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Comment 03 Jan 2016
With all these underclassmen leaving, how many scholarships are available this year -25? We are only at 18 and counting......
Comment 27 Nov 2015
For creative playcalling on the driving rain, turn on the TCU/Baylor game and watch them actually throw the ball down the field - sometimes the receivers actually catch the ball but at least at least they are not running the same plays for one and two yard gain. Sloppy but fun game.
Comment 25 Nov 2015
If all or most of these OL statements ar true then the bigger question is how or why does a smart coach (ours) not make a line up change at all this year?
Comment 08 Nov 2015
Based on how they are playing, unfortunately bama should be ranked #1. I hate seeing ND ranked so high.
Comment 18 Oct 2015
Did Hill really decommit because he wanted to play on defense? Do you see him playing defense in college - @ sparty?
Comment 23 Sep 2015
I don't buy the complacency issue, IMO it is coaching, play calling and talent. As someone said earlier, with the exception of one starter on defense the rest could be first or second round draft picks. On offense only a few starters are first or second round picks. We do have a few 4th-7th round on offense. However 4-7 rounds picks don't always make the team and could as easy be a FA - thus the talent isn't much different so the coaching and scheme must click to dominate a game.
Comment 14 Sep 2015
Tried to listen but too painful so forces me to listen to local DC sports (ie redskins) which is equally as painful.
Comment 10 Sep 2015
As a long suffering Brown's fan they constantly and consistently make stupid decisions to piss off /drive off their fans. Why should I be surprised any more.