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Comment 14 Oct 2019

If I recall correctly, the last full season Joe Burrow was here, he was hurt in the summer. He didn't get to practice as much. Before that point he seemed to be #2 behind JT. He never gained the ground back, then apparently it was a very close decision between Burrow and Haskins that spring. If Joe had stayed, maybe he would've beaten Haskins out during the summer. 

If fairness, last year Joe was good, but not fantastic. So, realize you are looking through Rose Colored glasses, and you weren't there at every practice, etc.

Comment 08 Oct 2019

Searching for Laughs at the MGoBlog and found these funny comments in a thread about their Women's volleyball team winning 7 straight vs Ohio State.

Comment 01 Oct 2019

Speaking of TP, the selling/trading of the Gold Pants that were given to him/them. 

POINT> They were given the items, so they owned them, who is the NCAA to say they can't sell them?

COUNTERPOINT> So, if it's ok to give gifts/awards to players, what stops teams from giving an award each game, instead of Buckeye Leaves on the helmet, a small token. What then stops the player from selling them? What if the team doesn't win that week, well this is the age of Participation Trophies, so you get an award anyway.

What is to stop schools from saying if you sign with us, you will get an "award" for each game. We know people that will pay you $5,000 for each award. So, it would really be pay to play, but not directly.

This is a slippery slope, I would be ok with some limit to the amount of money they receive while they are still in school, they could get more after school. Of course the argument will be this is a capitalist country, they should get as much as they are worth.

I'm starting to see this in the same respect as the NFL going to free agency, I slowly lost interest. My "team" was no longer my team, the players moved around too much.

I may soon have an extra 4 hours of free time on Saturdays in the fall.

Comment 30 Sep 2019

I was somewhat disappointed we weren't challenged more on Saturday night. As Ryan Day has said, I wanted to see a 4 quarters game. I especially wanted to see the crowd get into it more to "Test" Justin Fields, before we go to the Toilet Bowl in November. In some ways, I hope we blow them out, but it's also fun when they think they can win, then we crush them in the final minutes.

Comment 30 Sep 2019

1. Okudah's back INT - Yes, some Luck, however a lot of skill to basically catch it one handed. Later in the game I saw a pass we could have had another INT, but it was a 2nd or 3rd string guy that wasn't quite paying attention.

2. Almost 2 months until the game. For our team, don't get cocky, see John Cooper teams for a history lesson. The more problems TTUN has, the more desperate and motivated they will be to beat Ohio State. Two months gives time for both teams to improve, we also need to be healthy at that point, and hope no one steals crab legs, gets a DUI, etc. Yes, things look good this year, however last year at this time things were looking good for TTUN.

3. Per another article regarding *ichigan being a mess. Not really, if you look at football only, yes, mostly so. However, we haven't had as much luck recently on the hardwoods, hopefully that is changing. All of their former NBA talent, now as coaches, we shall see how that goes. Don't forget, their Swim and Diving teams are great! :-) Ha Ha Ha!

4. Why didn't Ohio State ever get Pete Rose to coach our baseball team? He was banned by the Majors only, correct? It would be awesome to have an NC in Baseball to go with Football and Basketball!