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Comment 01 Aug 2019

We have mutual friends who were his neighbors in Picktown who are still close with his parents, and they told me not only is Jack the real deal (obviously), but he's a great kid as well. Hope he maintains that character and humbleness, and hope he stands true to his OSU commitment as well--he's being tugged at from all sides, especially from SEC schools, but his love of everything OSU is strong--VERY strong.

Comment 22 Jul 2019


Fort Lauderdale Judge Vegina “Gina” T. Hawkins was charged Thursday with “inappropriate conduct” under the Florida Code of Judicial Conduct and her behavior was deemed to have shown an “unfitness to serve,” and recommended her immediate suspension, according to a recommendation released by the investigative body of Florida’s Judicial Qualifications Commission, which oversees investigations of judges.

 lol...Vegina?!?  good lord

Comment 21 Jun 2019

The other thing my brain just to is that Ezekiel Elliott couldn't even do it his final year, but he was also playing on a team with Braxton Miller, Michael Thomas, Curtis Samuel (good lord how did this team not win a natty), Curtis Samuel and J.T. Barrett who all needed touches, and he also only played 13 games when 14 or 15 should have been in play. And he still got 1,821.

my brain hurts trying to read this...don't know what the first sentence means, and seeing a double 'Curtis Samuel'-LOL

Comment 15 May 2019

I'm not personally here to get irrationally upset about an irrelevant preseason list (that's what y'all are for), but 11 feels too low, even if he's never started a game. I get that he's unproven, but I'd have a hard time convincing myself to take any of the quarterbacks higher than No. 5 before riding with Fields.

I've been an unabashed Fields lover since before he even transferred to Ohio State so my biased opinion ain't worth much, but I'd take Fields over Adrian Martinez, Cole McDonald, Shea Patterson and Ian Book at least. Probably Texas J.T. Barrett and Jalen Hurts as well.

please explain the last sentence "probably Texas J.T. Barrett..."--what does he have to do with Fields or any of the other QB's mentioned that are all still playing in college?

Comment 13 May 2019

Time for McGuff to prove he is as good a coach as he is recruiter

I got on here to post the exact same thing---time to put up or shut up, Coach, lack of talent will not be (or, IMO, never has been) an excuse