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Comment 12 Jul 2017

The Commander in Chief's trophy is actually awarded to the winner of the series between all 3 of the service academies, not just Army and Navy. Air Force is the reigning champ since they beat both Army and Navy in 2016.

Comment 19 May 2016

Best worst times of a young man's life.

I was 21 when I went to Afghanistan, I don't remember the 4 months preceding it because I turned 21, got my orders, and left 4 months later after lots of booze and strippers.

Comment 18 May 2016

To those on the "screw ESPN" bandwagon: ever wonder why there is an annual grand total of about six minutes of NHL coverage on the network per year? It's because the NHL took your attitude and thought they could do better.

What about baseball? ESPN has 1 baseball game a week and most teams rights are broadcast on a Fox network. ESPN still shows hours of coverage and has a nightly show dedicated to it. Why hasn't that approach hurt baseball?

Comment 18 May 2016

Basically this is going to shoot Fox over ESPN in Sports TV. Fox has lots of baseball, NFL, Pac-12,  (Big12?), and most of the talent from ESPN. I don't see a problem with ESPN not being a network of the B1G. The CFB Playoff will still be on ESPN and most of the bowl games, but it will not hinder OSU or any B1G school being in those games. So it's a win for the B1G and it's schools getting a larger revenue package from the TV deal, to me it seems like a B1G win for Jim Delaney.

Comment 05 Jan 2016

I would agree. I just think at this point, he needs to grow more. With the reps he will get in the spring and fall. Hubbard and Lewis will be an awesome duo at end next season.

Comment 04 Jan 2016

2 Things.

1. Joey Bosa did spoil fans.

2. Ohio State's depleted defensive line did not control the interior LOS as much after Bosa left mostly because the guys were not typical starters; therefore putting the emphasis on the two DE's Lewis and Hubbard. So Hubbard did not look as though he was as good as Bosa when in fact he may not be, but he is adequate in the position given his limited experience at DE. He was a Safety in HS.

Comment 08 Oct 2015
Houston looks sharp on offense. That drive was just killed by penalties. Tom Herman please comeback when Urban retires!
Comment 06 Oct 2015

Do these people watch the game on TV? I don't know what the internet is during a game unless I'm looking at my Ipad for stats on the ESPN app.