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Comment 16 hours ago

Exactly. I went to a boarding school because their academics might be the best in the state of Virginia and my local schools couldn't hold a candle to it. I don't see any difference. I wanted to prepare myself for college academically, these kids want to prepare for college athletics. Also the name recognition and exposure is legitimate. I got into a lot of colleges that I probably wouldn't have because of the academic reputation of my boarding school. I bet there are a lot of guys that get scholarships that they wouldn't have otherwise because of the exposure they get down there. 

Comment 08 Aug 2017

In the preview for next weeks episode there is a scene with Dany on one of the dragons right in front of Jon Snow and my buddy thinks that Bran sent a raven telling him about the white walkers, he declares hes going home, Dany wont let him, tries to burn him with the dragon, but because he is half Targaryen and has dragon blood in him, he survives and thats how its revealed that hes Half Targaryen. I think its a stretch because in the same preview he is talking strategy on Dragonstone with everyone else so I dont know how he goes from that to getting burnt up but I am excited to see how all of this plays out.

Comment 08 Aug 2017

Yea that was insane. I dont know about you but I dont think I sign up for the role of the guy that has to stand there on fire for 15 seconds. That and the fact that they had one shot of getting the timing of all of those explosions right. Crazy. 

The guy at the end I think captured it the best. This has got to be the best show to work on. Every toy, gadget, and sfx that they can imagine, they get. Going from working on this show to any other is going to be such a let down for this crew. 

Comment 08 Aug 2017

There was a scene that cut to Littlefinger alone in Winterfell shortly after Arya came back and in the back ground you can hear a raven so I think that he is still plotting something and sending ravens to someone but it isn't clear as to who yet. I agree with you though. I think his time is short and that Arya kills him with the catspaw dagger after Bran tells her about his role in their fathers death. His character doesn't thrive in chaos and I think that is his downfall. There are only 10 episodes left in the entire show so it wouldn't be unrealistic for him to hang on for a few more episodes, maybe into the next season but then that's it for him. He could also die this Sunday and that would not surprise me. 

Comment 08 Aug 2017

I dont know if this was the case but it might have something to do with the film making aspect of it that caused them not to use the common sense military tactic and basically do the same thing to the army as she did to the loot train. HBO has a behind the scenes segment up on HBO GO about that specific scene that I highly recommend to everyone here. Apparently they set a record for number of people lit on fire in a scene, yes those were actually people in there they lit on fire, not CGI. So trying to create that scene, essentially lighting thousands of people on fire, probably wouldn't have been possible and the scene wouldn't have looked nearly as authentic as it did. Definitely recommend watching that behind the scenes bit though. Really cool look at the pyro and sfx. 

Comment 08 Aug 2017

He was there, at least for the beginning, he gets the troops lined up and is shouting orders. When all hell breaks loose they mainly focus on Jamie and Bronn though so it's  not obvious what actually happens to the rest of the troops. 

I also don't know what version is going to do to get home to finally strangle her though. My buddy thinks that it might not be literal and that it could be a poison that "strangles" her which could happen if Jamie is trying to poison Euron or something like that. Not sure how likely that is but it was a different perspective

Comment 18 Jul 2017

I love Matta and think he was an incredible coach but not having a nutritionist is somewhat shocking to me and unacceptable for the type of program OSU should be. As mentioned, S&C, nutritionist, academic support and career development(Real Life Wednesdays) should be standard practice. Shoot, there is a perfect blue print of how a program should look in the same department. Just emulate what the football program does and I have a hard time believing this team won't get better.  

Comment 06 Jun 2017

Yea I was basically using a top 20 as a format but yea I tier 3 definitely has some potential additions. The main ones I was looking at were Maryland and Florida. Definitely not an exhaustive list but regardless I think were in that 3rd tier with the potential to be a top 2nd tier team. OSU is a football school so it will be tough to ever compete with the top schools like Duke, Kentucky, UNC, Kansas etc mainly cause they suck at football and have nothing else to cheer for. 

Comment 06 Jun 2017

Yea I looked up coaches salaries and Huggy Bear is #6 at 3.575 Million with a potential bonus of another $690,000 so they're clearly dedicating some serious cash to the program. They are probably on the back end of that tier but still probably in that ball park. This is also purely my opinion with about 15 min of research while I'm at work. So incredibly thorough...

Comment 06 Jun 2017

Trying to base this on program history, facilities, prominence of BBall on campus, ability to draw recruits, enthusiasm of fan base etc.     
Tier 1: UNC, Duke, Kentucky

Tier 2: Kansas, UCLA, MSU, Arizona, Syracuse, Louisville Villanova

Tier 3: Indiana, Notre Dame, Texas, OSU, WVU, UCONN, Pitt, Georgetown, Marquette, Illinois

Villanova might be a stretch in that second Tier but I still think they are a top 10 job. Basketball crazed city, talent hotbed for recruiting, no other main sports, and some legitimate championship history. 

That third tier is where OSU is as of now. I can definitely see us getting up into that second tier but now we have some work to do. I think were firmly in the middle of that third tier as far as programs. I see us similar to Texas right now. Major public state school, football dominant athletic department, resources like crazy, decent history and nearby recruiting areas with the potential to be a championship contender but just not there yet. I am interested to see how Shaka Smart does at Texas being a Richmond VA resident and watching his time here at VCU. Incredible recruiter and a really charismatic guy but Im not sold on his on the court coaching yet. Similar to James Franklin. Franklin had a great season this past year and if he keeps that up he'll definitely change my perception. Shaka has a upbeat "Havoc" style of play that causes issues for people but in the A10 he basically had better athletes than everybody else and so that style worked. Im interested to see if he can make that work at the major conference level. I am really interested to see who Gene brings in here because I think this is a pretty crucial cycle right now. If this hire doesnt perform it could be another 3 years before OSU bball is relevant again, making it essentially a 5 year stretch of extreme mediocrity. Cant have that if you wanna be a top 10 program.  

Comment 19 May 2017

Could it also be that DT, similarly to OL, is a position where it helps tremendously to be in a college program for at least a year before you can contribute. DE's can come in and rely on athleticism in some cases but a DT like an OL needs time to build muscle and mass in order to bang inside. I know there are some examples of DT's doing really well in their first year but I don't think its as common as some people may think