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  • SPORTS MOMENT: 2002 national championship game in Tempe, followed close by the 2015 January run of last minute trips to New Orleans and Dallas
  • NFL TEAM: do I have to admit to the browns?
  • NBA TEAM: Cavs
  • MLB TEAM: Tribe

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Comment 02 Apr 2019

I tried to put one "fun" elective in each quarter at OSU, the one credit hour kind of ones.  So those were Golf 1, Golf 2, archery, bowling, racquetball, handball among others.  Helped to do something fun while still getting a couple credits and only meeting once per week.  

I took a few real classes electives that were super fun including The History of Rock and Roll, Football Officiating, Sport for the Spectator among others.  

Comment 03 Dec 2018

I will never understand this logic.  These young men have put their future on the line playing all season for no pay.  You want to throw them off the team because they are thinking about their future earning potential?  A couple examples - Jaylen Smith (ND) and Jake Butt (UM) all lost millions of dollars playing in a meaningless game.  

Comment 19 Nov 2018

That is only if the ball goes out of bounds with no clear possession gained by either team after the fumble.  Other than that the ball can be advanced on a fumble by any legal player on the field as long as it isn't 4th down or a PAT.  The "legal player" on the field would refer to if someone went out of bounds and then came back in bounds and was the first to touch the ball.  

Comment 19 Nov 2018

First - in college the clock only stop when you go out of bounds under two minutes of the half.  If you go out any other time the clock starts once the ball is placed on the field.  Be thankful for this rule otherwise the 4 hour games would be 6 hours long.  

Second - the offence can't advance a fumble in if it's 4th down or a PAT (then only the player that fumbled can advance it).  Otherwise the offense can advance any fumble.

Third - the fair catch rule is only if you catch the ball on the fly, since the ball bounced and Dixon took a knee that is where he is down.  

Comment 19 Nov 2018

I see it differently.  The chances of him retiring go up with a win and down with a loss.  Urban is too competitive to leave as a loser to TTUN

Comment 18 Sep 2018

I have read the report and listened to what he said. And you know what?  His idoliotic decision to keep Zach because of nepotism or recruiting (note how many times he mentioned Zach’s recruiting skills) is inexcusable. He kept a drunk with many other issues on staff. He’s hired the best man from his wedding despite Davis having any career advancements or achievements, just a career average LB coach.  He cares more about himself and his cronies than the university or the image of the university. Stop thinking of it as football wins and losses and the instead look at the direction this turns a university that has worked extremely hard to turn itself form an average state university one of the leading schools in the nation. 

Comment 18 Sep 2018

To answer all the negative responses I knew I would get, yes I did watch all of the interviews and press conference. In the interview he did admit that he damaged the university and yet he never apologized for that damage. He never apologized to the children or Courtney, all of whose lives have been changed forever. He still hasn’t talked to Courtney who he and his wife were “counseling”, that’s some solid counseling there. 

Everything he has said was to cover his own ass to try to repair his image. But I understand everyone here is Buckeye fans so you all feel Urban was railroaded. Take a deep breath and realize that there has been more damage done to the university and others than Urban losing $600,000 and missing a few games. 

And im ready for my 10 downvoted I will get for this post because most of you don’t even understand how the voting works here. Just because you disagree is not supposed to be downvoted but feel free to give me all of them. 

Comment 17 Sep 2018

He needs to shut up.  Each time he talks he proves that he never cared about anything other than his own name.  He doesn't care about the damage done to the university and he doesn't care about the damage done to the Smith family.  He barely accepts any blame for keeping an awful position coach around and uses the excuse "he was an excellent recruiter".  Really?  Because he was an awful person, a terrible coach and obviously had many other problems that were evident to everyone.  

He also appears to have very little grasp of what Title IX actually is because it does not equal respect.  It's a set of a rules for equality in public university.  

I'm sure this will get downvoted to oblivion but having him as the figure head of a university I love feels disgusting, they should have fired him when they had the chance.  Winning football games isn't enough to excuse his acting like a child who didn't get his way.  

Comment 24 Aug 2018

How is that a cheap shot?  It would have been the first question I asked him. Followed by "in 2009, you said you brought Courtney and Zach in to discuss the issue with them, you do realize that putting a victim in front of their abuser is the worst possible way to talk to them, right?"

