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2010 Alumni, born and raised a Buckeye. Never visited nor needed to visit a college, I knew Ohio State was the place for me before I ever set foot on campus.


  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2002 tOSU vs Miami NC Game
  • COLLEGE FOOTBALL PLAYER: Troy Smith (B. Miller and J. Laurinaitis are very close)
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Comment 12 Nov 2015

age: 29

primary means of exercise/working out: Local Gym.  I am in the gym 7 days a week running a 5 day split; isolation of each muscle group.  With it being running off season I focus on sprints and incline walking (3x Sprints, 3x Incline Walking, 1x Maintenance Run).  Core work is done 3-4 times a week depending on how taxed my system is.  Also plan on incorporating agility / flexibility training (cones / ladders etc...).

goals/motivation: I have lifted since I was out of high school and recently successfully completed a cut in July (Jan 215 lbs 25% bf to July 168 lbs 7.8% bf) I am currently hovering around the lower 170's and around ~10% bf as I just finished up the cbus half marathon and a few other races (typically go up a little in weight to sustain all the running).  I'll be taking the next 4-6 weeks to cut off the weight and clean bulk for a few months before I start marathon prep work around March.  Goals - Qualify for the Boston Marathon, Bulk up to 170-175 lb @ 8% bf.

biggest inspiration: Competing with myself and working to make my body the best it can be, flexibility, speed, strength etc...  I strive to live the healthiest lifestyle I can.  Also, I run so that I can eat :).  Oh and Tinder?  Notsrs, maybesrs

resources that you use for working out: Local Gym, agility cones, agility ladder, kettle bells, running trails, sports etc...

open questions for the community: None currently, but feel free to comment if you need some help cutting weight or need meal prep ideas or want to know more about my routines... I'm an open book and would love to help anyone on their fitness journey.

Comment 10 Nov 2014

I absolutely cannot stand them.  I don't agree with any defense of them saying they attend every game and spend their own money.  I hope you don't honestly believe that.

Yes they never miss a game but really sit back and ask yourself why they never miss a game. What is the one thing you generally never miss regardless of most obligations... work.  Why don't you miss it?  Because you get paid to do it and it pays your bills.  I honestly think that these guys could care less about the University or the team.  They have found a money maker and profit off of their supposed "Super" fan status. What do these guys do to better the University aside from act obnoxiously and get on TV? They most likely have every game ticket, trip etc... paid for by someone.  

They aren't "Super" fans, there simply isn't anything "Super" about them aside from the fact that they can dress in a crazy manner and get air time. If you want to show a Team Mascot which these guys have almost become then show Brutus.

The true fan's are those that come to all of the games they can but even if they can't cheer for their team wherever they are without seeking gain from it, the true fans are the student's and alumni who while gaining an education helped build the University to what it is, the true fan's are the 80 year old grandfather who braves the cold in his wheel chair with his grandkids to watch the team he has always loved and could care less about being on TV because he is too busy cherishing the experience of the stadium, atmosphere and game to try to get himself on camera.  The true fans are the parent (s) who are bringing their child to their first Buckeye game to continue the tradition. Those are the true fans! If you have turned your fandom into a business of self promotion then you are no longer a fan you are a business man.

Comment 15 Oct 2014

Pair - Section 37B Row 37 Seat 14+15

Single - Section 35B Row 35 Seat 38

Single - Section 5C Row 22 Seat 34

Comment 29 Sep 2014

I have to agree.  I graduated in 10' and continue to buy student tickets because I love the energy in the student section, plus they are generally cheaper and I still have my buck id.  

The crowd just hasn't gotten into it very much even on key downs.  I was there for USC and I don't expect the atmosphere of that game to ever be replicated but it would be nice to come close.  Save for the above mentioned third down, the student section / crowd just wasn't into it for UC and honestly was barely into the VT game.  

Would be nice if the University encouraged a louder atmosphere, maybe asked for student body input on pump up songs or chants or things to get the crowd going.  Let the students own it so they are more into it.  The louder we get the better.

Comment 20 Aug 2014

Moto X and the same problem with Chrome.  Haven't tested other browsers yet.

Edit - Just downloaded Firefox and the scrolling works.  May be a temporary solution for those on Chrome until it's fixed.

Comment 14 Aug 2014

Are you a Tiger fan?  I grew up during the Tiger era and he was one of my favorite athletes so I always disliked Phil simply because he was competition.

