’m not sure I understand the purpose, and I am sure there will be plenty of opinions about whether or not they should be considered independent. Although the argument could be made that it’s okay that people affiliated with THE were appointed. If they vote to let him go, the university is giving away 30+ million and they fired Urban F’n Meyer. If he stays, then I think it may suggest they are willing to implicate one or more university officials further up the chain. But this board isn’t necessarily going to be making the decision in the end so WTF did they assemble this group of people for anyway? I hate this situation, hopefully we can refocus on beatin the shit out of dudes on the field instead of... you know 

Comment 06 Nov 2017

I expect a strong overreaction from fans when we lose, especially like we did. What doesn't sit well with me is how Urban acted after that loss. As mentioned, he didn't speak about how well Iowa prepared and executed. I realize everyone deals differently but it concerns me that he doesn't act like a strong leader frustrated by an embarrassing loss, he acts like a sad little boy and I hope that's not how he acted in the locker room. I love Urbz and I don't think the sky is falling. But when I saw Franklin chase his player and make him shake hands it somehow made me respect him more. I'm not sure Urban would have it in him after a tough loss judging by his body language during the post game interview. Also, preseason and early rankings need to die, we only played like a top 5 team for about 1 quarter last week against another team that likely didn't deserve its ranking.

Comment 14 Sep 2017

We struggled early against IU, and struggled the whole game against Oklahoma. Maybe it's a little too on the nose, but I have to think the fact that Kevin Wilson's last two jobs were with those schools is somewhat overlooked. Stoops is obviously still around and Indiana still has some holdovers. So either they knew what Wilson's tendencies were, or he thought they knew and mindf***** himself. 

Comment 23 Oct 2016

I used to think one of the things that made Urban a great coach was his ability to make adjustments during the game and at halftime. After last season and so far this season, I feel a little different. He's still a great coach, but we've been playing a little more Tressel ball than I'm comfortable with. Or maybe we just aren't that good and the first half of our schedule was too easy.