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Comment 25 Mar 2011

Just now read this story and everyone needs to step back from the ledge, or at least get out of the bubble that must be Columbus right now.  If it is true, I would find it completely consistent with his statement of being concerned about the kids.  Sarniak is a mentor of Pryor's, regardless of what anyone here thinks of him, so if you were concerned with his behavior, or his potentially being caught up in something worse, you would naturally contact him.  I would hope he did the same thing with Posey's parents.

Tressel never denied forwarding the emails.  He even looked to be answering in the affirmative in the middle of a national press conference before Smith cut him off.  He was clearly not attempting to hide anything.  We are fortunate to have the best coach in CFB.  When the day comes when we just have someone good with the x's and o's of football it is going to feel pretty hollow to me.  Time to lock arms and quit with all the negativity.

Comment 16 Mar 2011

Thankfully, I believe we can discontinue any talk of Tressel losing his job.  If you watched the press conference Gene Smith was emphatic that "no matter where this ends up Jim Tressel is still our coach."  Gee then went on to say that he sat down with Tressel for three hours and satisfied himself that there were no smoking guns and that he fully supports him.  He even challenged one reporter for being crazy enough to bring it up.  Tressel is not going anywhere regardless of what you hear from any other source, nor should he. 

As for Herbstriet, he got his job for being a good looking young guy with a good voice from a major football university.  No one ever said he was a genius.  Do we hold it against Lou Holtz or Digger Phelps when they pull for Notre Dame, or Mark May for Pitt, or any of the "ESPN Experts" when they pull for their alma maters? Of course not, it is often done tongue-in-cheek and we viewers know it.  It's having a little fun.  Herbstriet's comments stink of envy, or some preceived slight we may not even know about.  Or, he just may be stupid enough to think his absolute non-bias is necessary to do the job.  Either way, he should have connected the future dots and moved as soon as he began down that path.  It was inevitable.