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Comment 11 Jan 2019

We rotate CB’s and we need to play with three of them on the field a lot of the time.  I am glad Arnette is coming back so we have three experienced CB’s to use in these situations (Okudah, Arnette and Wade).  We can then sprinkle in others to get experience based on their play and capabilities.  Win/win for the Bucks as far as I am concerned.  

Comment 08 Jan 2019

Nothing has been said about Stud yet.  Day is obviously focused on the defensive side of the ball first (after he replaced himself with Yurcich).  Day has not come out and said Stud is staying.  This may be a case of sequentially dealing with one issue at a time.  Once the “D” is set, then decide on options for the OL, including possibly Stud staying.  Stay tuned.

Comment 07 Jan 2019

No one was on here singing magical praises for Tom Herman when he was hired.  Or Ryan Day for that matter.  Not many for Chris Ash either.  They didn't come from "Clemson or Alabama."  We trusted Urban Meyer because he was an established, successful coach, but he made mistakes as well (putting Warriner at OC, Beck, Withers, Davis, maybe Grinch).  Day has Urban Meyer and many others helping him. 

I personally love the pairing of Mattison and Hafley. 

You have NFL professional DB's (even one possible Hall of Famer) singing Hafley's praises but you don't like him because .... ????

Comment 07 Jan 2019

Did Day make sense to you when he was hired? How about Herman or Ash?   Young coaching talent comes from everywhere   Trust that Day knows how good these guys are (and I personally love the experienced/teacher/mentor/tutor role for Mattison with a hot young defensive coach).