He seems like such a genuine nice guy but still to this day I just can't stand him

Comment 24 Jul 2014

I think it's one thing to get in a bar fight, pee in public or smoke weed.  It's a completely different issue to sexually harass or enable an environment where sexual harassment happens.  I'm sure there are a fair share of band members that also get in bar fights, smoke weed and get caught, and do things the law finds unnacceptable and I am sure they are punished accordingly.  This case is in addition to those occruences.  I would fully expect the University to fire Meyer if he was found to have players participating or enabling sexual harassment during practices or during University travel or even worse like in Waters case when he is present.

I don't think you can sit here and make the argument otherwise or try to tell me that band members don't get involved in bar fights or get caught smoking weed can you?

I don't understand how it is the least likely to fix the situation?  Waters enabled the situation, I'm not sure where your disconnect is.  Had he taken measures to stop this it wouldn't have happened.  These occurrences are happening during times where leadership is present and has done nothing to stop it.  It's one thing if a band member is doing this in the confines of his dorm room or when visiting his home but this is happening when leadership is present.  I'm sorry I respect you as a poster but your arguments don't add up.  Comparing what a football player does outside of the University to what band members are doing during University time with leadership present is completely different.  Now leadership may not have been present during all occurrences but the fact is they were at times and that fosters the culture and thus they should be disciplined.  Example is set from the leadership down, if the leader is unwilling to take the measures necessary to correct the behavior then the it won't get corrected like we have seen.  It's absolutely the right move and I hope the University gets someone in place that takes this seriously, if they set the tone that this behavior isn't acceptable then the culture will begin to change.  Leaving those in place that have enabled it and slapping them on the wrist and telling them to do better sends no message.

Comment 24 Jul 2014

Andy you are absolutely correct that Football players get away with it across the country.  Band members get away with it across the country.  Other students in other organizations get away with it across the country.  That does not make it any more alright!  We can't just keep giving people passes just because it's happening elsewhere.

Waters was in the position of leader of the band.  Pure and simple one of his responsibilities was to monitor the culture of one of the more outwardly visibly parts of what is supposed to be an esteemed University.  The behavior that occurred and is occurring isn't acceptable by any means for even college students.  If college students want to behave this way on their on time then so be it, but when representing the University much like being an employee of a company they are held to a higher standard.  This standard was not being adhered too under Waters watch and obviously from the previous posts under the previous leaderships watch.  Waters didn't take corrective action and just because the leaders before him enabled it as well doesn't make him any less responsible.

This isn't a matter of being to PC, this is a matter of accountability.  Waters is accountable for the actions of his band members and how they represent the University.  The band members obviously are not representing the university to the standards that WE all should expect and thus he was fired.  

Comment 24 Jul 2014

I stated this in a previous post on here but I am OSU grad in my 20's with a sister in her 20's.  Do you have a sister?  In no way would I be happy or find it acceptable of a culture that forced my sister to pretend to give me a blow job. That alone for me is enough to show there is a problem and leadership should be changed.  Maybe Waters came into a situation where this was already the culture but that doesn't make it any less excusable that he didn't try to change it and this is still going on.   Maybe firing him isn't the complete answer but it also doesn't help to leave him in place when he has enabled it.

Comment 24 Jul 2014

I am curious to know where you draw the line between overly politically correct? Sexual names sure an innocent joke, making someones sister imitate a blow job in the lap of her brother... not so much.  Do you have a sister? I am a recent OSU grad in my 20's with a sister also in her 20's and I don't think I am being PC at all in saying I wouldn't be happy being in the situation, college students or no college students not acceptable.

Comment 24 Jul 2014

So that makes it ok? Because everyone else is doing it?

As a recent Alumni I am glad the University took quick action in getting rid of Waters.  I love the band as much as anyone but this type of culture is NOT ok, it never was and it never will be.  Just because programs across the country get away with it doesn't make the practice "ok".  We need to stop making excuses for this behavior.  You can sit and claim it's all in good fun but every student band member deserves to enjoy their time and if a culture is affecting that then it has no place in any institution especially one as highly regarded as ours. 

Comment 13 May 2014

Curious as to who the prominent OSU player was that got the new BMW?  

I live close to Sawmill in the Dublin/Worthington area and as the gf and I pulled into my parking space parked right next to me was a brand new BMW with a prominent OSU player getting out of it (or at least I believe).  I didn't say anything because I didn't want to be that fan but just want to confirm I wasn't seeing things.

Comment 05 Jun 2013

I have to agree, way too much going on.  Don't like it at all.  The minimalist in me cringes lol