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Comment 09 Dec 2019

They proved themselves clowns by dropping Georgia all the way down to ....... 5!  The trash team that lost to South Carolina and got waxed by LSU moves down 1 spot.  Alabama is far better than Georgia yet here we are.  Don't let anyone fool you, that move was to make LSU looks better and justify moving LSU to # 1.

Comment 17 Jan 2019

I really miss Brent Musburger and Keith Jackson's calls of the Buckeye games.  Always great to hear one of them on these old telecasts.

Comment 23 Oct 2018

I's funny that he mentions Jaylon Smith's injury and being relieved when Joey got kicked for targeting,  Jaylon has gone on the record many times saying he would go back and play that game again, even knowing he'd get the injury.  I am not going to take shots at Nick or his Dad.  That's their decision.  Quitting on your team sucks, but that's their decision.  If it were me though, I wouldn't use Jaylon's injury as a justification though seeing as they have wildly different opinions on what is the most important thing to them is (team & competition versus the almighty dollar signs).

Comment 02 Aug 2018

I'm not going to call her a hussy because by all accounts she is a nice woman, but she has attached herself to men who make good money.  She is dating another man who is making good money right now, hence in my opinion why she blew the whole thing up.  She doesn't need Zach's money anymore and can afford the lawyers Zach said she couldn't back in the day.  I don't believe she wanted to blow up Urban too, but he is a casualty of getting back at Zach.  The timing of her blowing this all up is way too convenient.  Like a poster above, her relationship status is second hand information, but it does add up.

Comment 20 Jul 2018

Thanks for the 5 mins of laughs and insight each morning!  At the end of the day don’t let politics make you lose your sense of humor.  I’m sure your path ahead is bright, but as they say in the movie Step Borthers, don’t lose your dinosaur!  Good luck!