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  • SPORTS MOMENT: When scUM lost to Appalachian State or Toledo, either! :-)
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Comment 16 Jan 2020

What is the bigger disappointment:

1. Losing to Meat Chicken once

2. Only winning 1 National Championship

I vote for #2, we should have won back to back NC's. That cold wet night against Michigan State was totally winnable. Meyer was too predictable, run the QB, run the QB. My thoughts if he was going to run the QB, why not let Braxton Miller take over? I almost went to that game, so glad I didn't. I ended up watching at home with a sinus infection, being in the cold rain and losing, would have been miserable.

As far as #1, well, if you know you are going to win every year, it starts to take the fun out of it. Example, 2018, we were the underdogs, the victory was that much more enjoyable.

Comment 13 Jan 2020

1. Let's get over the Fiesta Bowl, don't be like *ichigan fans crying about "The Spot" from a few years ago. Or Miami fans after the Championship game interference call. Both teams are UM, seems to be something to that? :-)

2. There are multiple instances during the Fiesta Bowl that just that 1 play could have resulted in an Ohio State win, but they didn't. The team, the coaches had a great year, they were so close, but now it's over, let's move on.

3. Joe Burrow all the WAY! I don't care about LSU so much, and I don't like the SEC, however, at least it's not Bama or MeatChicken playing tonight! :-)

4. At least this takes our mind off the basketball team's free fall for a night. I didn't think we were really a top 10 team, but 4 losses in a row is rough and we are near the bottom of the Big10 now. :-(

5. Prediction LSU 45, Oranges 31, Joe Burrow 384 yards passing.

I hope Justin Fields and the rest of our 2020 team watches closely tonight. 

Comment 07 Jan 2020

"75 percent of them moved from California or Florida. But hey, getting there is half the battle. Finding a better winter coat after walking to class in 9-degree weather for the first time is the other."

Hopefully they spread the word about how much nicer it is the rest of the year. Especially during summer workouts. Not so much California, but guys from the Southeast, Georgia, Florida, Mississippi, Alabama. The humidity is crazy, on top of high temperatures, working out in that weather is not fun. Even walking across the parking lot, isn't fun.

Comment 31 Dec 2019

I was disappointed, but I didn't feel as confident as I did before playing Bama, I kind of felt something coming.

This game wasn't as hard of a loss as when the Steelers played the Cowboys for Super Bowl 30. I belive it was Kordell Stewart's first year in the league. He was "Slash" and Neil O'donnel was the QB.

The only thing good about Neil O'donnell, he didn't throw interceptions. Except in that game, he threw 2 directly to some unknown back (Larry Brown), not Deion Sanders on the other side of the field. Both that Larry Brown and Neil O'donnell got BIG checks to move to new teams that off season. Basically after that, neither player ever did anything worthwhile again. It still seems really fishy to me. It seems like someone was paid to throw the ball away.

From Wikipedia regarding the second INT:

The play was a mirror image of O'Donnell's first interception to Brown; a throw in the right flat thrown under a heavy Cowboys blitz into the arms of Brown with no Steelers receiver in sight. 

Comment 23 Dec 2019

They will come after Justin Fields early and often. If the O-Line protects him and he doesn't turn it over, we should be fine.

Now we will see how good the Defense really is. *ichigan put up more points (27) on us than anyone all year. We only had one shut out all year though. If the Offense comes out slow again, we can't let Clemson pull away or feel that we "have" to score now. (I mean try to force it.)

Time will tell, that's why they play the game. Looking forward to a Buckeye victory.

Comment 19 Dec 2019

1. Earlier this year one of our secondary guys (or was it linebacker) went into the transfer portal. Did he land anywhere? Perhaps he stays on now?

2. We need a secondary coach, maybe we should go after this Shah guy if Kerry Coombs doesn't work out. :-)

Comment 09 Dec 2019


They don't think we will beat Clemson, and the SEC will only have 1 loss in the bowl games.

Rittenberg’s SEC predictions:

Texas Bowl: Oklahoma State 33, Texas A&M 27
Music City Bowl: Mississippi State 34, Louisville 27
Orange Bowl: Florida 37, Virginia 16
Belk Bowl: Kentucky 29, Virginia Tech 24
Citrus Bowl: Alabama 44, Michigan 31
Outback Bowl: Auburn 31, Minnesota 20
Sugar Bowl: Georgia 26, Baylor 17
Gator Bowl: Tennessee 37, Indiana 34
Peach Bowl (CFP semifinal): LSU 42, Oklahoma 27
National Championship: LSU 38, Clemson 37

Comment 27 Nov 2019

What is so crazy about is, they hired hi* because he just beat *ichigan in a bowl ga*e! Then he co*es here and can't get it done. :-(

Comment 27 Nov 2019

We really don't know how good the other tea*s we have played are this year. Last year *ichigan was ranked as having a great defense, we proved that wrong.

When it co*es to Bowl season, how will the Big10 do?

I'* not 100% convinced we are "Great" yet, we need to play so*e other Varsity level tea*s to find out. I think we are, but will Dabo or so*eone else find so*e ways to exploit it? As Ryan Day said, last week was the first week we had near equal level of talent on the field.