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Comment 22 Jan 2020

Loved the press conference and I hope he does more of them this year and next. As a note to the staff at 11W, is there any way to have a video of the Press Conferences? I enjoy actually listening/watching the pressers and typically have to go to a competitors site to watch them. I dont know if it is a file size/page loading thing or simply having somebody there with access to set up a camera but I just throw it out there to have a video if possible to get all the info in one place. Bullets are a great summary and if I'm not in a position to watch a video but I do enjoy watching them when I get a chance. You get more of a sense of the personality of the coaches and players I think.

Comment 16 Jan 2020

Between Brown, Banks, Riep and Tyreke Johnson, I feel pretty confident the coaches will be able to get two guys that can play at a high level. Oregon will be a stiff early test but the rest of the schedule looks "getable" and to be able to have these young guys round into shape with a season's worth of experience by the end of the year puts the D in a solid spot going into the potential post season.   

Comment 09 Dec 2019

Just did some half-assed internet research and it looks like those are the same we wore in the national championship year. So if that's the case, I'm all for it. Run em back

Comment 09 Dec 2019
  • Playing Clemson in Arizona is way better than having to play them in New Orleans. Lots of Buckeyes in Phoenix, there would be way more clemson fans in NO
  • We have 3 weeks off before playing clemson. We will be the healthiest and freshest we will be since the first game of the season. Oklahoma would still be a tough game and then the turnaround would be 2 weeks till clemson. 3>2
  • This gives the coaches 3 weeks to game plan, again 3>2. I think these are the two best teams and this is the real national championship so might as well have the most time to prepare. 

Silver linings people

Comment 27 Nov 2019

I appreciate all of the help on the references. There have been a couple lately that were admittedly over my head. Being born in the 90s is a significant handicap in this regard. Very cool to see and hear about the inspiration behind some of them. 

Comment 26 Nov 2019

I think it is made a little easier in that it isn't actually going to be his last game as a Buckeye, just last one this year. I think you're right about making sure he's 100%. If he's still not quite ready to go might as well wait until he's healthy to where he could make the most impact possible. If I were him I would wait till the Semi's and be ready to play and if we get down or are in a tight game go for it. Otherwise wait for the NC. What a ringer to bring out in the final game. A 4th year guy with skill in a huge moment like that. Could be big when the other rotation players are true freshmen and sophomores. 

As an aside, I think he would still get a pair of gold pants even if he doesnt play. I think if you're on the roster you get a pair but I could be wrong on that. 

Comment 18 Nov 2019

Absolutely hoping the marvels of modern medicine are able to take over here. Something like this is just devastating to this young guy and his whole family. They all moved from Hawaii to Alabama, think about that for a second, I know where I'd rather live, to support their son and then this happens. I am hoping for a Jaylon Smith type of recovery and story line. All the best Tua.  

Comment 17 Nov 2019

I don't know Baylor dominated that first half. Dominated. Then halftime came and I don't know if was adjustments made by Oklahoma or not but those Baylor players definitely felt like they had it in the bag and could coast and lost the mental edge they had in the first half. The way momentum swings in college games anything is possible because you're talking about 18-22 year olds. Things flip pretty quick. 

Comment 15 Nov 2019

Thanks everybody I appreciate all of the ideas and definitely some good looking stuff out there. I didn't mention all of the ones I listen to just because I wanted to see everyone's opinion. Most of the ones I listen to have been mentioned at this point but a couple that haven't that I wanted to throw out for people to check out. 

The Drive by Peter Attia is interesting for various different medical stuff. highly recommend the ones with Matthew Walker on sleep. 

Backpacker Radio- if you like backpacking and thinking about a thru hike

Jocko Podcast- For motivation and general badasery

Bigger Pockets- If youre thinking about real estate investing

Also wanted to mention RIP- OSP, the Mark Titus pod on the Ringer, had a good run. 

Comment 12 Nov 2019

Coach Day is amazing for a number of reasons but I think this is huge. Having his ability to coach up the most important position on the field is huge as a head coach and then his play calling is equally as important. 2015 season is all the evidence I needed to confirm how important play calling is. Its still only his first season and there is definitely a little extra fire to him wanting to prove himself in replacing a legend but Day is on his way to being a legend in his own right. Gene really nailed this hire. 

