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Comment 04 Jul 2020

thanks for posting these.  watching eddie run and find the gaps is why i always despised when he had to run from tight formations.  his vision and ability to change direction were his strengths.  formations where there were no gaps always limited him.  that and when cooper refused to run behind pace.  in the citrus bowl, pace had taken his guy 5 yards deep into the end zone but to 'mix it up' we ran right.  grateful for eddie.  still bitter about a few coaching decisions.

Comment 03 Jul 2020

Only 4 BIG losses and it could have been less.

1) Give the ball to Zeke (MSU)

2) call time out before the field goal attempt (PSU)

3) don't fill line of scrimmage gaps with linebackers (Purdue)

4) don't telegraph your passes, cover the tight end, and no Bosa brain fart (Iowa)

Comment 01 Jul 2020

Ramzy, i am a bit confused here.  I understood that you created the catch phrase for JT's run, but i did not see it here (even in the imbeds).  'Run away lawn mower run.'  I didn't think it had been used enough to be cliché or passé, but what do i know.

Comment 28 Jun 2020

Careful.  Yes, cases are increasing quickly in a number of states and that has everyone's attention.  But let's do a normalized comparison using Johns Hopkins data.  Number of cases per 100,000 people.

NY 2002

NJ 1915 

MA 1566

VA 711

OH 416

now the states that you hear about

CA 523

FL 577

TX 488

Now maybe CA, FL, TX will become like the northeast was but right now they are well behind those numbers.  It amazes me that not one person in the media ever presents the normalized data /s.

Comment 24 Jun 2020

Thanks Ramzy.  For that VT game in Columbus, my bride and I brought 4 hokies up to the game in Columbus.  Sunday was next the best day for a road trip back to Va - lots of chirping.  (Though by January it no longer mattered.)  One of them was kind enough to put me in Lane stadium the next year.  Definitely an electric atmosphere (there were even rumors that Mettalica was going to play 'Enter Sandman' live).  And those audible gasps from Hokie fans are etched in my memory. My only regret is not changing one of their 'Blacksburg' city signs into 'Braxburg' on the way out of town.

"Especially on Jordan Fuller touchdowns. Yeah, especially those."  Two too soon.

Comment 19 Jun 2020

I don't understand why some 'coach' changed Ryan Shazier's tackling style?  For us, he used the rugby style tackling and made very large athletic players look like rag dolls.  Then, .....

If the NFL and for that matter colleges and high schools were really serious about safety rugby style tackling would be in vogue.  I would still watch the game.

Comment 09 Jun 2020

wow.  just wow.  we are so lucky.  lucky coach tressel recruited him.  lucky coach meyer had brian's brother on staff.  lucky brian caught the coaching bug.

Comment 09 Jun 2020

I wouldn't be surprised if most teams have Covid-19 cases and the vast majority of football players that get Covid-19 will be fine.  A few might die just like a few die of heat stroke every year.  My biggest gripe through this whole ordeal is that a large number of sheeple have equated 'possibility' and 'probability'.  Yes, math is hard for a lot of folks.

Comment 03 Jun 2020

Went to HS in Northern VA but Dad is a Marine from Pataskala (USNA grad).  He maintained Ohio as his state of residency so that's where may in-state tuition was.  Met a gal from NW Ohio freshman year.  We will celebrate 40 years of wedding bliss and 40 years since undergrad graduation in the next two weeks,.  Stuck around for a Master's as well.  It didn't take but one football game to get hooked on the Buckeye smack.  Most folks assume I am from Ohio because of my fandom so I feel like an honorary Ohioan.

Comment 03 Jun 2020

Saw a partial replay of the sparty game recently.  JTB missed a wide open Braxton on a deep ball.  He hits that we get a TD and aparty has to respect the deep ball and perhaps we have room to run.

Comment 02 Jun 2020

Coach Day works long, long hours to ensure the success of the team, the players, and the coaching staff.  He is a family man.  What would you have him sacrifice? - more time with his family or more time with the team.  There are only 24 hours in a day so I hope he does not give up time for national media interviews.  Fulfill his local media requirements and either go home to his family or design a new zone buster pass route tree.