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Comment 15 Dec 2018

Tone down the rhetoric ‘Francis’. Not concerned in the least about whether I’m banned, try supporting your team with words commensurate with the subject matter, it’s a football game, try having a sense of humour, is your world so small and fragile that you can’t respond passionately and vociferously but without profanity and insults? 

Now honest question: Have you watched a UW game this year? You might be surprised about Gaines the NT on the D- line. True they haven’t gotten home (sacks) but they’ve been problematic of late for opposing QBs. I agree with you Haskins willl test the mettle of this D unit and I expect he will get his yards although his production will be truncated and points will be work for him. If they don’t contain him then UW is in trouble. 

Browing is less of a QB as a thrower and a runner

(although you’ll see he’s an opportunistic scrambler)

But he is a four year starter and will surprise you with his competitive edge and resilience. He’s been on a bigger stage than this so you won’t get in his head. 

Its really quite impossible to use metrics even advanced ones to accurately compare these teams but OSU should probably be a small favourite, I agree.

Remember, statistics are like bikinis , what they reveal is interesting, but what they hide is vital. 

I look forward to engaging repartee. 

Comment 15 Dec 2018

Try responding to my contentions about your team without being a jerk yourself.

Lets talk football:  I believe you’re vastly underestimating the UW defence. 2 or 3 high draft picks and an aggressive mindset  will limit explosive plays. In many ways third down success will determine the course of this game. Huskies have struggled early in the season getting off the field on third down but have improved dramatically forcing punts. Press coverage and increased pressure on the  QB has helped. Obviously containing Haskins is key for Washington.

On offence U W will have succes running the ball, you will remember the name Miles Gaskin, mark my words. The question is whether the pass game can be effective against OSU. 

Couple other things: UWs special teams aren’t special at all and could impact game big time.

Petersen has the reputation for tricks plays but really seldom runs more than 1 a game if that. 

Comment 15 Dec 2018

Okay I came on a little strong after reading your comments. But come on, don’t be so thin skinned. Yes the fashion in which I addressed Ohio state weakness you might find troublesome, I wasn’t trying to offend.  If you can’t take some honest  criticism and banter then your taking this too seriously.

That said - yes I believe your team has some offensive strengths and will score points. But the narative about the conferences is flawed based on preconceived values. Arizona St.  beat Michigan st.  Oregon state kinda made your defence look vulnerable. As did the aforementioned Purdue. The Huskies and btw that’s how it’s spelled, are clearly flawed but their trajectory seems to be more in line with early season projections, we shall see. Whatever the case the Rose bowl is the best available metric to see which team is superior without any excuses or caveats or qualifying. Now let’s see a classy response  not a hyper sensitive juvenile one. 

Comment 14 Dec 2018

Despite  the sheer hubris of a team clownstomped by Clemson, what was it ....oh right    31-0 when they had the stage they feel so inexorably entitled to, despite that recent gem I’ll give you an even more recent and compelling reason for Team helmet sticker to be very afraid.    PURDUE ( don’t they make chicken nuggets )- 49 yes 49 

                               Team to the south


Comment 12 Dec 2018

Good write up overall. And yes if your looking to assess this team critically you’ll find multiple flawed games and disappointing performances. They definitely did not live up to the preseason projections. But this stage and the Buckeye team won’t intimidate this Husky team. They stifled Bama for much of the playoff game 2016 and when focused, you’ll really have to work for points against this D. They’ve shut down better QBs than Haskins and your defence is alarmingly pourous at times. Look for huskies to win a close one behind Browning’s , “something to prove last game”,  - 31 -27

Comment 04 Dec 2018

Interesting comments, what I’d expect on a schools blog. Whereas UW fans ostensibly are cautiously approaching this game mindful that the opponent is somewhat formidable the sum total of Buckeye rhetoric is a Goliath vs David narrative. Understandable, I get it. 

Lets face it the banter and caterwauling is largely subjective and amounts to conjecture and selective analysis of our respective teams seasons. 

I ask only one thing that no Buckeye fan is required to grant but I’ll throw it out there anyway.

With all the claims to superiority and empirical evidence cited to support those contentions by both teams I ask that whatever the result of the game, we accept it as indicative of the true caliber of the teams and no caveats or qualifying is put forth to justify the score should it not play out the way we project. 

Btw     Huskies 31 

           OSU.     27