Comment 12 Nov 2019

I could see him getting approved and going the Grad Transfer route and playing at Cincinnati with Coach Fickell and Freeman. He would be guaranteed starter and get lots of playing time back in his hometown. Don't get me wrong I would love to see him back and fulfill his potential that we saw on 10 star Tuesday or whatever day that was that we melted the servers. I think Cinci has a couple senior linebackers and he might be able to fill in one of those roles well. Again not trying to push the kid out at all but if I were in his position and given another year I would want to play as much as possible and just enjoy playing. With his injury history his best chance at the pros is as an UFA and he needs to have more tape to make that a reality. 

Comment 07 Nov 2019

I think that in most every year there are probably not 3 teams better than the best team in each of those conferences. Pac 12 has probably been the weakest in the past few years and their conference champion has been a top5-8 team every year. The ACC champion has been in every single playoff as is so they would most likely be included in a top 8 as well. 

And you are right, as is there is no need to have one of those Group 5 teams in there but if we get to the end of the season and Cincy's only loss is a road loss to OSU I bet they will be top 10 and be trying to make an argument as to why they should be in. That's why I included that caveat though cause if one of those teams has 2 or more losses, based on their schedule they don't deserve it but also because of that they most likely wont be in a top 10/15 ranking. If they're undefeated or one loss to a good power 5 team, why not? Crazier things have happened. UCF beat Auburn, Boise regularly beats Power 5 teams and Memphis or Houston could easily as well with the right coaches/players. 

Comment 07 Nov 2019

1. The support systems at these large schools would make it happen. If the FCS can make everything work with a 24 team playoff then the big boys can figure out the logistics of a 8 team playoff. 

2. Fans will always make it out. If anything it might offer some fans that cant make every playoff game a chance to go to one. The tickets might not be thousands of dollars and maybe a dad can afford to take his son (or Mom/Daughter).

3.the rest of the Bowls are already devalued and have been for a while now. I only watch the major bowls and have been for a while. The top 10 Non New years 6 bowl games get between 40-60,000 attendees. Those games would still get those numbers because it is the alumni bases of schools like UVA, Northwestern, Kentucky, Purdue, Stanford, Vandy, Army etc. Teams that likely arent going to play for a big bowl anyway. 

4. Again I think the players already sit out these games regardless. 

I think the schedule that could work for everybody might work best would be the 12/21, 12/28, 1/11. that would give time to finish up exams and then the first week of school is generally "syllabus week" and typically isnt something that couldnt be made up or done in advance in most courses. 

I think the bowl system, even somewhat with the BCS was already trending that way. The bowl games are more corporate events than games normal fans can go to. I keep mentioning the FCS because I was at University of Richmond when we won the title. When we won in the semis lots of students decided last minute to go to the game. That would never happen at the FBS level because of how expensive everything has been for some time now. If anything this might allow for a playoff atmosphere on the campus, which is awesome by the way, and then have the corporate bowls for the semis and final like it already is. 

Comment 07 Nov 2019

There are blowouts in every playoff system in every sport. I for one would have loved to see OSU make a run last year. There could definitely be an argument made that yes they had a disaster game in the middle of the season but by the end they could play with anybody.

One thing that is somewhat underrated, it would help the Pac 12 and Big 12 teams in recruiting tremendously. They could keep some of the local talent home with a real promise that if we win our conference we go to the playoff and have a shot at a title. I think there are only 4/5 teams that can realistically pitch to recruits that if they come here they have a legit shot at the title every year and the recruiting rankings show. Clemson, Bama, OSU, Georgia and maybe LSU if their offense continues on this path and doesn't revert back to the 80's when Burrow leaves. Thats a big pitch for schools like USC, Oregon, Washington Texas Oklahoma, hell even TCU or KState. 

I just think that teams that have one bad game or maybe two can still go out there and beat every other team in college football and this would give them the ability to prove it on the field.