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Comment 09 Sep 2020

Sloopy, I am going to need you to show your work on the Black Lives Matter organization.  Where is the promotion of destruction of the nuclear family in the black community?  

If you want to know what the biggest force on the destruction of the black nuclear family it is the for profit prison system and the way prison sentences are handled.  For example a black man selling crack can go to jail for years while a white business man is selling cocaine to his associates and gets probation.  Let's use marijuana a white kids gets caught with a joint and gets "counseling" same joint on a black kid is juvenile detention sentence.  You can say this isn't true but the facts are out there and have been for decades. 

As a country the United States has 4% of the world's population and 25% of the world's imprisoned population.  Does that make sense, is the US that much more dangerous than the rest of the world, or have we created a system to form a class of people (of all colors) that are in a revolving door of the prison system?  This revolving door of a prison system then is set to harm those who can't afford legal representation which is the lower class which has a large portion of the minorities in this country.  

Now the question goes to why the United States would want such a large prison system, well on average over the past 15 years the prison system has become over an $85,000,000,000 ($85 billion) industry.  There's a large amount of people both in the private and public sector that have made a LOT of money off the incarceration of people.  This amount of money being made has led to quite a large amount of lobbying and pushing government officials to enact stricter laws and put more people in prison.  Just think for a minute there is actually a lobbyist out there right now who is getting paid to push MORE people into prison.  

Really wanna see if this post gets me banned for being political when the above items are facts and not based in a political ideology.  Hell the democrats VP choice is someone who spent most of their life trying expand the prison system.  

Comment 04 Sep 2020

The best part of this whole things is how upset this is making 99% of you.  The Big 10 never said they were having a vote but you you totally believed some tweets that there would be a vote.  Now that that there is no vote you are pissed at the Big 10 and not the those that spread the lie on twitter.  

I want football as much as anyone but if not I will enjoy watching the insanity unfold here.  

Comment 04 Sep 2020

But can the bowl games pay as much this year if they still don't have fans?  I literally don't know but I guess some bowls still pay a decent chunk even when there are no fans normally (thinking mid December "WeedEater" and "Bahama" Bowl type games).  But I would imagine the number of bowls will go down this winter, a good thing we didn't need every team in a bowl and I think that might lower some TV money but once again just speculation.  

Comment 03 Sep 2020

I just read about this for the first time because of your post.  The fact it has only "one human study" it might be a little too early to sing the praises of it.

The ProLon Fasting Mimicking Diet is a high-fat, low-calorie intermittent fasting diet that may promote fat loss and reduce blood sugar, inflammation, and cholesterol — similar to other fasting methods. Still, only one human study has been carried out to date, and more research is needed to validate its benefits

I have lost 40 pounds since June 10th on the "move more, eat less" diet.  I recommend that everyone should try it.  I now walk 5 miles a day and restrict my calories to under 1,900 or so a day.  Plan healthy meals that you enjoy and get moving.  The human body is set up to walk, it's a good way to burn calories, improves circulation and is a great time to listen to audiobooks and expand your knowledge.  

Comment 03 Sep 2020

I once again as stated know ZERO about being a doctor let alone a heart doctor but I just found this study as well which seems to backup the linked study as well.   Seems like most recover from it but the 30-35% might not be far off.  But in reality no one will know any true numbers on this virus for years.

Experts estimate that half of myocarditis cases resolve without a chronic complication, but several studies suggest that COVID-19 patients show signs of the condition months after contracting the virus. One non–peer reviewed study, involving 139 health care workers who developed coronavirus infection and recovered, found that about 10 weeks after their initial symptoms, 37 percent of them were diagnosed with myocarditis or myopericarditis—and fewer than half of those had showed symptoms at the time of their scans.

Comment 03 Sep 2020

Seriously what is your problem?  I have said literally nothing agreeing with or disagreeing with the article.   I posted relevant information to current events within the Big 10 and you are going to tell me what I stand for?  Where do you get off?

