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Comment 18 Sep 2019

I have a bad memory of a final regular season game.  The good guys are making a comeback.  They run left, left, left (pace is the tackle).  They ran right to mix it up and got behind down and distance and had to punt.  Mixing it up cost them the game.

Also, when Tressel was a first time OC, he kept running the same play over and over.  The head coach came over the headset and asked, "jim, don't you have any other plays."  To which he responded, "yes, when they stop this one."

Comment 29 May 2019

Boone missed his block!

Comment 24 May 2019

On TV, 2003 vs. Wisconsin when our LB choked out the WI QB.  In person, in Blacksburg, my ride (Hokie fan) was begging to go after the conclusion was foregone, so I had to.