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Comment 15 Aug 2017
I have some parking & traffic questions. I have some parking and traffic questions/ About 2 or 3 years ago, after the Homecoming game, I was going West on Lane, I was in the left turn lane to turn onto 315 South. The light would only stay Green for the Left turn for 1 second or less. No exaggeration. Is that normal after a game? Another year, we found parking near the Vet hospital. The next year I tried to get back there and all the roads were blocked, unless you had a parking permit. Is there an alternate way in there? Did they change the status of that parking lot during games? One police officer in particular was a real jerk about it too. Yeah, jerk was saying it nicely. It wasn't clear that we couldn't go that way, or why we could just one year prior. If the link works to my picture, I have the Vet parking circled. Also, what I believe is the Dodd parking, but where is the Polo parking lot? https://goo.gl/photos/TbzVncjNTLN9NMm49 Thanks,
Comment 11 Jan 2017

Those old phones are tough as nails. If they aren't using VOIP, then that phone is fine.

Years ago, a stupid co-worker at the time. (Alcoholic) Told a story, he came home from work, his wife (2nd cousin) was on the phone. He kept asking her what was for dinner, then finally yelled at her to get off the phone. She whacked him in the head with the hand piece, he came to work with a black eye. :-)