Comment 03 Sep 2020

Well see my reply above I literally have zero knowledge of workings of the heart.  I can't speak to anything on this subject with any expertise but I can read an article of someone who will have the ear of the Big 10 presidents who will re-vote tomorrow.  All I did was provide information to the message board.  You on the other hand dismissed anything as "bullshit" before reading it.  

Also if you equate fighting for football anywhere near fighting for freedom I suggest you take a longer look at your value system as one is extremely important and the other is in the grand scheme of things, fairly unimportant.  

Comment 03 Sep 2020

I can't speak of anything of myocarditis because before a couple weeks ago I have never heard of it honestly.  I am by no means a doctor and I have even less knowledge of how the heart does or does not work.  But if this info floats in front  of university presidents from doctors I am hard pressed to see them change their minds about the season.  

Comment 03 Sep 2020

Well if you would have taken a minute to read before posting "bullshit" you would have read the second paragraph that states the following that states it was released Monday not a week ago.  

Wayne Sebastianelli delivered the information during a State College Area Board of School Directors meeting on Monday that was reported on by the Centre Daily Times. The data underscores Big Ten commissioner Kevin Warren’s open letter explaining why the conference postponed its fall sports seasons.

Comment 03 Sep 2020

I didn't downvote him but if I had to guess why it's because he didn't take the best advice ever given on this site.  Football season weddings are a travesty.  Not just for the people you make attend a wedding on a football day but for the rest of your life you now have to worry about  a big game falling on the day of your anniversary and not being able to watch it.

Comment 27 Aug 2020

Surviving.  I think a lot of the testing is being way down is due to the fact they eliminated the drive thru, now you have to wait in line with other people inside, or so I have read.  Who would want to hang out inside with people that think they may have it?  Seems illogical but asking testing workers to be outside in this heat is also unwise.  From what I can tell there is also a "bad for business" aspect to testing attitude now.  

Comment 26 Aug 2020

They are only packing them into dorms until they get to the point where there is no refund for students, which is Friday for tOSU.  I have a feeling on Monday they go online only and kick students out of dorms like UNC did today.  

Comment 25 Aug 2020

If there is even a whiff of impropriety, he should face jail time. An armed assailant robs a convenience store and gets 10 years in jail

It's cute that you still think blue collar and white collar crimes are treated anywhere near the same.  

Comment 24 Aug 2020

Here's the thing you are going to realize as you age, the system isn't set up for adults to make their own decisions.  It's 100% set up so companies can make more money and not for you to live by your own rules.  Late capitalism has little regard for damage done to humans for the good modern business.  

A job can fire you for going to a party, dependent upon the state you work in.  If for example you work in a state that is a "at will" employment state odds* are you can be fired at any time for any reason.  Only about 34% of the US population is protected by unions contracts, single use contracts or civil service agreements.  Most of the rest of the population can be fired for any reason the employer gives and at any time.  

But back to the university, for example, a student attends off campus party thrown by a fraternity member, in housing outside the fraternity  - his apartment or off campus house - and forces a freshman to drink with the implied idea that the freshman must drink to join the fraternity.  Because the university has rules governing the fraternity and it's operation as a part of the university system they are liable for actions of that group.  You may disagree but you would need to get your law degree and become a judge and then get on the supreme court to make those types of changes.  

*Stated odds are because a few "at will" states have exceptions

Comment 24 Aug 2020

They do in fact as many lawsuits regarding underage drinking, hazing, some suicides and various other activities that have injured or killed students in off campus activities have held that universities are liable for those.  These decisions have been ruled on from courts as high as the Supreme Court and been held that universities can be liable for all injuries that occur on and off campus.  

Comment 24 Aug 2020

Give it some time and you're vision of what college is for will change.  I know mine did after I've been out for "shudders at the thought" 16 years.  

Ohio State was a great time while I was there but what I learned and the connections I made are worth way more in the long run then the fun I had killing brain cells with grain alcohol and various other recreational activities.  Took at least being out 5-8 years before that began to sink in.