I'm so sick and tired of every Buckeye fan fawning over Urban, who has shown himself to be a complete hypocrite in this situation.  You can't post on the wall in large letters to respect women and then allow a piece of garbage like Zach Smith to collect a pay check from a public university whose goal, isn't to win stupid fucking football games, but to shape men and women into the leaders of tomorrow.  It's disgusting how this board has grown into "the media hates OSU and Urban" or "the media isn't fair".  Well we wouldn't have to worry about these problems if for the last 5 years we had not employed a terrible human being and allowed all of this to happen.  

Comment 29 Nov 2017

Is this Badger team basically the same as all others in the past, meaning are they only run the ball and defense?  I haven't watched many (any) Wisco games so should we expect them to try to control the clock and keep our offense off the field?  

What Buckeye is playing their last B1G game that we aren't expecting to leave, IE Jalin Marshall. 

Why is this game always in Indy?  Shouldn't the championship move to different cities each year to give more exposure to the Big Ten?  Like a rotation of Indy, Chicago, Cleveland, Pittsburgh, Detroit, Cincy?  

Comment 04 Oct 2017

Before this falls to the back burner as all of these stories eventually do. I want to take a moment and invite everyone back to Las Vegas.

This one incident could have happened in almost any city but the way this town reacted is very unique. Within 24 hours the blood banks were filled, charatiable orginazations have said they are full of donations and millions have been raised. This doesn’t even count all the hotels and other business that have offered free services for victims and families. 

Las Vegas isn’t only a place to enjoy a vacation or some gambling. It’s my home and I couldn’t be prouder of it and the amazing people I share it with. We can’t wait to host all of you very soon. 

Thanks to everyone for their love and support they have sent during this trying time. 

Comment 11 Aug 2017

The official alumni bar is Sporting Life on Jones Blvd. closer to the strip then PTs and rumor has it that PTs won't be a watch spot this year. Something to do with OSU liscencing department and what not. 

Plus Sporting Life is owned by a buckeye and not corporate (PTs is a chain of like 40 bars) with better food and drink specials. Always a crowd of Buckeyes. 

Comment 04 Apr 2017

I haven't been this excited for a baseball season in a long time (and I love baseball). Going to be a great year. Even being out west I believe I will see this tribe team in at least 15 games this year, including all 3 this weekend in Arizona. 

162-0 here we come. #rallytogether

Comment 03 Jan 2017

I don't think it's lesser talent even.  It's younger undeveloped talent.  How has every Ohio State fan forgotten that we were the youngest team in the nation this year? 

Before the season most people were expecting 2-3 losses on the schedule.  We ended up with 2 losses and a playoff berth.  C'mon people the sky isn't falling there are plenty of guys that now have an extra year of experience. 

JT is not the problem.  You don't set Ohio State QB records and then lose your starting role the next year.  Kid has been a gamer and taken full blame for all of his mistakes and losses.  He deserves a senior season in the horseshoe as a starting QB plain and simple. 

This entire fan base is complaining about a freaking 11-2 where we lost 14 starters to the NFL. 

I understand the frustration I sat in the University of Phoenix Stadium for all 60 minutes of the game and understand the anger at a poor performance but to assume that this isn't a great learning game for these young kids is kidding yourself.

Also I put about 90% of the blame on the game to Urban and the fact that he obviously knew Beck was on the way out, do you really think Beck's number one priority this last month was Ohio State?  I truly do not, he knew he was on the way to Texas.  (For an example please see Kiffen, Lane). 

Comment 22 Nov 2016

What is the best way to deal with co-workers that are TTUN alumni?  I keep leaning towards decapitation.  

Comment 12 Oct 2016

The Vegas deal is much different.  It is a new hotel room tax, roughly $4-$6 per room per night.  The major problem with this is if an economic downturn hits and the visitors stop coming to Las Vegas the county is now on the hook for this money.  Then the taxpayers of the county would be required to take on that load.

Also, it has been proven through multiple studies that there is a peak to the amount of money spent on "entertainment" and in Las Vegas case that includes hotel pricing.  So if you figure that the normal visitor spends an extra $20 (4 night stay) on their room, that's $20 less on gambling, dining, shows and tips per trip.  That translates into less money actually hitting the Las Vegas economy.  Take $4 per room x 62,000 rooms (on the strip alone)  = $248,000 per day diverted from the Las Vegas economy. At 365 days a year this is $90,520,000 diverted from the local economy.  Granted this is an overly simplistic view and the impact will most likely be lower than this number due to some people still spending that extra $4/day and hotel rooms not being at 100% occupancy. 

Finally, the same logic as above if you have a limited amount of money to spend on entertainment add in the cost of a ticket to NFL game and now you are taking $75 per ticket x 60,000 fans x 8 games = $36,000,000 per year in lost gaming, dining and show money to be spent.