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Comment 09 Oct 2019

They totally are in regards to Pryor. Go over to their board. Talking about their coaches ability “coach him up”, like they produce elite DBs on the regular or something. Pretty funny honestly 

Comment 19 Sep 2019

First job I had was caddying. Made stupid money for a kid my age, oh and all cash, can go when u want. Highly recommend that for young people. Did it up at some nice CCs in NE Ohio. 

Comment 13 Sep 2019

Hmm, maybe things have changed, but was stationed in Va Beach from 2010-2013 and definitely seemed way more rowdy for browns games than Buckeye games. Also remember the place was a bit of a dump in all honesty. 

Comment 27 Jul 2019

Yah he has to be serious about FSU. South Florida to northwest Florida isn’t exactly a quick trip. About a 7 hr drive I believe. 

Comment 23 Jul 2019

That was also like 4-5 years ago, I mean a lot can change in that time.

I feel like most haven’t taken ESPN ratings that seriously since they severely underrated Beanie. It was something criminally low. 

Comment 19 Jul 2019

Rivals Cane site has an article up saying that we are pushing hard for south Florida CB Jaiden Francois. Seems it’s been really quiet since he visited. Anyone see anything about this? 

Comment 19 Jul 2019

Also maybe there is some late developing guy somewhere that doesn’t have a great offer list/committed to a lesser program that just blows up his senior year.

Comment 10 Jul 2019

Need to couple that with a relative LSU dissapointing season. Seems Coach O has for now calmed the doubters, but if they have a 4 loss season or more, and dont look competitive in some of the bigger games, the heat will be turned back up on him. 

Hard to say this, need Texas Tom and his boys to take it to LSU, will only help. 

Comment 10 Jul 2019

CB from a Clemson insider on J. Knighton to the good guys. 

Wasnt he committed there or favoring there at one point? Could see an avalanche of CBs to us on him now. 

Comment 08 Jul 2019

As we have heard a million times, if you don’t lead after the OV, you never will. 

Plus he already used his OV there. So now him going back would require the entire cost of travel to all be on him and his family. Will be surprised if they convince him to slow it down at this point. 

Comment 03 Jul 2019

Just saw on Twitter someone who interviewed Mookie Cooper. Mookie is gonna announce next week, making his commitment video this weekend and has already informed the staff of the school he is choosing. 

Comment 02 Jul 2019

Hoping to see the CB for Bijan that AE referenced yesterday that we should have seen yesterday or today.  Guessing it will start a flood of CBs. 

Comment 01 Jul 2019

I’ve pretty much always been a Bill Greene guy. Think he is the best. Guess it depends if ur a BG or Marc Givler guy. I just re started my rivals and prob will end it, and just keep 247, in addition to here obviously.

Comment 01 Jul 2019

South Florida to Tallahassee is prob about a 7 hr trip in the car too. At this point if he is that set on committing to us, bet this trip never happens.